Poll: 25% of Americans Believe Obama was not Born in U.S.

Stephanie Condon, CBSNews.com

A quarter of all Americans incorrectlythink President Obama was not born in the United States, according to a new CBS News/New York Times poll.

Among all Republicans, 45 percent believe he was born in another country, as do 45 percent of Tea Party supporters, the poll shows.

Since the start of Mr. Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, rumors have existed that he was born outside of the United States. The “birther” myth has steadily persisted through Mr. Obama’s presidency, in spite of overwhelming evidence he was born in the United States — including his 1961 birth announcement, printed in two Hawaii newspapers.

Businessman and television personality Donald Trump has pushed the issue into the spotlight in recent weeks, insisting that he is unconvinced of Mr. Obama’s origins. While Trump has used the issue to bring more attention to his possible Republican presidential bid, other Republicans are trying to tamp down the “birther” talk…

The myth seems fated to live on, however, as a new book will come out next month entitled, Where’s the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President.

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