Obama’s Offshore Oil Feint

By Nancy Thorner, American Thinker

 Obama is trying to distract people with a diversion

What is behind Obama’s announcement of today to support off-shore oil drilling?   

Later on this morning President Obama will be announcing his support off-shore oil drilling.  His announcement will open a door to expanded off-shore oil-drilling on the Atlantic coast and in the Gulf of Mexico.  In his announcement Obama will propose further investigations of possible oil rich areas.  

Obama’s reason to drill after he vehemently opposed drilling in the past seems fraught with cynicism.  The stated reason of the Obama administration is to "lessen U.S. dependence on foreign oil."

Might the real reason for Obama’s change of heart be related to the uproar the White House is anticipating when in a few days the EPA announces a controversial ruling that will declare CO2 as a toxic and which will finalize the emission standards of light trucks, etc.   What a devious way to divert the public’s attention from what is to come by announcing a policy that the general public is generally in favor of!

The Obama administration is fully aware and is confident that environmentalists will stop in their tracks for years to come through court action any investigative studies into oil exploration.

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11 comments to Obama’s Offshore Oil Feint

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  • Tom Bowen

    Have you folks had enough of this immoral, unethical and evil administration yet? Are you ready to fight for the integrity of your nation? Are you awake? Do you realize what tis administration is doing to your nation? Wake the heck up people, we are overdue for another gret american revolution. Let's stop talking and take our country back from these despicable people.

  • allen

    Obama does nothing that doesn't advance his agenda. He's not serious about drilling for oil. This is just another gambit of his to gain popularity. He wants Cap & Trade and thinks this will help. He'll "study" drilling just like he did tort reform and do nothing. If he were serious he would lift the ban today.

  • allen

    Vants to drill and sould ignore Obama and proceed. If they wait for him to delay drilling while studying the issue it will nver happen. Obama hod out these "teasers" to manipulate voters and Congress. Proceed without the jerk.

  • allen

    The fact that Obama has had a bill passed into law doesn't make it a done deal. We have approved programs that he has not chose not to fund (the space progarm for one). That same manuever can be done by the Congress. There should be enough repubs by Nov to hold up and stop funding of the IRS, etc., to hire 16,000 agents for health care spying. It's time to get tough and fight back.

  • allen

    Everything Obama does is devious in its intentions. The people must not be taken in by this charlatan. Get in his face now and make him answer to us. Vote out anyone who supports him this Nov.

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  • thomas

    How can we believe a habitual lier??

  • James Maxwell

    Any one called Vegas to place a bet on when this might happen? I would
    suspect that the odds are pretty good against it ever happening within our
    life time. The odds of ever seeing drilling of the New England coast or California
    coast are so great that it will never happen in this centry as to be laughable. This
    is nothing more than a slight of hand to try and get some Republicans on board
    his Socialist Railroad. I think it will all depend upon the Ire they feel when they go
    home for Easter recess and how they judge the feeling of thier VOTERS.

  • Deceitful maneuver, one of many by Prez Big Bro. The SCOTUS gave the EPA to regulate us w/o the consent of Congress, taxation w/o representation. The SCOTUS agreed with EPA that C02 is a pollutant, it's not. Dismantle, defund the EPA, demand it from the new crop of politicians in November.