Video: AZ Gov Learned of UN Report from Us

It’s not bad enough the Obama administration has hauled Arizona before the United Nations “Human Rights Council” for its overwhelmingly popular immigration law. Last night, Governor Jan Brewer told Greta Van Susteren the administration did not have the decency to tell her the state’s lawmakers had been put on the same level as Cuban jailers and North Korean torturers. Instead, Brewer said she learned about the lawsuit “on the internet.”

Since we broke the story, that means ultimately she learned about it from us. This development means two things.

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1 comment to Video: AZ Gov Learned of UN Report from Us

  • Aloha

    Is the USA so lost to this dictator Obama that the strongest nation w/ the most humane LEGAL immagration laws in the world. will have it's own president bring our country down? Will we be over powered by the UN "peace makers"?