Obama's Priorities: $16 Million for Illegal Aliens with AIDS

Judicial Watch

As part of the U.S. government’s campaign to reduce the stigma of AIDS, millions of taxpayer dollars have been allocated to groups that educate minorities about the deadly virus, including a nonprofit dedicated to helping illegal immigrant farm workers.

In fact, the Obama administration launched a special AIDS Hispanic/Latino Leadership Initiative to strengthen the reach—through public funding—of Latino organizations that increase awareness and knowledge in those communities. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently allocated $16 million to the “leadership effort” that is assured to “reach groups hardest hit” by the disease.

Among the recipients is Farm Worker Justice, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit that seeks to empower migrant and seasonal farm workers by improving their living and working conditions, health, immigration status, and access to justice. The group is a subsidiary of the powerful National Council of La Raza….

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1 comment to Obama's Priorities: $16 Million for Illegal Aliens with AIDS

  • artinthewild

    It seems as though I recently read an article that said that Geo Soros was controling La Raza and I believe this money 16 million comes through his control of Obama, that and the monies given to Brazil – I think I read 6 billion dollars so they can drill over there. Which is a deterrent for the U.S. We need to keep all the money that the democrats, the republicans and Geo soros want to send elsewhere. What is the matter with you people???? Oh, that's right, they want to destroy the U.S. Good job….