Who in the White House Authorized a Bribe

By Floyd and Mary Beth Brown, Expose Obama

 Obama is practicing Chicago Style Politics

After watching Obama twist arms, beg, borrow and steal to pass ObamaCare, it may come as no surprise to some that Obama’s administration has offered federal jobs for political purposes to two Democratic candidates. What ought to catch people’s attention is that this action constitutes a federal crime.

Did Barack Obama or members of his administration directly violate federal law by offering federal jobs to Rep. Joe Sestak and former Colorado legislator Andrew Romanoff? The best way to answer these and a myriad of other ethical questions is for Congress to join Rep. Darrell Issa in calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate this corruption.

Title 18, Chapter 11, Section 211 of the United States Code states that "Whoever solicits or receives … any….thing of value, in consideration of the promise of support or use of influence in obtaining for any person any appointive office or place under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both."

The Obama administration has been accused by two Democratic primary candidates, Joe Sestak and Andrew Romanoff, of offering them high profile jobs. The jobs allegedly offered included the Secretary of the Navy and a position within the U.S. Agency for International Development. In return for these favors the two would withdraw from their Senate challenges to Obama’s allies, Sen. Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania and Sen. Michael Bennet in Colorado.

The Denver Post, hardly a right-wing newspaper, reported that “Jim Messina, President Barack Obama’s deputy chief of staff and a storied fixer in the White House political shop, suggested a place for Romanoff might be found in the administration and offered specific suggestions, according to several sources who described the communication to The Denver Post. Romanoff turned down the overture, which included mention of a job at USAID, the foreign aid agency, sources said.”

The White House subsequently denied the story and claimed that no job was offered. But with no investigation into this corruption, how will we know how deep the rabbit hole runs?

In February, Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak launched a new charge of bribery by accusing the Obama White House of offering him the Secretary of the Navy job in exchange for his agreeing to abandon his race against Specter. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that this exchange occurred during a TV interview with Comcast anchor Larry Kane: “‘Was it secretary of the Navy?’ Kane asked. ‘No comment,’ Sestak said.’Was it [the job] high-ranking?’ Kane asked. Sestak said yes, but added that he would ‘never leave’ the Senate race for a deal.”

Sestak has later confirmed that yes, he was offered a job, but he has been unwilling to go into greater details. After stonewalling and avoiding the question for weeks, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stated that he talked to people in the White House about the claim and that, "I’m told whatever conversations have been had are not problematic." He added that the incident is "in the past."

We hate to rain on Mr. Gibbs’ parade, but the incident is hardly “in the past.” If the president of the United States or someone high up in his administration committed a felony the public deserves to know about it. Whoever committed that felony must be brought to justice. This administration is no stranger to corruption, as witnessed by the billions in sweet deals to purchase Congressional votes for ObamaCare.

Obama even tried to influence Democratic Congressman Jim Matheson, who voted against the initial health bill, by appointing his brother Scott M. Matheson, Jr. to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. While this corruption is ill fitting for the White House, these incidents pale in comparison to the most recent allegations. The offering of a federal job in order to affect an election constitutes a direct violation of federal law and must be investigated.

Fortunately for those of us who still believe in the rule of law, Rep. Darell Issa, the top Republican on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has called for a special prosecutor to probe these allegations. Congressman Issa is confident that a special prosecutor will be appointed. "What you have is a credible allegation by a member of Congress of a felony," Issa told Fox News. "It is a felony to offer somebody a federal job in order to get them to affect an election."

We are watching our very system of government corrupted before our very eyes. We encourage all Americans who still believe in our Constitution and the rule of law to join us and Rep. Issa in calling for a special prosecutor to investigate these crimes of the Obama administration.

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  • Okwany, Benard

    As far as I know, politics is about arm-twisting, begging, borrowing and sometimes, bulldozing others to your point of view. All politicians have done it and it is not ending soon. So, it is such a shame for you to insinuate that Obama is any different or unique in this respect. Maybe he is by virtue of doing it better than your kind of politicians who have taken us down the drains.

    • Nanci

      Dude…Obama has to go! He is not even an American Citizen of this Country. But then again Okwany is an African name isn't it.. Of course our enemies love to see Obama destroying this Country , all our founding fathers would agree with me, of THAT I AM SURE!!! He is not upholding our Constitution in anyway shape or form. I just wanna know why we cant see his Birth Certificate and his school records..very interesting to me that he has spent thousands of tax payers money to keep these records or lack there of a secret. I DO NOT CONSIDER O'BAMA TO BE MY COMMANDING CHEIF… He is a mere illegal resident of this Country and has NO AUTHORITY to be our Commander !

    • D. Cook

      I say to you sir you are some what true with your statment but Obama has violated the Constitution. He feels that it's just a nother piece of paper. So if you support this, I say move to a country with a dictator and see how you like it. Most our elected oficials have lost site of why the were elected and what their true job is. This needs to change for this country to survive as the way it used to be. I am aginst a 1 party goverment as OBAMA WANTS.

  • Mr. Chaney

    I can't believe the extent to which you people will go to keep this country divided. Instead of trying to discredit everything President Obama is and does, why not work with him, give him a chance to make real change in this country, and after you start seeing some results, make your decision whether it's good or bad?

    I don't understand your intent. You conservative/republicans have had 8 years with which to make things better, and the American people spoke loudly and clearly that you didn't get it done. So quit being sore losers, and try a different approach.

    Good riddens!

    • AlphaDog

      You mean, kind of like you liberals tried to work with Bush. . . .Nope. Not buying any of that.

    • Paul

      Obamie learned from the best "politicians" in the world right here in Chicago….politcians is a very polite term for crooks that get by with their crimes. You and I would be in jail!!!!!

    • Carole

      It's "Riddance"…not riddens. My intent? To honor the Constitution of the blessed country, and the Bill of Rights, as written by our Founders. Eight years? More like 234 years of the brightest, healthiest, FREE-est, country on earth. YOUR PRESIDENT (he's not mine, cause he's not a natural born citizen), is systematically attacking every brick that holds AMERICA together. Can't you underestand that a man wo 'sat under' Rev. Jeremiah Wright for TWENTY FREAKING YEARS, is filled with hatred for white people and America. His aim is to destroy us, and he is succeeding. Wake up and smell the coffee, sweetie.

    • A. Wright

      What are "riddens"?

      Ahem… to answer the question, I for one, have enough sense to see the negative aspects of the types of "change" Obama is offering. Why would I work with him to help him implement these errors in judgement?

      To your point, I will admit that George W. was probably not the best guy for the job. However, he was infinitely preferrable to the jokes against whom he was running! I guess that sort of made him the "best guy for the job" by default.

      Besides, I cannot, in good conscience, ally myself with a man who claims to be President of the United States but cannot produce a simple record of his birth to confirm his eligibility for the job. Especially when he's done so many things that are clearly contrary to the best interests of the nation.

  • fed up

    So how do we support getting a special prosecutor? Other than putting it on facebook or whatever?

  • Gary

    At least some liberals are reading this. Obama is clearly on the wrong track and he or whoever in his cabinet is responsible for this bribery should be held accountable. Do we really want change that sets our governing powers above the law. Obama clearly thinks he is and he needs to be taught a lesson. Go get the ones guilty if this is true.

  • "OOO" is leading this Republic into OBLIVION. Every day he CONTROLS the helm, this nation is going deeper into a CREVASSE.


  • thomas

    If he has broken the law AGAIN, Lets get rid of him!! IMPEACH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom Bowen

    I personally have had quite enough of this administration. The following is my message that I have sent to all current members of the US government that have an email address.

    In my humble opinion we have an unethical, immoral and outright criminal administration currently in place. I for one will not obey anything you attempt to intrude into my life. I must go on record with the obama administration —- I will not abide by anything your administration puts in place, you may do what you will but I refuse to recognize you as the legitimate government of the United States.

  • tom

    are people named tom stupid? because the last two people on this blog were named tom and they sound pretty stupid

  • dave

    it doesn't matter who authorized it, it didn't happen without the illegitimate fraud okaying and knowing about it. remember harry truman said the buck stops here, meaning the guy at the top is responsible. but it wouldn't surprise me to find out obamao himself did it. that fits in with his thug, criminal, communist mentality. if anything similar had happened under bush the left would have been yelling impeach. i would be now except this fraud needs to be removed for ineligibility so all the damage he's done will be undone. i thank floyd for at least having an open mind on the issue as so many supposed conservative leaders continue to shut it down.

    again, i'd like to point out we won't have to repeal or nullify anything the fraud has signed if he is removed for ineligibility. it all becomes invalid as he is not actually president. come on people, wake up. there is way out of this mess if we all demand our representatives, courts and military uphold their oath to defend the constitution. WAKE UP PEOPLE, WAKE UP.

  • Gene

    Nothing surprises me about the Obama administration these days. He must be stopped. Who can stop him, and there are some who can, why haven't they done something already. This is really getting out of hand. I have never heard of no witnessed so much corruption in any administration before. I don't care what Clinton did he was far better than this cat. I certainly hope there is a way that he could be impeached for a variety of reasons. The question of his citizenship is just the starting point.

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  • Why hasn't anyone impeached this guy? I would vote for ANY candidate for congress that promised a full investigation of this presidency. Maybe everything he does is simply controversial and he is just a very strategic politician and then we would know. No investigation of so many of these things that seem unethical and illegal just divides us more.


  • Dan

    No one is above the law. Obama broke it then he should pay. The constitution is the law of the land. The constitution is what I swore allegiance to defend with my life when I joined the Air Force. I take my oath very seriously and will not back down because I did not swear to uphold a president or a politician or a judge. I swore to uphold a document that made America the greatest country on earth. I will defend it even to my death.

  • TaterSalad

    We need your participation to get this off the ground:

    Your Constitution is at stake.


  • thomas

    I think the third Tom is the "DENSE" one !!!!!

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  • A. Wright

    What difference does it make? No one who has any authority to investigate this additional occurrence of corruption will press the matter. None of the other issues, most more serious than this one, have been significantly investigated; and let's not kid ourselves… there have been PLENTY!