Video: How Obama and the UN Undermine Gun Rights

6 comments to Video: How Obama and the UN Undermine Gun Rights

  • Waste_Manage

    WAKE UP America…..!!! Time to get the POS out of the WH…..and replace with a TRUE American who loves this Country…..NOT a fraud/liar who wants to destroy it……!!! GBA….!!!

  • msbetz

    Crazy requirements! Keep your psychological checks to yourself! Remember Mengele? If not look him up. Get OFF American campuses with those nazi rules of
    Remember Kent State? If not look it up
    Remember Tiananman Square? If not look it up

  • Gary

    Like they said at the Alamo, COME AND GET IT !!!

  • The hurricane in New Orleans provided the local government with an excuse to seize legal guns and kill resisters.

    The current regime is afraid of normal people shedding their sheep’s clothing and standing up for their rights.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a repeat of the New Orleans stuff on the national level.