ObamaCare Already Jacking Up Rates

Kevin “Coach” Collins, Coach Is Right

Elections have consequences. Words really do have meaning. The fools in the Blue States are learning these truths the hard way.

The Hope and Change crowd is getting some change, but not the kind they thought they were getting when they closed their ears and eyes and voted for a charlatan they knew nothing about.

The costs of ObamaCare,  that many of us warned about, are already being felt in several states that voted for Barack Obama and the best part is the first victims out of the shoot are the unionized public employees.

In Iowa state employees using Blue Cross/Blue Shield are paying up to 11.2 percent more in premiums for the same or less health care thanks to the provisions of ObamaCare. The State of Iowa will pay an additional $17 million to cover its employee’s medical insurance as well.

In Washington State, another Obama stronghold, unionized State employees will have to ante up increased healthcare insurance premiums.  Starting January 1st some will be paying 50 percent more for what they had before ObamaCare.

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3 comments to ObamaCare Already Jacking Up Rates

  • speedy

    Those people were stupid fools who voted for that moron usurper for hope and change. Now everyone has to suffer because of this bogus law signed by a bogus ineligible fraud usurper. The usurper must be forced to resign and all his evil laws be nullifed or repealed.

  • Fortitude

    Why is my comment rejected when every word is factual?

  • debrarae

    IF the union workers there voted for Obama, paying 50% more in insurance is what 'they' deserve…