Obama Implements Global Warming Rules by Executive Order

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All federal agencies and private companies that deal with the U.S. government must identify their vulnerabilities to the impacts of global warming and develop a climate change adaptation plan, as per an executive order quietly signed by President Obama.

The order was actually penned in the fall of 2009 but the president’s Climate Change Adaptation Task Force had to properly investigate the matter and come up with recommendations. Now that the task force has developed a detailed plan on climate proofing the government, yet another Obama advisory committee, the Council on Environmental Quality, has issued instructions on implementation.

Under the plan, every government agency must integrate climate change adaptation into their planning, operations, policies and programs. That means they must appoint a “climate change adaptation specialist,” participate in climate adaptation workshops and educate every employee throughout the year. All agencies must identify and analyze “climate vulnerabilities” by spring of 2012 and execute an adaptation plan by the fall of 2012.

The training will also be required at all private businesses that contract with the government, including those that provide any sort of maintenance or logistics.

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1 comment to Obama Implements Global Warming Rules by Executive Order

  • 05Magnum

    More of Obamas HOGWASH. He & Al Gore must be half brothers. For sure they are both HALFWITS. Climate has gone in cycles for hundreds of years. Furthermore, scientists are saying the Earth has tilted on its axis. This alone would cause climate changes, & there is nothing man can do about it. But in Washington DC the beat goes on. Pretend you know what you are doing & lie to the public, & then force this BS on us.