What If His Birthplace is Not What Obama’s Hiding?

Don Wilkie, The American Thinker

With Donald Trump’s headline-grabbing call for our president to release his birth certificate, more and more people are discussing the circumstances of Obama’s birth. Although it seems likely that Obama is hiding something — the date of birth, the place, the father — it is highly unlikely that he is concealing a Kenyan nativity.

The president’s mother, Ann Dunham and father, Barack Obama, Sr., supposedly met in a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii. The time was late September, 1960. For the official birth date of August 4, 1961 to work, and assuming that Ann carried her baby for a full term, she would have to have been impregnated sometime in mid November, 1960.

Continuing with the official story, Obama’s parents were supposedly married February 2, 1961, on the island of Maui when Ann was approximately 2 ½ months pregnant. It is at this point that we lose track of the President’s mother. She is not enrolled at the University of Hawaii. No one sees her (with the possible exception of self appointed best friend Neil Abercrombie, current Governor of Hawaii), and no one can vouch for her whereabouts. That is not the case, however, with Obama’s father, Barack Obama, Sr.

Gregg Takiyama, Director of Community and Government Affairs at the University of Hawaii, Manoa campus, has supplied the following information on Obama Sr.’s school attendance: Dates of attendance: Fall 1959 – Spring 1962; Degree awarded: BA – Economics, Spring 1962. Classes were held throughout the year: Fall = August-Dec.; Spring = Jan.-May; Summer = May-Aug.

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4 comments to What If His Birthplace is Not What Obama’s Hiding?

  • artismyhobby

    Yeah, suppose he has more dirty little secrets he does not want to get out such as a false identity, who is his real Daddy, why would his real father pay another man to claim he was the father, why would the real father want to disown him, why did his mother go to Hawaii to have the baby if that is what happened, why his grandparents were embarrassed about his conception, why they didn't even want a birth certificate to claim him, why does he use multiple social security numbers including that of a dead man? We might learn of his flunking from school, a history of drug abuse, how he couldn't get a job, how he got into law practice without the proper qualifications, how he never tried a case, and why did he and Michelle step down? Had they done something illegal and would have been thrown out is that why they both resigned? We might learn how he flunked school, how he fraudulently accepted money as a foreign students to pay for his education, why have we no papers he ever wrote? Why hasn't nay of his classmate come forward to recall him in college? What was he really groomed for? Let the investigation go on, keep asking the questions. It's time for some real truth. It must be real good that he is willing to pay $2 million dollars to hide those secrets. When all is said and done, and full disclosure is made we might find tons of reasons to remove him from office and undo the damage he has done to this country.

    • Boe

      What is even more frightening is his white grandmother died on Sunday, 2 days before the election. He did not seem upset by her passing, he didn`y seem to care at all she didn`t live to see her only grandson become the POTUS. Very nice of her to go quietly..eh?

      • Foster

        All part of the conspiracy Boe, she was going to reveal the truth about his heritage. His white grandmother didn't just die she was killed to keep her quiet. Why won't the justice department investigate her death?

        • djs1138

          I can't stand Obama…and I don't know what he's hiding…something…but correct me if I'm wrong, Obama's grandmother Madelyn Dunham died of cancer after having been sick for a long time, no?