Video of the Day: Intl. Televangelists Question Obama's Religion

Internationally known evangelists Jack and Rexella Van Impe recently dedicated an entire program to the religion of Barack Obama. You can watch the October 9, 2010, version of “Jack Van Impe Presents” below in three parts:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

3 comments to Video of the Day: Intl. Televangelists Question Obama's Religion

  • roland

    how powerful how Dr.JVI shows us what the Bible says…. it should be obvious that Obama is anything but a real Christian!

  • obama has alot to hide, thats why he paid $800.000 to Hawaii to receive a birth record, then he paid out $950.000 to eleven law firms to hide his records of where he came from and not to have any records for the public to see, and then he turned around and had a gag order placed on his family in kenya so the truth would not come out, and yet he keeps hiding any records of his past and that he came to the USA on a financial aid as a foreign student from Indonisea, and that was with the Fulbright foundation program, this man has commited a conspiracy against the United States and the democrats in coingress and senate wont release the truth as they have power of Washingtom D..C

  • caesar

    This is clear that Obama is a Muslim. He says he's Christian, but he is Muslim because he is Muslim and a Muslim is not Christian so he is Muslim and not Christian. See… he's clearly a Muslim.