Ron Paul: Libya “is an Impeachable Offense”

Steven Nelson, The Daily Caller

Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul will be co-sponsoring an amendment announced Tuesday by Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich that would defund the American military intervention in Libya.

Kucinich suggested during a Saturday conference call with antiwar Democrats that he thought impeachment could also be considered for Obama’s “unconstitutional” actions in Libya.

Paul’s spokeswoman Rachel Mills confirmed to The Daily Caller via email that Paul shares Kucinich’s point of view on the severity of the constitutional breach. “Yes, he thinks it is an impeachable offense,” Mills wrote.

6 comments to Ron Paul: Libya “is an Impeachable Offense”

  • susan

    Paul would make a MUCH better POTUS than Obummer. End of story.

  • busyboots

    I mistakenly thought the Biden video was "The Cartoon of the Day". How dumb of me.

  • Dodged5

    Just exactly how many impeachable offenses does it take to get Congress to stop ticking off the offenses and actually do something about it? you know. Like impeach Mr. Obama? How about that for an idea. I'm really tired of waiting. Over two years of listening to the list of impeachable offenses grow longer while Congress sits around with their thumb up their south end and our so called president tears this country apart piece by piece. Enough already! Do it! Impeach him, convict him, imprison him, and then deport him! Please.


    God i pray

    • susanm


  • Holy Cow Congressman Kucinich, did the caffeine just kick in? President Obama hasn't been controlled by the U.S. Congress, conformed to U.S. Federal Circuit Court Judge Rulings or listened to the majority of Americans since his inauguration. And, what's this about the Constitution? It's apparent that the Mr. Obama became a 'constitutional scholar,' to be polished, proper and proficient at subverting that very document. Oh the days when journalists and the media stood as watchdogs on the three branches of government as a forth check-and-balance for the American public. Sadly, those days are long gone.