Obama Hauls Arizona Before the UN Human Rights Council

Ben Johnson, Floyd Reports

Apparently Barack Obama is not content to make a federal case out of his immigration feud with Arizona; he just made it an international one.

The president’s first-ever report on U.S. human rights to the UN Human Rights Council contains a rich vein of offensive material. So far, one aspect has not been reported: our petty president used the situation to bash Arizona’s immigration law — and possibly transfer jurisdiction over the law from Arizona to the UN. Throughout the report, which sounds like an Obama campaign speech, the president discusses “the original flaw” of the U.S. Constitution, America’s tolerance for slavery, and his version of our long and despicable history of discriminating against and oppressing minorities, women, homosexuals, and the handicapped. After each complaint, he addresses how he is delivering us from ourselves, patting himself on the back for such initiatives as ending “torture,” promoting Affirmative Action, and passing health care legislation.

In his section on “Values and Immigration,” he praised the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to provide better medical care for detainees and increase “Alternatives To Detention” (e.g., letting them go). Then he turned to the one state that has had the temerity to stand in his way of fundamentally transforming the American electorate:

A recent Arizona law, S.B. 1070, has generated significant attention and debate at home and around the world. The issue is being addressed in a court action that argues that the federal government has the authority to set and enforce immigration law. That action is ongoing; parts of the law are currently enjoined.

On Obama’s command, Attorney General Eric Holder has sued the State of Arizona for passing a law that he criticized without reading, and which merely upholds federal law. (He gave sanctuary cities a pass.) He now threatens an additional lawsuit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio for “racial profiling” when arresting illegal immigrants near the Mexican border.

Obama’s turns his skirmish with Jan Brewer from a states rights dispute into an international human rights cause. It also places Arizona’s law in the hands of the United Nations.

The national report is but the first step of the international government’s review process. On November 5, the United States will be examined by a troika of UN bureaucrats from France, Japan, and Cameroon (an oppressive nation which is a member of the Organization of Islamic Conference). This trio will consider three items: Obama’s self-flagellating report, reports written about America by UN tribunals or international governing bodies, and testimony from NGOs with a pronounced anti-American bias. It will also consider “voluntary pledges and commitments made by the State,” such as suspending an Arizona state law.

Then the French, Japanese, and Cameroonian diplomats will draw up a plan of action for the United States to implement.

Nations are re-examined every four years. The Human Rights Council looks for voluntary compliance. However, its website asserts, “The Human Rights Council will decide on the measures it would need to take in case of persistent non-cooperation by a State with the” World Body.

When the Left cannot win at the ballot box (virtually every time), it overrules the people in the courts. Now that Obama is not sure he can prevail in the courts, he has overruled the American people by hauling Arizona and the two-thirds of Americans who support its law before the United Nations.

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  • Treasonous President. He is a Fulbright Scholar. Went to Occidental College in USA on a Fulbright.

  • Nellie Austin

    I tried to donate a "piddly" $5.00 to the Arizona cause, but the Internet said that it could not accept donations or something to that affect. If you'll have someone call me, I'll help a little "tad". 301-475-7040.

    • DCinAZ

      Just that you want to help is a much needed lift. Cochise County is trying to drum up the funds to purchase body armor for his guys. Believe me, they need it. You've most likely seen him on the news, Paul Baubou.(I just know I've spelled it wrong) But it's a good cause and desperately needed. Those guys are dealing with armed smugglers in broad daylight! Anytime they pull a vehicle over they're taking a risk. Nearly 4 out of 5 times the perps are armed and not afraid to take on the cops. It's insane that you don't hear more about this.

  • Clifton Lee West

    It would seem that Obama will gladly rip the United States apart, state by state, to please his boss, George Soros, the embodiment of evil in the world today. Why the American people allow this to happen escapes me, but the longer we remain mute, the farther he will go in chopping our nation and our Constitution into very small pieces so that even Mexico would have no trouble moving into our nation and taking control. With millions of Mexicans already in our nation, who support Obama and his efforts, we might as well give in and start learning Spanish. Too bad, I prefer English, the language I have spoken for seventy-six years. Adios!

    Clifton Lee West

    • DCinAZ

      Not a chance! We're Americans! we don't put up with this crap. Not now, not ever! We aren't mute, thy're deaf. So we deal with this and take whatever steps necessary to make sure it never happens again. We've got the right to speak our minds, own guns, keep and arm militias(lol),, and get the government off our back.

  • Kai Ferano

    This cannot be true! The President of the United States talking to an international council, sounding like a 1960s radical student at University of California, Berkeley! Or some hippie wannabe revolutionary at Woodstock. Or a San Francisco flower child dancing under "angel dust" at some redundant demonstration. If Obama is so ashamed of the United States, why doesn't he just step and form a commune in Big Sur and quote El Che?
    Maybe I'm overreacting, but he's embarrassing and annoying

  • This is the most sinister ploy by "OOO" yet! This is a BULLY tactic, turning the whole world against Arizona. Ridiculous. Arizona is the only RIGHT one. Every state in the union should follow their example.

    IMPEACHMENT OF OBAMA, a necessity for America! http://www.impeachobamacampaign.com/

  • Howard Hartzell

    Just exactly what does the UN have to do with matters within the USA???

  • majorx

    His whining to UN, proves the desperation of the administration as a large percentage of the States begin to line up against him on Obamacare and immigration laws. I dont think he is going to make it to the 2012 election before he is impeached.

    Then we will see the true Obama; Vacuous, self serving, childish, even vicious.

  • Terie Jean

    https://az.gov/app/keepazsafe/donation_informatio… Go here to this adress if you wish to donate to the Arizona vs Obama law suit and defence of the boarder.

    I have twice and no problems but one tip is when when it comes to your phone no, type it in with no spaces or your form and donation wont go through til you correct it. I have alot of trouble noticing small print and somewhere on the form I think it says no gaps. So anyway, its secure and you can get a donation off for the sister state of Arizona here! God bless!

  • Terie Jean

    http://www.sheriffjoe.org/ If you want to support the Arizon sheriff too? Here is the secure site to donate funds for his 2012 campaign, we should help our sister state keep such a good man as this fine hero of the Constitution, so be sure and favorite this and the other I have posted in the previous comment cause these two are not kind of hard to find! God bless and in God we trust! http://www.sheriffjoe.org/

  • Cornelius C. Firkin

    What a shot in the islamic arm O bama has been…when this schmuck leaves office we'll have a lot of cleaning up to do…

  • Marianne Silic

    This sounds to me like a loser that knows he will never be reelected. If this country is so bad, why doesn't he make us all happy and resign? Frankly, I worry that some hot-head will pick him off and cause a lot more trouble for us. (As if he hasn't caused us enough already)
    It's obvious that he belongs in Kenya. He would fit in better there. It's also obvious that he didn't think he got the job of President because it was a job of service. In a service job, you render necessary services and don't bankrupt your employer by living high on the hog at their expense. I think it's time we show this pseudo-president the door to somewhere else that he can destroy. There are so many people upset at this man he must be aware of it and is forced to look over his shoulder. I hope someone comes forth with the intestinal fortitude to remedy this sad situation.

  • Steve Dolyniuk

    Why aren't the people in congress putting a stop to this SOB? He is an ANTI-AMERICAN, He is a CON Artist, & he is an Illegal in the Presidents Office. The people who voted for him & still think he is Great, have got to be dumber then a box of rocks.

  • Vernon

    This nut president is out to ruin America…And has the nerve to tell me it's for my own good and I don't know what I want…Bull crap…He will be the death of America as we know her….Please Lord deliver us from evil…God bless America and down with anti christ muslim

  • wldbil

    Well I guess our standing is falling in the New World Order community…what a shame….

    • Jamesb

      wldbil! where you been posting? (besides here) haven't seen you in awhile.

      • wldbil

        Been pretty busy this summer with computer training, not much time for blogging, glad that is done…
        How are you doing this summer?

        • Jamesb

          That's great. Training is always good. Went to Chicago and met up with some of the other Breitbarters, that was nice.

          Michael Walsh of "Big Journalism" just ask me to do a couple of posts about the Mexican Drug War so I guess I'm moving above the comments sections to the author/reporter side for a couple of pieces so I'm jacked about that.

          • DCinAZ

            I'm confident you'll do right by us Jamesb, and congradulations on the promotion. Breitbarts' sites are the first and last things I go to everyday. Thank him for us little guys down in the AZ. We love him!!

          • Jamesb

            Thank you, and I agree I'm a BIG A.B. and "Big Sites" fan.

            It's a "couple" of posts per Michael Walsh, but I'm jacked. I contacted a friend from school who does reporting for Mexican TV from Juarez for CBS and one of the Mexican networks. She just did an English language report she wants me to see, so we'll see. Again, thanks!

          • wldbil

            Outstanding! Good for you.
            I'll be looking forward to your work, we will all continue to benefit from your perspective.

          • Jamesb

            You're very kind wldbil, I appreciate you support and kind words. We'll see how it goes but I think it'll be fine. Thank you!

  • Jim in Houston

    Just went through the comments and negated all the minus comments by some Kool-Aid drinker who must believe the Obumbler BS. this man is an absolute disgrace to the office and to the country! He needs to be stopped before he completes his mission of destroying America.

  • Jake George

    What is the UN doing about the slavery that exists TODAY in Mauritania, Sudan and Myanmar? What is its position on the profiling, discrimination, oppression and in some cases slaughter of non-Muslims in nations that are members of the OIC? The UN is nothing but a citadel of hypocrisy and the Human Rights Council is one of the greatest frauds in history. They ignore actual and ongoing human rights violations while chastising free nations for manufactured and imaginary offenses. They will overlook any egregious violation of rights by any nation that is a member of their cozy lets-hate-the-
    USA club.

  • Jamesb

    Arizona – when these clowns form the U.N. show up – tell these One World sock puppets to blow it out their a**es and vacate Arizona forthwith.

    • DCinAZ

      NO problem. New gun laws…no liscense required anymore for conceal/carry. Oblah-blah won't come back after last time. Guys carried BIG heat to the rally, semi-auto something I heard, (could be wrong) Can't wait for the UN to try throwing their weight around. Do these people have any idea what they're doing anymore?

      • Jamesb

        We should BOOT the U.N. out of the U.S. and tear down that mess of a building and sell off the property. The U.N. is an anti-American joke. They pee on our leg and tell us it's raining. Then BILL US for their dry cleaning. And WE PAY!

  • Lan Allen

    Thought the president claimed to be a Christian and placed his hand on the bible taking an oath to protect our nation from foreign invasion? Guess the illegal foreigners are not invading our nation, just bringing happiness drugs and terrorist into our land.

  • DCinAZ

    Here's the real deal. Obama is scared as hell, he's an intelectual bully (an asshole with a better vocabulary), he's completely out of clues as to fix this mess. He won't come to Arizona for any reason! Last time he was here people came to the rally packin' heat, big heat….and that was just the black guy. UN won't come here either. See we have a new law down here that says we no longer need a liscense to conceal/carry. Also, if you shoot someone trying to break into your, or your neighbors, house it is now up to the state to prove you in the wrong. Not you trying to prove your innocent. With what has been going down south of the border, it's just a matter of time before it hits the fan here like it is in Texas. Two states you probably shouldn't mess with right now, and what's he doing? Passing it down the line hoping he won't have to deal with it. Do you think for one minute Arizona gives any thought to the UN? We've got much bigger worries. Besides, all you have to do is ignore them. They'll eventually go away

  • jim

    Impeach this basterd now

  • bill

    It amazes me that someone with the know how has not started impeachment proceedings against a leader who is obviously trying to destroy the constitution, this great nation, and most of us who believe in liberty and freedom.

  • Rich

    What's next – blue helmeted UN troops patrolling the cities of Arizona. Maybe they will help us patrol the borders. This is so disgusting, it is hard to actually respond to.

  • PFarley

    Is it possible that Obama is in the last stages of veneral desease, and this might explain his recent madness? Afterall he has never made his medical records public.

  • susanm


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  • 05Magnum

    Screw the UN. They have no business repealing any law here. We need to get out of that New World Order organization.As for the treasonous usurper in office, I hope all he does gets him tried and hanged by the neck until dead.