Jay-Z Situation Room picture reveals looser security standards at White House

By Mike Riggs, The Daily Caller

 Jay-z is running this town from the situation room

Rapper Jay-Z’s apparent visit to the White House Situation Room Wednesday reveals a radical departure from the last eight years of security policy, according to a senior Bush administration official.

According to photos released by an anonymous twitter user, Jay-Z, along with his entourage and his wife Beyonce, visited the White House Wednesday before a concert in Washington, D.C. During the visit, Jay-Z and company were apparently allowed access to the Situation Room. Photos from the visit feature Jay-Z sitting at the head of the table in the Situation Room under the president’s seal.

Historically, the Situation Room requires a high level of clearance due to the presence of sensitive information. “I believe the only exceptions had to be okay’d by either the chief of staff, national security adviser or the deputy chief of staff,” the Bush official wrote in an e-mail.

An e-mail to the White House asking if the pictures do in fact show Jay-Z in the Situation Room has not been returned.

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14 comments to Jay-Z Situation Room picture reveals looser security standards at White House

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  • JimS

    It's unfortunate but is this really a suprize to anyone?

  • Billie

    Acting like a kid turned loose in the candy store and about the level of intelligence of a knat!!

    • karen

      That says it all..Obama is like a first time winner of the lottery who OWES more after they throw away all the money they won and more! And guess who is picking up the tab for this BILLIONAIRE lifestyle he and his wife now have?? WE ARE YOU FOOLS THAT VOTED FOR HIM. I think NO ONE CAN BE PRESIDENT without first being a GOVERNOR AT LEAST! God help our nation..Obama and his cronies are ruining our country and those of you that voted him in will have nothing just like the rest of us…they are determined to take our farms, our businesses, our schools over and anything else until we are no longer able to decide where to live or what to eat or where to go to school..we are heading down a slippery slope..so folks START GETTING ALL YOUR NEIGHBORS TO CONTACT THE WHITE HOUSE AND TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.

      • Sue

        Karen, I'm doing my best to do my part in taking the country back. I think his administration is unraveling. Hopefully people are pushed enough to push back. I, for one, have never gotten involved in politics until Obamarama was elected. Keep up the fight! Sue.

      • dawn

        that is an accurate description of Obama and Michelle,,,,first time lottery winners that are wreckless with the money…..Obama should hide in shame…….he makes Jimmy Carter look good, and I NEVER thought that was possible!

  • JJA

    Not surprising at all. Do not be surprised if the next one setting there is not Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as he wants to first bow bow to him and then negotiate with him and other Iran officials.

  • dinghy

    If you took all of their gray matter and shoved it up a gnat's ass you would still have room to drive an eighteen wheeler…You cannot get out of them what our creator did not place in them… A dumb as hell group of "SVUGGIES and MELANAZA'S"….

  • scott

    This is definately no surprize to me…This administration doesnt care about the American people. It only cares about how much profit it can get it's hands on until they are ousted out of office. It is disgusting that this would even be allowed to happen. What's next letting Tom Cruise fly Airforce One because he was in TopGun..We need to Impeach O'bama before he can destroy anymore of our economy. But, it doesnt end there…we need to rip apart the federal governemnt and drastically reduce the size of it.!!!! They are there to protect and serve, not overtake and rule. While there is still an existing Constitution and Bill of Rights we have the power ACT NOW!!!!

    • karen

      I agree, let's start with getting rid of all the extra's on our city levels and then our state levels and then the Federal level. 80% of the Federal governement must go NOW! Ever check the millions that senators and house of reps spend on staffers??? It is unreal! http://www.legistorm.com/salaries.html

  • Michele

    Obama obviously has no respect for the office he holds. or the people he is supposed to represent. He is embarrassing. We need our military to arrest him.

  • JJA

    Our Christian Nation is being taken apart and destroyed daily by Obama, his multitude of corrupt Czars, Senators and Congressmen!! We must do all we can to turn this REAL problem around. We all must stand tall, speak often and loud, be persistent in advising the unadvised (email & by word of mouth)
    and continually Pray to God through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. The ugly heads of the anti-Christ are appearing here and throughout Europe.

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