Video of the Day: Obama’s First 2012 Commercial

3 comments to Video of the Day: Obama’s First 2012 Commercial

  • Americans would elect my broken vacuum cleaner if it was an African American Liberal Democrat ,The sad thing is the drones in this country will vote for him again.

  • thomas

    We have elected the world's biggest loser !! GOD HELP US !!!!

  • vernon l vincent

    I do not understand why some idiot would vote for a president that is ashamed to give out his colege information or to make his birth cirtificate public. He is a fool elected by fools who did not know what they were getting into. He has spen more American tax dollars in two years that any ten presidents put togather. Please get our great country back on track and get him and his cronies out of the white house. I still do not understand how he could get elected when 77 % or the people did not vote fo9r him. vernon vincent po bx 457 myrtle p;oint oregon 97458