More Citizen Activism for Impeaching Obama

While Republican “leaders” debate how tiny a slither of the federal budget they’re willing to cut, the grassroots are in the trenches, educating their fellow citizens about Barack Obama’s high crimes and misdemeanors. This week, two regular citizens have called for the impeachment of Barack Obama. On Monday, Willard F. Schmehl of Cool, California, wrote in the Mountain Democrat:

Our presidential pretender has involved America in another war in the Muslim world based on a U.N. resolution. The other countries involved with enforcing this resolution had legislative votes to authorize the action. Mr. Obama didn’t.
We are in an illegal war our elected representatives weren’t consulted about, nor authorized.
There is precedent for this illegality. Clinton involved America in Kosovo without legislative authorization, where we are involved to this day.
Now before extremist left wingers make the false claim that Bush got us into an illegal war in Iraq, research the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 (PL-105-338) signed by Bill Clinton on Oct 31, 1998, that stated the policy of the United States was to remove Saddam Hussein. Also, research HJR 114 of Oct. 11, 2002, five months before Iraq began, which specifically authorized President Bush to use military force in Iraq. Despite these documents, leftists continually falsely accused Bush and called for his impeachment.
Where are the leftist calls for the impeachment of Obama now that he, like Clinton, really involved us in an illegal war? There is an enormous hypocritical, double standard in play here. And where is our pretender-in-chief? Why, on yet another vacation, of course.

On Thursday, all the way across the country, another taxpayer spoke up for the Constitution. Bob Reid of Niceville, Florida, wrote in the Northwest Florida Daily News:

Our president has now laid siege to a third sovereign nation without congressional direction or approval, thus perpetuating the criminal activity begun by his predecessor. Transferring operational command and control of this open-ended Libyan conflict to NATO will not relieve him of personal responsibility for striking the match.

As an expert on constitutional law, President Obama knows he has committed an impeachable offense. Is impeachment maybe what he hopes will happen?

I submit that Obama now realizes elected presidents no longer run America, and is looking to impeachment as a relatively dignified way out.


It is up to the grassroots to keep acting until our elected leaders hear us. For simple, practical steps you can take to help us, read our article, “Impeaching Obama: What You Can Do.”

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  • Shucksters

    Maybe we need to send obama on the ultimate vacation! To Gitmo! For Life! Lets not forget to send soros there as well!