Obama Imports Illegal Voters with Communicable Diseases

Kevin “Coach” Collins

Obama’s latest backdoor ICE amnesty will bring death to some innocent Americans; bank on that. By ordering ICE agents to virtually stop deporting illegal aliens Obama is importing fraudulent voters with serious diseases. He has deliberately placed us all in danger and said, “The American middle class can go to Hell.”

Over the years, Democratic presidents have betrayed America to various degrees. A feckless John Kennedy double crossed CIA efforts to overthrow Castro; Carter gave away the Panama Canal and Clinton sold the Chinese secret missile technology. Now Barack Obama may have topped these dubious “achievements” by stepping up his war on the Middle Class and threatening our very lives in his lust for power.

Not content to tax us into numbing poverty and hopelessness, Obama is throwing our borders open to bring in fraudulent new Democrat voters without regard for the fact they are bringing deadly diseases with them. The consistent evidence is that, many of these illegal aliens are carriers of virulent diseases.

Diseases Sneaking in with These Illegals

Whooping Cough a disease associated with third world sanitation failures is being found in growing numbers in locations where illegals congregate and live. Smithtown, Long Island, is such a place. Without reporting the high level of illegals in the area, a media report told of “dozens” of….

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1 comment to Obama Imports Illegal Voters with Communicable Diseases

  • GoingFishing

    It is not just this administration although it has compounded ten fold under their watch that has allowed this to happen.

    Unless we close the borders to all illega immigrants, we can only expect the problem to get worse.

  • Charles Weber

    Why can’t we get the word out as to how Obama is destroying our democracy by ignoring our laws and giving away taxpayer dollars to illegals–free education, free medical care, food stamps, and jobs. It’s time for real Americans to speak up. Obama wants to destroy this nation–he loves Islam and hates Americans. I am fedup!