On the Eve of Osama’s Death, Obama Forces Gay Propaganda on the Military

Ben Johnson, FloydReports.com

Before stealing the U.S. military’s glory for killing the world’s most wanted terrorist, Barack Obama instituted an indoctrination program forcing Christian servicemen to affirm the homosexual lifestyle or get out. Last Thursday, the Associated Press took a behind the scenes look at a reprogramming session conducted with Combat Logistics Regiment 17 of the the 1st Marine Logistics Group at Camp Pendleton:

Marine instructor Maj. Daryl Desimone stood before an auditorium filled with fatigue-clad troops, carrying an unequivocal message: It’s OK to disagree with letting gays serve openly in the military. It’s not OK to disobey orders.

…”It’s not really open to discussion,” Desimone said. “Nobody’s trying to change your mind.”

But as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that unless servicemen want to head to the stockade, it is not OK to disagree with gays serving openly in the military, or to morally object to homosexuality at all. The course the Obama administration’s political leadership forced upon Maj. Desimone seems clearly designed to change the men’s minds about the morality of same-sex relationships.

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