Videos: The Queen Snubs Obama’s Toast at State Dinner

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

If Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin, or George W. Bush had so flubbed royal protocol that the Queen of England politely ignored them, every major network would have played the clip on continuous loop and the late night comedians would belittle the rustic rubes for days.

Did you know Barack Obama did this very thing during his state dinner with Queen Elizabeth II, sovereign of Great Britain — that The One screwed up his toast to QE2? Thought not.

Obama weakly read a toast from notes sitting on his table. (Perhaps his TelePrompter could not clear customs?) As he wound up, he raised his glass — as the band began to play the royal anthem, “God Save the Queen.” (Older Americans and homeschoolers will know the tune as “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.”) No one is to toast during that time but instead to stand in respect. Obama does not do this for our national anthem, so he raised his glass — as the entire hall stood with their hands at their sides, waiting for the song to end. Then the Queen politely toasted back.

For some reason, he did not bow to the queen on this trip, according to Andrea Mitchell.

At least he did not offer her a groovy iPod filled with show tunes this time.

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  • Rayhog

    Face it, people. That illegal in the WH has NO class what so ever and neither does that creature he sleeps with once in a while.

  • Ray

    Face it. people. Nobuma has zero class.

  • Shucksters

    What does anyone expect? Him and Cheeta are nothing more than Chicago blacks. Both POS.

    • CKT

      They are NOT "blacks" – he is ARAB and she is Negro – "black". But he cannot claim Negro race as his tiny 6% negro is a drop in the ocean and not the legal amount to claim. This lie he keeps putting out there and makes the media say it too that he is "black" has its own agenda and plan. Beware !

    • Guest

      Excuse my ignorance; what is POS?

  • Charlie Campbell

    The queen did not humiliate Obama, she was very gracious. Obama humiliated Obama.

  • CKT

    Obama has no idea how to act in the presents of royalty or other leaders. He has no concept of what it is to be human. Actually we here are not surprised; we'd be shocked if he acted like a real human.

  • Gale

    Mr. and Mrs. Obama are from the Chicago hood so how could they be expected to know proper etiquette. They are an embarrassment as usual! At least they weren't invited to the wedding where bad manners would have been even more unthinkable. Wait…… he can always blame his lack of etiquette and bad behavior on George Bush like he does everything else.


    he has no class..nor does his wife..they should read and learn , hoe ever i doubt they can.learn

  • allan allen

    both those clowns are America's worst…POS both of them…

  • James

    How long can we tolerate a president who spends millions of dolllars flying around the world, while embarressing our country where ever he goes. He advocates that all of us save and economize on our resources and energy when he and his family never do the same and flaunt their position always. We have become a joke in the eyes of the world due to this incapable, egotistical person.

  • Anna Salerno

    Oh my Lord. Will barry hussein odumbo ever stop elevating his face and stop looking down his nose at everyone else?? I'm surprised that barry doesn't know protocol for royalty, after all, everyone from Africa has royalty in their family according to the Africans that I've ever met!! Remember, you can't put lipstick on a pig and you sure can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!! Not only has he made a laughin stock out of the United States but a fool of himself!

    • Fred Fender

      How dare you talk about him that way!! Actually, I almost spit on my keyboard that was so funny!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  • TheLastTemplar

    LOL, The communist usurper is an idiot. Chicago trash trying to be high society.
    He would do better toasting his brother who lives in a nut. LOL

  • Waste_Manage

    What else should America expect? We have a WH DUO livin' "Ghetto Fabulous" and "Showboatin;" around the world. They show their true colors by their ignorance……just "street corner" jitterbugs from Chicago….!!!!

    • Lynn

      It's one thing to have a valid opinion about the president and the first lady, but another to use a derisive term such as "street corner jitterbugs" (a phrase that is dripping with racist overtones). You can dislike the Obamas or any other political figure that you'd like, but you can keep the nasty namecalling, which does not nothing to make your argument. You sound like nothing more than an immature third grader who only knows how to "win" an argument by namecalling and making bogus claims. Use your "adult" words and make a sensible argument.

      • Fred Fender

        The current First Lady denegrates the position, and calling her "lady" is an extremely loose use of the term. Besides, she made it very clear durring the campaign that she hates America and whitey. That is why we suddenly did not hear much from her anymore until after the election. "I was never proud to be an American before…" So what was keeping her here?

  • Vic

    He looked pretty stupid reading from his hand held teleprompter. What president would have to read from notes or teleprompter to the Queen of England. Both he and the Queen looked out of place as in reality I do not believe either one has any real regard or respect for the other. Britain and America have always been strong allies since WWl and WWll. I find it hard that she could have respect for this commie muslim who is out to destroy America especially while her country is going through the same. I think she was there only as respect to the real American people, and certainly not to this two faced rat.

  • artinthewild

    You noticed at the end of the song, the queen took up her glass and he put his down? No grace n his part. I could not believe he read from a cue card, how insulting and interesting that he is so ignorant that he can't give a gracious toast to our highly esteemed neighbor. It was so stupid you would think he did it on purpose…maybe he did. I can't believe he's our President.

    • kachonka

      When you do not complete the toast, as obama failed to do by setting his glass down, that is even a bigger insult. This has caused war, it's in the history books of Roman days.

  • Michele

    Is this all you can come up with?? You must be desperate for stuff on Obama. So far since his presidency this site has found none but conjured up so many ugly lies. I read it because it is so amusing. I wonder how many of your readers actually believe this junk.

    • Edward

      I see so many jealous and prejudice people on this site. Get over it. Obama is part black. You may even be related to him. Obviously some people on this site didn't get his smart genes.

      • Ruth Ann Ferguson

        What smart genes? That is just media hype. Many of the people that attended college with him said he was a lousy student. And the honors at Harvard? I think that came because they needed a "foreign" student. If he was such a great student why won't he let anyone see the grades he made? No – not smart genes – just more lies perpetuated by the liberal media. I agree that the references to race should not matter. What matters is we have a lousy person occupying the White House that will not listen to the protocol folks that go along on these trips.

    • MAB

      Michelle, you are a fool, too. there is NO EXCUSE for a leader of the USA to READ notecards form his HAND in such a simple but profound thing as a TOAST! What effort does it take to MEMORIZE a 2 minute toast? Following protocol when with other dignitaries in THEIR country is a GIVEN. YOu can bet that he knows & follows MUSLIM protocol! Or African… Albeit, he's SUPPOSED to be American…
      Quick! Protocol for you – as the American flag passes in review, what is POTUS supposed to do?

    • Linda

      Michele, Obama bowed to the Saudi King, damned near had his forhead on the King's hand. Now if he can afford a courtesy like that to a despot like that; he can certainly be polite enough to bow for the Queen. You are really obtuse. This is a point in protocol and good manners

    • Longhorn

      Wake up Michele. All of us readers believe this & much more about this socialistic, muslim imposter. What a joke he is! Hopefully we've learned that anything is not always better than what we have. At least George W is a patriotic, proud American who knows how to act in public.

  • mark

    what a woman! didn't loose a step! Now, she's probably GLAD that the Brits lost the war, that this rube couldn't possibly be anywhere NEAR a British Citizen! Thank God for U(S)SA!

  • Ruth Ann Ferguson

    I thought since he was now Irish that he would know to honor the Queen. My my.

  • FRM

    I never thought our president could be "a joke" but he is!!!

  • TaterSalad

    Our President of the United States, is obviously in love with himself. On his first visit to the United Kingdom, Barack Obama gives the Queen of England a handy little I-Pod as his gift from the him to her. What was in the memory of the I-Pod that draws the "just shake your head in disbelief moment". Obama put a couple of his speeches into the I-Pod so the Queen could listen to him before going to bed at night. This President is in love with himself, arrogant and self-centered. He is a complete embarrassment to the people of the United States.


    2. Then we have this arrogance:

    3. Barack Obama hates the British and here is why:

  • TaterSalad

    Another piece falls into place.

    In a press conference last week Obama was not

    wearing his wedding ring nor was he wearing his watch.

    When noticed, his staff said his ring was out

    for repairs. No reason was given for the missing watch.

    So it's just a coincidence that Muslims are

    forbidden from wearing jewelry during the month of Ramadan?????

  • TaterSalad


    Can't possibly be that, because although he

    hasn't gone to a Christian church service since

    entering the White House, we know he's a

    committed Christian "cause he said so during

    his campaign!" ………..

    This is the same president that spent the

    Christmas holidays in Hawaii to avoid religious

    obligations as PRESIDENT at the WhiteHouse. His children do not receive Christmas presents.

    Let's just face the facts, we have a Muslim for president

    While in the White House, and he has no knowledge of American history.

    Hey guys, we're not paying attention,

  • Thrasher

    Simple Simple Simple…Picture this… Eddie Murphey in tighty whitey undershorts jumping up and down on the Presidential King Size Bed repeating " I is de precedent"…"I is the precedent"….now you have obammy….hehe

  • jondar2

    Is there no end to the embarrassment this inept fool of a potus brings upon the good people of the USA? Everything is about "me, the annointed one", as Ali would say, "I am the greatest", but this klutz is far from having even a sniff of greatness. God save America from idiots like this.

  • Guest

    Did he think the music was there for his toast? Like in a movie? And what did the Queen say to him…anyone catch it? His face says it all. What a goof.

  • mbn-London

    Wow. No offense, but you people are all insane. I live in London. It was a small mixup that the people here found endearing and really appreciated how he handled it with humility and humor. I guess you can't find real issues to debate, as most of his initiatives have turned out the be successful, so you vent your irrational anger. And your heroes are Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin and George Bush? Wow, again.

    • artinthewild

      Perhaps is was a small goof, I don't know but you've heard the saying "the straw that broke the camels back" – it's just one thing on top of another. For me it all started when he scraped the U.S. Flag off the tail of the plane he was given to fly around the countrry. Then he put his own logo on it. I knew then that this was not a good start…I'm so amazed that no one really saw that he was a muslim. I'm old but I saw it. He doesn't belong in the most pretigious office in the United States. I weep for America.

    • Felicity

      I agree – I live in Australia and can't believe how so many Americans can take such a simple thing and use it as fodder for vitriolic hatred. I can only imagine the embarrassment he would have felt the second he realised what had happened – poor guy! I don't think English and Australian people are as hard on ANYBODY as Americans are – you guys need to chill down the nastiness and see the lighter side of such things.

    • skyster

      mbn – it's not about who our heroes are. Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin and George W. Bush, along with Ronald Reagan and anyone who's politics aren't "progressive" are considered enemies – NOT OPPONENTS – to Obama and those on the left in the U.S. Unfortunately this includes the 'mainstream' media. So called journalists would be all over any of the above people for such a gaff, yet they ignore mistakes by their "anointed one". It's gone on so long it's beyond annoying. The President even jumps all over his "enemies" for perceived gaffs he commits himself. So, when someone says Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin, et al, here, it's not about "heroes", (which they may or may not be) it's about unequal treatment.

    • Skyster

      I love England. My mothers family comes from there by way of Canada. But, our founding fathers fought a war for independence.
      Your form of government is not wrong but it is wrong for us. Some will disagree, which is their right, but more will agree.
      Our Constitution grants us certain rights that are being taken away. This has gone on for many years but Obama has accelerated the process. What you see as success is actually a tearing apart that which many have fought and died to protect. My late beloved husband was ill & fighting for his life until Obama started breaking down what's left of our great country. He became glad he wouldn't live to see the end. He's gone now and those words ring in my ears.
      Obama is blatantly and dishonestly ignoring the Constitution he vowed to uphold. You don't live with that but do and we don't like it.
      This little gaff, once again shows his arrogance. Over and over, we can laugh or cry about the little things while working on the big things.

  • marco

    the guy's an asshole. what would you expect?

  • sdasd

    The Queen replies to Obama as he lifts his glass 'Sorry I can't'

  • Guest

    I wish America had a leader with the devotion to country and sense that England has with Queen Elizabeth. We get the leaders we deserve and vote for and I am afraid we must have fallen far to get Obama.Enter text right here!

  • Bill Fletcher

    The President is totally classless, completely unrefined in foreign protocol, and a total embarrassment to our great country in the company of world leaders. The liberal "leftfield media" can find no wrong with the buffoon, or his militant First Lady. Come on 2012!!!!