Weinergate: Liberals Create Cultural Rot, and Wonder Why There Are So Many Pigs

Don Feder, GrassTopsUSA.com

Last week – Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner admitted he had “Tweeted” lewd underwear shots of himself to at least six women; yesterday, he resigned for it. Former Senator and Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards was indicted for using campaign funds to hide his mistress (who was then pregnant with his child). In a Manhattan courtroom, Socialist one-time IMF head Dominique Strauss-Khan pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment.

And Arnold Schwarzenegger was thanking his lucky stars that the media was momentarily distracted from his scandal – the admission that he had an out-of-wedlock child with a member of his household staff, 14 years ago.

Political sex scandals now cover the spectrum from the criminal to the reprehensible, to the seriously weird. In the midst of the tsunami of political raunch, media elites ask why our leaders are behaving so badly in their personal lives. (Why can’t they content themselves with screwing the voters?) For the answer, “Cherchez le culture,” as the French would say.

Last Saturday, the Queens Congressman (described by the New York Times as “once a rising star” in the Democratic Party) announced he was entering a treatment facility for psychological disorders, after three top Democrats called for his resignation. Obama became the fourth on Monday.

Weiner spokesman Risa Heller chirped that the congressional underwear model would “seek professional treatment to focus on becoming a better husband and a healthier person.” Healthier is here defined as not sending lewd snapshots of himself in an obvious state of arousal to women who’d contacted him through the social media to discuss politics

Speaking at two Planned Parenthood rallies earlier in the year, the pervie pol declared, “My name is Anthony Weiner, and I stand for women.” It now appears he was making a sexual, rather than a political, statement.

To cries of “Shame on you!” from rallying hotel chambermaids, Strauss-Kahn entered a courthouse to plead not-guilty to charges that he tried to rape a maid who had entered his $3,000-a-night suite at the Sofitel Hotel (some socialist).

The incident had French women coming out of le woodwork, charging DSK (as the French media refer to him) had groped, wrestled with them, or tried to rip off their clothes in previous amorous encounters. One (then a 22-year-old reporter whose physical assets Strauss-Khan tried to nationalize in 2002) said the man who was considered a shoo-in for the Socialist nomination for the French presidency behaved ‘like a chimpanzee in rut.”

Edwards (who used to collect $50,000 fees for speeches on fighting poverty) and Schwarzennegger – who championed abortion and gay rights as governor – each had a love child. In a political sense, neither can say, “I’ll be back!”

It was amusing to hear Democrats make morality noises. This was indefensible! Weiner should resign. But wasn’t it just about sex? After all, everybody lies about sex. And it’s none of our business – and other clichés they clung to during the Clinton impeachment. (Why aren’t members of the sisterhood lining up to administer oral gratification, in gratitude for Weiner’s help in keeping abortion “safe and legal”?)

Typical of the establishment media and political elite, Time magazine is perplexed by these sexual escapades. A cover story in the May 19th issue asks….

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