Month’s late Social Security/Medicare Trustees report means Obama is hiding very bad insolvency news

By Kevin “Coach” Collins, The Collins Report

The liars in Washington are scrambling to figure out how to spin perhaps the worst news yet for millions of Americans: These socialist thugs have actually finally killed Social Security and Medicare.

Each year sometime in March or April the Social Security and Medicare Trustees are supposed to release a report on the fiscal health of Social Security and Medicare.

The reports are now five months late and not “currently scheduled” to be released until August when they will be six months late, if they are leased even then.

Based on the criminal MO of the gangsters running our government, this delay can only mean there is plenty of bad news being hidden from us.

Why would we conclude otherwise? The Managing Trustee of the Social Security/Medicare systems is Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy F. Geithner, an admitted tax cheat and an employer of non social security paying household staff.

The other members of this cabal are Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis whose husband is a tax cheat, Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, who is a tax cheat, and Michael J. Astrue, Commissioner of Social Security a George Bush appointee.

The reports which come from the Office of the Actuary of the Social Security Administration, are supposed to be used to plan the funding needs of Social Security and Medicare for the next seventy five years. You kind of get the feeling these crooks know Obamanomics have ruined these already shaky programs and there is no way they will last seventy five weeks, let alone seventy five years.

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7 comments to Month’s late Social Security/Medicare Trustees report means Obama is hiding very bad insolvency news



  • Only God will deliver us from this tyrant who hates seniors, babies and America.

    The CRUELTY of this Marxist Obamacare.


  • outspoken

    SusanM – get a life….

    Most likely the 'news' will come just before the elections – of course obutta will claim that BUSH DID IT – the sad part (other than the fact that the man can't stop blaming everyone else but takes claim to successes) is that many of out citizenry are still fooled by the potus (posser of the United States).
    Too bad that the report won't state that the DEMS are the ones are caused the insolvency in Social Security buy taking 'all that money that is just sitting there' and putting into the general fund – that way they had access to it. And by paying people who NEVER put in a single dime. But hey, they have their own plan – which they pay nothing into but get FULL benefits after only ONE TERM.

  • Robert D. Mowrey

    I and many US MIlitary retirees are sick sorry and saddened that what we put in so many years of depredation and a fixed sale of our lifes to the US Geovernment, has come to this. We are on the brink of extinction. Only because Obama hates us for being elderly. We payed in blood sweat and tears for the US and now the US has turned against us. God Help US!!!!!!!

    • dkbokc

      Robert,,, It is not the US that has forgotten,,, it is Washington politicians, and they have kicked the vrap out of all Americans! They all need to loose their jobs, be branded traitors, and put in jail to never see the light of day ever again! As it is now and getting worse by the minute, I personally just want to get the hell out of dodge, but there is almost no where to go,,, especially if you are a senior on SSD as hubby and I are.
      I just don't understand how the man is still here! You would think that any one of those agencies with three letters in their names would have already taken care of him!

  • Navy Veteran

    NObama and his criminal cronies have no clue about where the money comes from. Social Security is in the toilet because all the actual social Security is paid by about 1/3rd of the workers and businesses. Government workers do not contribute to social security. Their so called contribution is tax revenue taken from the private sector then moved to a different pot. Government does not earn money they steal it from the rest of us.
    Like most government retirement programs, the retirement is unfunded and that is why there is so much debt and concerns about paying retired government workers their retirement pay.
    Some may think this a bit harsh, but the truth needs to get out. NObama lovers are cowards. If it were not true they would ask questions instead of blindly following NObama, questions that would scare the hell out of them. They are cowards because they are afraid to and don't want to know the truth.

    • dkbokc

      Navy Veteran,,, You hit the nail on the head,,, WAY TO GO! We need ALL new faces in Washington, and a re-write on their pay, privilages, size, term limits,,, and a reality check to remind them they are No Better Than We Are, and Deserve Nothing More Than We Get!!!!!