Barack Obama Needs to be Impeached Now!

By Steve Baldwin, Impeach Obama campaign

Obama is clearly worried about something

When some people hear that there’s a movement to persuade Congress to impeach President Barack Obama, they often dismiss it as a joke. But it is no longer a laughing matter. With the economy continuing downward and a foreign policy that is making America less safe, the impeachment option must now be seriously considered.

Many Americans wrongly assume that to impeach a president, an actual crime needs to be committed. The reality is, however, that our nation’s founders were concerned that America would some day have a president who may not commit an actual crime, but would rather pursue policies so detrimental to America’s interests, that they would cause irreparable damage to the country.

As a result of this concern, our founders inserted language into the Constitution that gave Congress the power to impeach the president for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” The term “high crimes and misdemeanors” is an Old English phrase, which, in those days, meant simply “bad behavior,” but can be translated in modern terms to mean incompetent leadership that imperils the country. Indeed, some have interpreted this phrase so broadly that it can mean just about anything. As former president Gerald Ford stated, an impeachable offense is, “whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history.”

We believe it is necessary to impeach a president if his policies and actions have so endangered and weakened the country, that his removal is essential for the country’s survival. Therefore, with America on the brink of a depression and a President who seems unable to understand the worldwide jihadist threat, we believe impeachment is necessary for the future survival of America.

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  • frank

    He needs to be more than impeached, he needs to be properly charged, tried, convicted, and stood up before a firing squad for overthrowing the Constitution he swore to uphold. This is the only appropriate justice.

    • Spirit

      Frank – totally in agreement!!!!

    • drb

      My sentiments exactly! He wants a third world US, let's treat him like a third world wannabe dictator who lost! We is one of the most dangerous men in the world!

    • Linda

      Well, I'm not so sure he took that oath to uphold the Constitution. Remember, he totally bungled it during the inauguration. I believe that was intentional. Then, supposedly, he took an oath in his office. We really don't know what he said, nor the full breadth or extent thereof. I believe the only oath he took long ago was to bring this country down. Given what might happen this Sunday, we are well on our way. God save the United States of America.

    • Annie

      I couldn't agree more. Obama is trying to destroy the nation.

    • archie

      I don't know you frank but i like already, how true you are.

    • DITTO FRANK! These have been my thoughts and feelings all along. Traitors to this country should be slammed up against the wall and shot.

      He needs to be more than impeached, he needs to be properly charged, tried, convicted, and stood up before a firing squad for overthrowing the Constitution he swore to uphold. This is the only appropriate justice.

      • Jakob

        DITTOHEADS: it ain't gonna happen, cause he's committed no crimes or misdemeanors. My God people! If those criminals who lied us into the war in Iraq weren't impeached, why would Obama be impeached. There's not one REAL charge you come up with. Just invented absurdity..

        • choate

          prove us wrong — o thats right , he's your god and can't be wrong anyway you just keep your head stuck in that real smelly place that way you won't be able to think for yourself .

    • sharon

      thank you! i believe he is a criminal terrorizing the united states and we need to get him out of office now. here is a great article that maybe can be used-

  • Cabby - AZ

    We are on the verge of a non-violent coup de tat brought on by the
    executive and leadership of the legislative branches of government.

    This is being achieved by circumventing the spirit, if not the letter of the
    law, as set forth in our Constitution. What is the purpose? To overthrow
    constitutional government by replacing it with a socialist state.

    It has already been clearly stated that there are plans to use the Slaughter
    Rule with other bills, such as cap and trade, amnesty for illegals, etc.
    In their minds time is of the essence, so watch for a barrage of attacks
    on our freedoms.

    There seems to be no compunction when it comes to bribery, lying,
    cheating and any other number of vices in order to achieve their goals
    of domination.

    We need to get on with impeachment!

    • Keith Henley

      Obama, the marxist dicator, should be impeached and tried for high crimes and misaminers and treason.
      There are many other who should be arrested and tried as well
      Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others.
      Also, let's not forget The lie of a bank bailout…where the US Treasury was robbed by Henery Polsen (former Secretary of the Treasury). There are several US Politicians and former Bush Administration that should be arrested and tried right along with Obama.

      It's time we take our country back criminal administration.

    • nate

      it's not about socialism, they can give a rat's ass about us. the goal is to continue the hyperinflationary bailout so they save their masters in london and on wall street… the parasitic "money changers" of modern times: the international financial speculators that have turned the global economy into a global casino. they want to protect their "assets" which include the derivatives market (ranging from hundreds of trillions to quadrillions, depending on the estimate) even if it means scraping the skin off of our back to pay in blood. that's the real purpose of the healthcare bill… it's not about "helping people" like socialists would do, this is about protecting the same international mafia that has been destroying our country since it began in the 70s. obama is no different than bush, both are evil scumbags, only one was up front and honest that he was a thief, the other is pretending and wearing the velvet glove… the thing is tho, that we aren't buying it anymore!

  • Ronald Sarson

    Fat Chance getting that through this Congress!

  • Earline Clark

    Yes Obama needs to be impeached, right along with Pelosi and Reed. They should also be arrested and tried for treason. They are the most corrupt trio of evil i have ever had the opportunity to know even from a distance.

  • Spirit

    Impeach on grounds of abuse of power. He is abusing every aspect of this office!!!

    • Realistic

      are you stupid? first of all, the economy has been steadily increasing and the obstructionist conservatives have been the only thing holding him back. you are so dumb it is ridiculous. anyone who thinks there are any grounds whatsoever to impeach, you are stupid and probably think that his middle name makes him a muslim. go watch glenn beck and some nascar stupid hicks.

      • Give me a break!

        Realistic, you are the one that is stupid, like the rest of your Liberal friends, you are purposely turning your attention from the truth because you are deceived by the lies told to you by Obama; And like a sheep you would follow this guy over a cliff and think nothing of it falling to your death. The one thing that disgusts me is the notion that you Libs think that any one who has an opposing opinion to you or this president is a stupid hick, naive, or racist. Its time to pull your head out and realize that Obama has got to go! By the way, the economy has not steadly increased, its decreasing and unemployment is getting worse. Wake up!

      • choate

        spoken by a true blinded by the light liberal , you really do need a reality check .i don't know where you get your imformation , but lieing doesn't get you into this forom without anyone knowing the true range of your stupidity , so just keep your head buried as deeply as you can , economy growing , he never had the intention of growing any thing but his desire to have a one world government .

      • Dottie

        You need to get real Realistic….. Obama is a traitor & is destroying America little by little. Obama is the worse President EVER.

      • paul

        how many catholic people do you know with the middle name of hussein moron?

  • Mike

    I agree with the previous comment, and the sooner it's done the less cleanup will need to be done. I say go for it now while we still have some of our freedom. Obama and the liberals know people are mad as hell and they are working on ways to limit our free speech to protect their power grab.

  • marcia

    We can't get them out of there fast enough (Obama,Reed, Pelosi, the Terrible Trio)… I'm so afraid too much damage will be done before we can get them out!! Unless there are riots in the streets and people dieing, they're going to continue their agenda. "Just remember who we are… we will be the key." They should be shaking in their boots…..

    • Lenore


      • EILEEN


  • Lucy

    Yes – he needs to be impeached for the un-constitutional activities he has already done – like nationalizing 2 car companies, changing secured bond instruments to unsecured bond instruments, plus all the bribes given in orde to get this healthcare/insurance reform bill passesd. Guess we will have to wait until we could get 2/3 vote to acquiesce.

  • devina

    yes he should be impeached for unconstitutional processes to push his agenda.

  • debrarae

    Yes ………. he and everyone else who supports socialistic legislation (that hinders our freedoms under the constitution) need to be ….

    and IMPRISONED!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom

    Talk is cheap. Either get it done or shut up. If congress won't cooperate then let's march on the white house and remove him by whatever means is required. Sometimes force is required and justifiable. This guy is an insane meglomanic so let's get him out….Now!!

    • Boe

      Sat. March the White House and halls of congress 12 noon. Are you going to be there?

    • Michele

      Tom you post these types of comments all the time, I must ask you were you in DC yesterday? have you ever gone to DC to protest this administration?

    • Steve

      "Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined." – Patrick Henry

    • Sharon

      I agree, maybe several million people protesting on the whitehouse lawn would wake a few people up. We need to stop being a nation of wimps!!! If he's left to run his presidential term….we as a nation will never be the same.

  • Craig Wesley

    Yes, Obama should be impeached, and should ObamaCare be enacted this weekend or in the coming days, it should be repealed asap. Charles Krauthamer said the media has been supine. Americans elected Obama and his not so hidden socialist agenda in a blind and deaf stupor, courtesy of the media vacuum.

  • This is unbelievable, how could people vote for and support a totally unqualified loser as this guy? he is in over his head so much, it is embarrassing to see him even talk, he has lost all credibility as a President, a leader, due to his constant lies, and ignorant jokes…he has shamed the entire nation,and the news media , except Fox, does not seem to see it… its like a bad "B" movie about a loser dictator… i am freighted that there may have to be riots and blood, before we can get this very dangerous and lost fool out of office. this is the United States of America, and we cannot let this keep on.. God help us…i tried to tell people he wasn't qualified, and was called a racist, and other things…. why is the Congress not doing something about this, they know this is insane, and they need to step up to bat and lead, we need leaders, for America, not politicians playing party politics as usual. do something drastic, as if our lives depended on it, and that is where we are at…

  • Esnes Nomac

    Duing my lifetime, thirteen men have been President of Our Beloved Country:
    Roosevelt; Truman; Eisenhour; Kennedy; Johnson; Nixon; Ford; Carter; Reagan; H. Bush; Clinton; W. Bush; and Obama. Although no mortal can be perfect, eleven served and defended the country as best they could except for two of them, Carter and Obama.
    Carter turned our best mid-east ally Iran, into our worst enemy; destroyed our world-wide CIA intelligenced net-work; caused extreme inflation and interest rates; bought a Nobel Peace prize for two billion dollars of taxpayer money each year since 1977; and then had the audacity to blame it all on the American People. But the present situation makes this appear minor.

    • Gboy

      CLINTON and Obama didn't serve. Carter was in the Navy.

    • Archie

      Right on. Although Bill Clinton was a ganster criminal that was behind Waco Massacure, Ruby Ridge an harasment of christain coummunities, he's also a mutt bastard just as bad as Barry except he couldn't get away with it back in the 1990s. He just didn't have his ducks in a roll. The Mutt criminal. I want him brought up on charges with that bitch wife of his an wacked along with Barry an his bitch after a trial of course.

    • Sam

      Come on, you must rememeber Clinton. He dodged the draft.

      BTW, you beat me by 2 presidents.

      Used to live near the Clinton's in NY. It wasn't easy, let me tell you.
      But getting back to the other guy.

      I am not a birther and believe B.O. was born here in the good ole U.S.A.

      But that does not qualify him to be President. His parents as well would have had to been born here and Daddy was born in Kenya. By the way, Dad was also a British subject.

      MUMSY had little Barry at the age of 16 instead of waiting until the age of 21. Had she waited until that age and stayed in this country like she should have for her son's sake,

      Barak Obama would be a natural born citizen today.

      Since only natural born citizens can qualify to run for the highest office of the land, Barak Obama should never have been allowed to run for President.

      That's all I have to say

    • Sam

      Sam here again.

      I sincerely hope no one commenting here is saying " Oh no, here we go again with this birther B.S." It is not B.S. Its true.
      You can look it up yourselves.

  • Esnes Nomac

    Obama has made no known contribution to the American way of life or it's honor but has conversley, appoligized for wrongs neve committed when he full well knew that America had given more to other nations than the rest of the world combined for a century, with no repayment or thanks from those he appologized to. However, those vile acts pale beside the deep division he has caused between Americans: using blacks long subgigated by power seeking slave masters such as JJ, they being unable to earn the American Dream as many late immigrants have; they being dumed down by NEA incompetents. As a terrorists puppet he has perverted the entire "democratic" party to breach thier sworn duty and vote for bills written by a terrorist, bills they have never read. The economic morass he has brought on Our Beloved Country will make it impossible to prevent his becomming dictator UNLESS, we the people take back the congress in 2010, repeal his vicious legislation and impeach him in 2011!

    • Sharon

      Obama's a terrorist puppet and a muslim sympathizer, because just maybe he's muslim and that's why he doesn't show his bith certificate. In the future maybe a proven, original birth certificate should be shown before anyone can even get into a campaign.

  • Steve Gutierrez

    We , as Americans, are facing an extreme problem with the "historic President, the Congress that sits aside him and the weak Judicial System that so many have poluted over the years. …An Impeachment of Obama is just not feasible, the press would how Racist and Bigot at every turn, the Congress wil have too many weak little weasels to do anything ,,even if Pelosi and the leadership is changed to the Republican party. Too many are simply weak and fickle and will only do what is in their ( Personal ) best interest. no more ,,no less… is truely a "Culture of Corruption", M. Maulkin.
    We can not and should not make this racist idiologue we have for President , for his "marterdom" will be the cry of the country for years and years to come.

    • Realistic

      Thank you, you are one of the two intelligent people here. its martyrdom just btw haha

  • Steve Gutierrez

    He will never be deemed a failure, just look what we do with any kids in the school system, every excuse possible is offered, especially to "protect" the "oppressed minority"…..what needs to happen , is for America, to be hit harder than 9/11, our Economy to break down even more and for there to be a currency collapse on a global basis for America. we will all suffer ,our children and grand children and maybe great grand children will suffer from Americas grand experiment with "Affarmative Action in the White House". …and all we will be able to say is …I am sorry , we thought ,,,,,he sounds so good!………and make any number oif excuses. ,,,,Our voices now may be able to slow the process…and if loud enough ,,to stop it , I just hope something is left to save !,,I have been screaming for years,,,even at Bush..but one voice hasn't been enough……

  • Sling Blade

    YES! YES! YES!

  • sheldon


  • Gary

    Obama is an EVIL BASTARD like I have believed all along. That said, it's also easy to see now why we should have never let a nigger run the plantation. We have it ass backwards in this country. Him and his old lady need to be collecting foods stamps or shipped back to Nigeria!

    • ARCHIE

      They should be used as compost as with many other liberal/communist mutts. Plant them next to plantation trees where the humidity iS 98% OR BETTER SO THEY DECAY FAST THE PIECES OF SH_TS (GARBAGE). THE FILTY BASTARDS.

    • Realistic

      i don't know what or who you are but he is our president. not some crook you don't ever use that word you should be put into a home for stupid uninformed losers like yourself

      • choate

        i agree that the previous words are totally un called for , that being said he is a criminal and needs to be impeached and tried for the many crimes that he has commited

      • dave

        He deserves those words and more. I am new england born. I went to a good school. I was lied to, told we are all equal. I finally moved to an area where I a white male am a minority. I have experienced hate crime. I have experienced stereotypical blacks hating whites. I have been told to leave all black stores, I have been told to get off all black sidewalks.

  • Ethan

    The sooner, the better

  • Impeach him — start the process now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If impeachment fails, WWJWBD?

  • I agree. The sooner, the better.

  • MBee

    WHEN?? WHO?? He should be impeached on the basis that he has violated the Constitution continuously since he "stole" office (say ACORN) and he blatently shows contempt for the Constitution. It is appalling that he has gotten away with refusing to release personal records that every other president has readily made public and all those with the power and the legal and moral responsibility to demand those record be made public , since they deny that to "we the people", should be held legally accountable for not doing "the right thing" and calling him on his B.S.
    They are in effect overthrowing our constitutional system…and once gone, good luck on ever getting it back.
    WHEN???!!!! If he has nothing to hide…WHY is he hiding everything about himself?? DUH!!

  • IMPEACHMENT NOW! "OOO" needs to be removed swiftly, by IMPEACHMENT OR ARREST. Now he's pushing amnesty and all his Marxist/Socialist agenda.

    • Tim Sheridan

      Forget all the BS tt BHO is pushing…. In his own words in his book, he told about visiting Pakistan in Aug, 1981…. in Aug 1981, no…. NO… amrican passport was allowedinto Pakistan… So wat country's passport was he travelling under…. Not US os, He is not a US Citizen….. he never had a US Passport until he became a US Senator…. HELLO!!!!! He is a sleeper agent, the only thing tat I hae no been able to discover is for Whom!!!! Impeach the bastard!!!

    • Faith HOPE

      Runner45 yes we need to impeach now he admitted on TV today he wants us to be communist nation next year will be to late

  • Dee

    Suck it up losers..he's our POTUS. Like it or not. The majority spoke.

    Don't like for someone else next time.

    • MBee

      Losers……repeat that word often, because in Novmber that's what Democrats will be. Obama cannot possibly save his presidency whether this bill passes, or not…he has already destroyed it on every issue he's been faced with since taking office.
      I wonder if you will be able to "suck it up" then, loser?

    • MBee

      Oh, and I might add…I didn't vote for him in the first place. Too many warning signs. I realize that too many of the people who DID vote for him couldn't see beyond the visions of gum drops and sugar plums he put in their "dreams"…..And I see that a LOT of those who bought that con are VERY sorry they did and WILL be correcting that mistake in 2012…unless it can be corrected before then with impeachment.

    • You're probably be the loudest whiner, when you realize your lord and master will sweep even democrap pukes to the lowest caste system along with everyone else. Your POTUS is an a**wipe!

    • Allie

      Actually Dee…many, many people are questioning if he really is our POTUS, since he's too cowardly to present his B.C. like the rest of us have to do just to get a driver's license now. Not to mention the voter fraud that was perpetrated on our country by ACORN. The majority is now speaking through our polls regarding his approval rating. I say if you and the other commies like Obama, Pelousy and Reid don't like the American way, you go live in Russia or China. Otherwise, suck it up in November–Loser!

      • Dee

        But I love the American way of life, have enjoyed it for 67 plus years. So WHY should I leave?? And that's my point..we live in a democracy where the majority rule, and the majority voted for Obama, like it or not.


        • Michele

          Dee, I wonder how many would vote for him today? My guess he would lose!

        • paul

          he did not win election by a majority of american votes he one with illegal alien votes that should not have been allowed to vote it was as fishy as all other aspects of him birth, religion foreign policy embracing terorist as brothers (iran)and apologizing always for america strength this man needs to go i donot care how but it needs to be done now

    • choate

      i hope you know how to suck it up as i know that your dumb ass voted for this dumb ass , by the way how do you like his work so far , golfong parting in brazil , hardly any thing said about the devistation in japan , his tireless attack on our constitutional rights to own a gun , and we all know what happened in hungary , but i guess thats alright with you . thats not even 10 % of the things he has done or is doing so if he is elected for another term , congratulations you deserve him .

  • J Wagner

    Being THE leader of the teaparty I was thinking perhaps we should hope they do get Bamacare past. It will raise such a ruckus that maybe it'll sweep all the progresives out all together. If it does pass we have to use a technique that the very progrssive Rahm Emanuel suggested: "Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste." This will activate many more people into the tea party, and we surely should start working on getting rid of other progressive ways in our government that go back at least a century.

  • Jwagner

    This means we have to stay on it. We do have the perfect mechanism for this built into the government (because it is a republic), we just have to keep the right people in it. We have to remember that left leaning progressives lead to communism, while right leaning progrssives lead us to fascism (Nazis). We need to eliminate progressive Ideas from the federal government(i.e. we need to get back to a small central government) For me they would control national defence and a very little interstate commerice.

  • j wagner

    We could not just make those changes 'right now', it took a over a hundred years to get here, it'll probably take even longer to back out of all the damage that was done, plus there will be more resistance from the progressives to get there than they got from the rest of us getting here. It may need several hundred years to succeed,

  • Louise Barnes

    Maybe we are stuck- if we have to have 2/3 of congress approve impeachment.
    Next election will be rigged – check out Whistlblower -World Net Daily magazine- felons will be allowed to vote , universal voter registration…Or maybe he will declare martial law and suspend elections!

  • Gary

    I have been giving to the United States Justice Foundation for quite some time now. Gary Kreep is the attorney for the foundation and Gary is working hard on the birth certificate issue. Obama wasn't born here. He is a usurper. If not our President then everything that he has written into law will be null and void if it ever comes to him being brought to justice. Obama is a serpent and just think he is a serpent from within. Only America would let a person get by with that. But remember, he's a reflection of America. America is SMART these days…NOT WISE. There's a big difference. This nation needs to turn and seek what it's maker has to say and this guy will be no more. The problem is, I don't think that will happen. America wanted to crown him LORD and now we are stuck with the PUKE.

  • Michele

    I vote YES for Impeachment! not only him, but his entire administration. Then we can start with the corrupt Rep's.

    • That's the way Michele. CLEAR THE HOUSE of all those gangster thugs. Marxist, Communist, Socialists. Let's clean the house in November.

  • Pearl Nelson

    Where do I sign up?

  • berri

    This _being_occupying the office of president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has shown he is against everything this country stands for.The sooner he isremoved in any way wont be soon enough.

  • Gene

    There is no doubt in my mind that he needs to be impeached. There are a jillion reasons to make the attempt. The biggest one being that I doubt that he truly is a natural born citizen. If he were a citizen, and had nothing to hide, he wouldn't be hiding or with-holding so many documents related to his education, travel, etc.

  • Sara James

    Impeachment is too good for the TRAITOR,
    but I would like to seen him out !!
    Take Pelosi & Reid with him.


    yes, he needs to be empeached , but do we really want obiden to be the next president???? he would be just as diasterous. obama,reed and pelosi need to be held for treason and jailed. along with all the other radicals in washington.

    • Allie

      Eileen, it is a good point that obiden would be disastrous as well. However, what choice do we have? I'm not quite sure there could be anything worse than the evil trio that we have now, but remember: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

  • Bama Nanny

    Yes I think he should be impeached, but with the Democrats in charge how would we ever be able to get that done? I think that more and more people who voted for this guy now see that he truly HATES AMERICA AND EVERYTHING SHE STANDS FOR, but with that being said, how do we get a judge who seems to be in his pocket or is there any HONEST PEOPLE LEFT IN WASHINGTON? IS THERE ANYONE LEFT IN WASHINGTON WHO IS WILLING TO STAND WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE? WE MUST STAND UNITED AND STAND WITH HONESTY AND BELIEF IN OUR CONSTITUTION!!!

  • Janet Beckwith

    I have thought that impeaching Obama was the right thing to do for a long time now. If we wait until this time next year, we won't even recognize this country.

  • Alan Choate

    obama should be impeached NOW before he can do more damage to our country. He has purposely slowed recovery of our great country to help his cause. He has purposely wasted as much tax payers money as he could to help bank rupt this country. Every time he talks its nothing but lies and obama will go down in history as the biggest liar and the worst president in the history of the U.S. Impeach him NOW, kick him out of office in disgrace along with his administration of corrupt, markist,progressive, socialist, commies and throw them all in Gitmo along with the other terrorist trying to do harm to america. obama is neither black nor white [don t believe it? how many blacks are STILL out of work?] He is a MUSLIM! Obama is trying to destroy this country, out Constitution and our freedom! That alone is more than enough to IMPEACH this imposter!

  • Michelle

    We cannot impeach someone who is not qualified under the Constitution to be president. Obama is a fraud-we cannot impeach for that-MILITARY REMOVAL is what would be required. Where is Patton when we need him?

  • Raqual Shaves

    Obama is totaly insane and should be "IMPEACHED".

  • David

    The heartland (yes, all of us bitterly clinging to our babies, Bibles and bullets) will only be pushed so far by this SOCIALIST (and that's being kind) regime and it's puppethead. Impeachment and removal of Obama from office is what's best for the nation. But I fear if nothing is done soon, he will become a fallen martyr, forever falsely celebrated as some snuffed out beacon of "hope". His re-written legacy will over shadow JFK's many times over. And a racial chasm will deepen between those who'll say, "I guess we just weren't ready for a black president", and those who'll know exactly why it happened. This President does not like his nation or the Constitution he swore under oath to uphold. He should be removed as soon as possible…….before it's too late.

  • edward

    what do we havwe to do to get his turkey out now,
    i mean america wake up and get rid of this turkey NOW

  • fernando

    Obama & his buddy from Chicago..are all MARXIST…Impeach now!

  • karen

    I am an American, born and raised, with freedom. Obama is taking away our freedom, and turning this country into a communist country. He is said to be born in Kenya, which according to the constitution, only an american born citizen can run for president. He and Nancy pelosi have committed fraud, and treason, and spit in our face. He has mental problems, and needs to be impeached along with Nancy pelosi! By the way Michelle, I like big macks, and don't want someone telling me what I can eat, and can't. I can see the sweets aisle being full of nothing but twinkies!! Our national security is almost gone! Who will protect us, and our armed forces are also against Obama. Please congress, get rid of him before we have nothing left!!

  • Jean


  • Michael

    At the turn of the 20th century activists within the government moved to use the Interstate Commerce clause to expand the power of the Federal Government. Citizens at that moment unwittingly allowed this to happen and the result it the Federal monster we see today. The question of whether what Obama is doing is un-Constitutional is a matter that will certainly be decided soon. But for me the issue is not whether what he is doing is Constitutional. The Constitution is a marvelous God-inspired document but it can and has be perverted by men whose intentions and designs do not fall in line with those of the Founding Fathers. The simple reality is that we see the Federal government growing more and more powerful and that power is being more and more centralized. This inevitably leads to tyranny. The effort is left to us to GOVERN as a PEOPLE and not elect those who have ulterior motives or alternative plans for America. If we want this nation to be free then we must fulfill our responsibility as citizens to educate our children and ourselves and not to become lazy and decadent. We are ALL responsible in this FREE country. And we must cease to tolerate the madness and the ignorance that is destroying this great nation. Educate yourselves and become responsible… and when you vote… KNOW who you're voting for!!

  • JEAN


  • Wha's next

    I hate what obama did to Florida. He talked about as a kid how excited he was about Kennedy Space Center when he tricked Florida into thinking he would help the space center never mentioned shutting it down and putting 8,000 + out of work, then comes to visit and brags about 3400 new jobs. New jobs are you crazy we lost 8,000+ how does that measure up to success. He is the most unamerican person I have ever seen. Bush was selfish and made sure when he left office he had money. But Obama (I had to admit I voted for him) he has his own agenda, and isn't being truthful about anything that comes out of his mouth, he dosn't care what people think or even what they are going through.

  • What's next

    I would like to know about another promise he made to a woman in Orlando who lost everything and was living in her car and said he was going to help her I wonder if he ever did? doubt it he just lies so much. Families are splitting up and moving in different states just to try and get by "Our kids are not getting a break here we already have a high divorce rate and kids are out of control, more families splitting up, that was not the American way." We have no more family values everyone is out for themselves I see a third world country starting up, fen for yourself, steel for what you need, lie to get food, people are robbing more banks, your local neighorhood stores are being robbed and people are getting killed for a few bucks. Its going to get worse, and its heard to get mad at those people, people are going to start doing whatever it takes to feed their families. I am for the first time scared of the future. I am using this blog because I have time I'm unemployed and I have a college ed. and a great work history. 2 years unemployed and frustrated I have applied for 982 jobs in less than 2 years.

  • Greg

    My name is Gregory Arthur Stokes and I have been filling for years on there Mk ULTRA bull shit to steal from me and the same as Pattie Hearst

  • Dodge

    I am Southern born and raised. I have no quarrle with superficial judgements of any kind, such as skin color or geological orientation race creed ect…
    Any one who judges anyone as inferior are idiots!!!
    With that said Where do I sign up to impeach osama I mean sadam danggit I mean obama ?

  • Dodge

    I am Southern born and raised. I have no quarrle with superficial judgements of any kind, such as skin color or geological orientation race creed ect…

    I really should've read that before posting , Disreguard the 2 words, superficial judgements, My bad.

  • Diane

    All I can say is he must be impeached, he is destroying our great USA!!!!!

  • Nobody wants this impostor impeached more than I, however, let's take a look at the facts. The political leaders on both sides of the isle have become so corrupt that they fear their own destruction if they point the finger too harshly at others.

    What we have had in the USA for years is a condition where we either voted for the "Evil" or the "Less Evil." So in essence we have ended up with "Evil."

    I'm so sorry folks but I honestly believe that those like Glenn Beck etc. that preach a peaceful takeover are fools. We sat on our lazy #@ses too long, we allowed this fire to reach the point where it can not simply be extinguished by words or a simple vote.

    You can all mark my words and we will see in the end who was right! I say as long as we play by the corrupted politicians rules, we lose! What Americans need to understand is that our Government has become ten-fold more wicked than the nation our forefathers left behind. If you think we can turn this around at this point by a simple vote, in my opinion you are a fool being led by blind zealots.

  • irene

    Not one senator will stand up to start the impeachment process…yet they couldnt wait to try to impeach Clinton because, why?.. he lied about having sex with some hussy that hung around the White House.. Obama is destroying the United States.. just look around .. unemployment is the highest its been in years, the housing market has tanked, the health care that the rest of the world envies is about to be destoyed, we have the worst eco disaster ever and he drags his feet , hes taking over private interprise.. he hates the USA, re: listeing to Jerimiah Wright for 20yrs , need I go on.. his siding with terrorists.. not standing by Israel…. He has defiled the Office of the President of the United States.. Impeach him now.. if you have the guts.. Senators!!!

  • Ross Wolf

    America’s greatest threat is not from foreign enemies, but from Marxists that slithered into U.S. Government.

    Historically, when Socialists like Obama have been elected to government, they thrive like cancer—targeting healthy economic markets and individuals with new and higher taxes to pay for public welfare programs. Obama is a red diaper baby that inherently does not represent Americans, but a Marxist ideology—that mandates forcing socialism on U.S. Citizens—even if that means destroying the U.S. economy in addition to abolition of the Constitution. Obama’s has already forced unaffordable health insurance, new taxes and regulatory costs on businesses that will inhibit investment and hiring of new employees for years.

    What might happen politically in America if the Obama government suddenly stopped extending unemployment and other assistance paid millions of Americans: In foreign countries where the economy and government went broke, millions of unemployed and others dependent on government handouts responded, by voting socialists into power, worsening the economy. If Obama spends America into bankruptcy, it is foreseeable millions of disparate Americans might accept, even welcome a hybrid form of Marxist/socialism.

  • Resistance Man

    Alot of Americans are getting tired of the lies, Obama needs to go I mean NEEDS!!! to go. but i dont think that is going to happen America does not belong to the people anymore, when the government was founded it was to keep us safe, and let us be, the government did fear the people at one time, back when America was great, now (con)grees forgets one majer bill our BILL OF RIGHTS!!!!I bet if our founding fathers was alive today they would be saded at what America has be come, God is being takin out of everything and that is are problem. Americans NEED to get America back to the people no mader what if I have to start writing congrees everyday I will we need a new government not controled by liers, cheats, but by the people, Ihate to say it but you can only beat a person down so much before that person fights back, nothing like a man thats is tired of being pushed around, cause i know i am. Thank you and God bless you and your family, STAND UP AND FIGHT WITH YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS

  • Andrea

    How is it that blacks like his idiotic Reverend Wright can a make hateful, racist comments and not get in any sort of trouble? Whites to to friggin' stand up; we have been told to lay down too many times and for too long. WE HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG! Slavery? Wasn't me. Tired of hearing the reverse racism.

  • Tylor

    obama wasnt even born in the U.S.!!! just exposed that today. Congress wont even take him out of office!! Obama is making America crumble

  • edward,

    they arew both liars and cheats and backstabbers, gert rid of them yesterday and do it as soon as possible, before they mess anything else up,
    I dont care what it takes get the loser out of there AND I MEAN NOW!!!!!!!!

  • David

    he needs to be impeached for selling the UNITED STATES over to CHINA for debt. relief

  • otto

    one thing for sure with most of you and your friends, trying so hard to over take all these nutty ideas, we don't need terrorest. Your spreading plenty of fear to everyone who listens to you. The terrorist love you and are counting on you for all the help you are giving them

  • Dianna

    This man has still to show us a legal birth certificate showing he is even a US citizen. How can we as americans allow a man who is not to be president of OUR COUNTRY? Does this make any sense? Wake up America! This man did not swear on the bible to protect our country because he does not care about america. He wants to rule our country and us. He wants to brain wash us and make us all feel like what he is doing is right because it is what he and his kind want. I am not a muslim, I will not live in my country as such. If money is more important to people than their rights then I guess they deserve what they get. I want to keep my freedom but the more we allow this man to remain in office the more freedom we lose. It is time we as a country take back our country.

  • Bob Senffner

    Obama just went to South America and want to give moneys to boost up their oil business and has stopped all of the oil exploration and drilling in this country. This just does no make sense. I thought he was the President of this Country. Treason? He is destroying America.

  • Vic

    His impeachment is long overdo. The House of Representatives have the power to do it but Boehner seems to be on the other side. He is looking more like a traitor and that is very disappointing, along with some of his buddies. Our country is totally dependent on them and in our of need they turn out to be a bunch of turn coats. I had high hopes for them but they are just another bunch of lousy politicians just like the sellouts that got us into this mess. Only God can save us.

  • Mickey

    Obama and the congress are trying to turn the United States into a socialist country and he will be our dictator. He needs to go

  • Lucas

    ok i keep typing paragraphs in but you guys pretty much coverered everything to say Barack should be thrown out of office! I enjoyed reading your comments. Except Jakob he pissed me off! And Realistic these cocky personalities i cant stand. I look for Truth and seek Justice to prevail.

  • Wondering?

    get ths guy outta here hes a liar and a deciever, and a cheat,
    get rid of him before he does anything more,
    wake up america.

  • edward

    get rid of this turkey before he does anything else to mess thing's up wake up america, hes got to be gettin rid of now and not a year from now.

  • We all know the new "birth certificate" is a forgery! I wrote Dick ( dick him before he dicks you!) Durban to ask if he believed the B.C. was real. This moron said it's real! Can you believe this!?

  • roger smart

    He is the only President that I know of that absolutely "does not listen to the people"!
    I really do believe he is intentionally putting this country in the dirt. Obama has not done one thing for this country since he took office.
    He certainly deserves to be impeached. He is also the worse President there has ever been in this history of the United States. He had better be helping Israel and back her up and they of course, are our ally. I am quite sure President Obama has never read the Bible. He also keeps making big mistakes and I hate his "Socialist" ideas and his idealisms does not work for the USA. Newt Gingrich has been right about him ever since he wrote his book.

  • Roger Smart

    I do think that now the people of these United States is now awakened! Obama is really trying to put this country in turmoil and its here now. He must be stopped! His socialist views has put us in danger. He has done all of this purposely and intentionally. I really do believe there are reasons that he must be IMPEACHED.
    If he only could have listened to the people of this country, the mess probably could have been cleaned up, but now its a little too late. This is "corruption" at its best.

  • KAT

    I am tired of sitting back while this president throws the constitution in the trash and does what he wants. He has taken this once great nation and made it a laughing stock. If your such an american Obama, take care of the nation and protect it instead of taking it down the toilet. What about the border control agent that was killed. Obviously you know what happened and dont want anything done or you would make sure the documents were handed over. You are involved in taking this nation down. We are sick of it. You need to be gone.

  • Kathleen Centuolo

    Not even a religion? Do you really think the American people buy the story..Wedding Ring …out for repair???? Where was his watch?
    Muslim's are forbidden to wear jewelry..of any kind during there Holiday.
    To declare Obama and family are Christians??????GET REAL……The President had a lot of people killed that we're Citizens………..Lies about everything and has the Cabinet lie for him.
    Let's start with releasing all sealed material…The truth will be revealed

  • Lee Ann Lynch

    He needs to go, this Benghazi scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. He is going to level this country. He isn't concerned about our debt, he wants to tax, so he can spend on his left wing agenda's. His behavior is very un-American.

  • squirrelmender

    I'm with anyone who wants to protest and get this dangerous person out of the white house. I don't even want to be an American b/c it's not the same one I grew up in. It's ok to have change but, not when it benefits only half the population and not all of us. I have already read that if O decides he wants more terms all he has to do is say so and his followers will put him in office indefinitely. I hope this is not the case but, how can we be sure. I have not had a president for 4 years now and don't suspect I will for a long time to come. Maybe, it's time I gave up my citizenship and take my money to another country.

  • Janice

    Obama needs to be impeached now!!! He has hurt this country more than any other person ever!!! He has committed treason and high crimes against the American people he bought his way into the white house. obama needs to be impeached because he has endangered this country and its survival!!!
    IMPEACHED obama NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • barney

    time to go .u see the constitution is still working in america it is time for americans to stand up .