Governor Moonbeam DREAMs of Ruining Californian Education

Joe Guzzardi, Floyd Reports

When it comes to the DREAM Act, former California governor “Moonbeam” and current gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown is still in outer space.

Although it has been beaten back nearly a dozen times over the last decade, the DREAM Act is the proverbial bad penny that keeps turning up. Or, better said, it’s the bad penny that political candidates trolling for ethnic identity votes won’t let go of.

Brown, in his recent debate against his GOP gubernatorial rival Meg Whitman, pledged to an audience gathered at UCLA that one of his first priorities would be to ensure that every qualified student, “whether documented or not,” would be able to attend California universities. The carrot means that they would pay the same tuition rate as legal instate residents. According to Brown, California has “enough wealth” to make enrollment “for everyone” a possibility.

Then, barely audible over the cheering students and illegal immigrants in the crowd, Brown hedged his promise by saying that first he would have to “get the budget solved” and that “would take a couple of months.”

Brown’s logic is so tortured that it’s impossible to imagine that anyone other than the most starry-eyed, prospective illegal immigrant student could put any stock in his assurances.

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