It Isn’t All Good News in Afghanistan

Jim Emerson,

Before dawn this weekend, approximately 475 Taliban fighters escaped from a large prison in Kandahar. The prisoners opened their cell doors and left the prison through a well-prepared tunnel. Like the classic movie The Great Escape, they managed to escape without being detected. This is not be a Hollywood script but may have been influenced by one.

The Tunnel

In a well thought-out plan to break out, the prisoners took five months to build a tunnel from a local house to the section of the prisons where the fighters were being held. The 1,000-foot-long tunnel was designed and dug by engineers who added electricity and a ventilation system. Once the prisoners arrived at the end of the tunnel, they were met by waiting cars and buses. The drivers knew how to leave Kandahar without detection. The coordination of this operation was flawless, and whoever was the mastermind should be considered extremely dangerous.

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