Allen West: “Anyone with an Obama 2012 Bumper Sticker is a Threat to the Gene Pool”

Rep. Allen West, R-FL;

Greetings to our constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans, here we are for another weekly update. There is only one word that describes the past week: appalling.

It was appalling to hear the President of the United States truly threaten our nation’s senior citizens and Military Veterans/Retirees. Furthermore, the blatant lie that 80% of Americans want their taxes raised is beyond unconscionable.

I believe we are headed towards the ultimate ideological clash in America. There is a widening chasm which has developed between those who believe in principled fiscal policies and those desiring the socialist bureaucratic nanny-state. An unfortunate aspect to this is the complicity of a mainstream media which does not report facts, but rather ideological bias. This clash will determine the future and legacy of our Constitutional Republic.

I know who wins in the end, but it is going to be one heck of a fight.

This week the House GOP shall vote on a plan that will enable us to protect the full faith and credit of the United States but also tackle the long-term fiscal viability of our nation. The plan is summarized by the concept of “Cut, Cap, and Balance.” Our Congressional office issued a statement on Friday which explains the legislation, of which I am an original cosponsor – you can click here to view.

Neither I nor any other reasonable person wants to see the United States default on its debt interest payments and threaten a potential rise in our interest rates. I do not want to see my country devolve into the European situation played out in Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, or Spain (PIIGS). However, now is the time to get our fiscal house in order by implementing spending control measures which will begin to turn around our economic ship of state…

The problem is, there is no confidence and certainty in the fiscal vision emanating from Washington D.C. and hence revenues and receipts are down. We are not setting the conditions or creating an environment for economic and job growth. For all of you, that is what has to change, and that is where I am committed to seeing change and not the empty rhetorical doublespeak of 2008.

I suppose the President forgot that 47% of wage earning households in America do not pay federal income taxes.

In the area of foreign policy, the United States has officially recognized the Libyan rebels as the “legitimate” government of Libya. Now, I am just a simple fella from down South, but I recall a previous Democrat President recognizing a bunch of undefined ideological zealots called the Taliban…and we all see how that ended up!

The voices of the American people who want sound fiscal, taxation, and regulatory policy need to be heard this week. I am issuing a “call to action” – let the White House, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid hear how you feel. Are there REALLY 80% of Americans who want higher taxes?

I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.

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  • John T. Larimer, Jr.

    What is your position on Agenda 21 a.k.a. the family of sustainable as?
    This is the biggest threat to our existence as a nation since the Revolutionary war. If you would like some information about it, I'll be glad to supply.

  • JLassiter

    I have so much respect for Rep. West. I wish he was our president he would be a president to be so proud of. Every time I see an Obama bumper sticker on a car I think they may as well write STUPID across their forehead.

  • Frank

    Linda has it right, hit the proverbial nail on the head.How could anyone with an IQ of over 70 take this Idiot seriously? I'm still in shock that he got elected. Dosen't say much for our electorate.

    • OH My Go....

      Frank, you may well know now that he wasn't elected. bho was put into office of the president by ACORN, black panthers, the liberal media, other fraudulant votes and crooked voting poles. So keep in mind that no-one has been able to get a claim against him into court. Like presenting a birth certificate that is incorrect is a fraud punishable by imprisonment. Find out who the Bandeburgs are and like they had a meeting in Nov. 2008 saying they believe they can have every man woman & child marked with a micro-chip by 2017. Maybe by promotion of God bho is the one world leader or antiChrist! I'm just saying!!!!

  • marion

    I think you are being incredibly unfair to Mr. Obama. I, in no instance, believe he is a treat to our "gene pool", any more than Hitler was a threat to the "Jewish gene pool."

    I do, however, believe that his seed should be irradiated from the face of this Earth because he is worse than al Queda could ever be. He is a suicide bomber in President's clothing. This guy is a serious threat to the existence of the human race. Eradicate HIM…and forget his possible threat to our so called "gene pool".

  • Con. Thank you so much for trying to save the U.S.A. I sure hope you have some help someone has to let the American people where Mr Obama wants to take this country I’m still not sure he was born here do we have a Sleeper cell in the white house, where is all the open Gov.we where to have , what about Sun shine laws seems like ally of sneak going on Burch 34239

  • Charlie

    West-Rubio 2012

  • Neal Carter

    Amen! Right on, Brother!

  • texan2driver

    Allen, you are absolutely correct about the threat to the gene pool. Time to rechlorinate the gene pool to get rid of the weak swimmers.

  • The white guys need to stay out of this next election! Any combination of Michelle Bachman, Star Parker, Bobby Jindel, Allen West, Thomas Sowell, Murdock, Keyes you name 'em would smother the faux brother!

  • Jacques Bakke

    BHO is a Faux Bro! That would be a great bumper sticker!

  • GodsaveUSA

    West is right. A voice of reason in a sea of deception.

  • DCurtiss

    Obama is a radical Alinsky Marxist. All full tilt socialist governments provide 100% certanty of destruction of the middle class & usually mass murder. Consider Stalin, Hitler & Mao.

  • Belcara

    Oh boy! I laughed until I cried. I couldn't see the last of the sentence and I was wondering what kinda threat??? When I saw "gene pool." I was hysterical. West is my candidate. He has humor. West is more refreshing than a Colorado summer rain!! Then the sun comes out. WE haven't had a candidate like him since????? Stevenson???

    I hadn't made up my mind about supporting his campaign…. I'm in!

  • kevin

    allen west for freakin president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    We have a ganster government, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hssein Obama must not be permitted to enter another election cycle without his INELIGIBILITY and his felonies(selling gun to mexican drug runners)being properly addressed.

  • JIM

    my bumper sticker reads:__

    my other bumper sticker reads:

  • Gerald

    Allen West is the type of Leader we need to Bring back this Great Country from the terrible leadership and failed policies of the want to be World leader Obama, the great failure, socialist, Marxist President this Country has ever seen. Mr West knows what is happening under Obama's leadership and if he ran for president, he would beat The Messiah hands down. Take no prisoners, Mr. West

  • Brian H

    And determined to take as many as possible into Darwinian de-selection as possible.

  • Al Cavalli

    Col. West, I support you all the way! However, what "we" should recognize is that what this President is doing domestically is not out of ignorance or inexperience but a planned, ideological action to tear down this country & "rebuild" it in his Sicialist/Communst image where Big Government dominates & controls every aspect of our lives! The sooner "we" recognize this the better "we" can fight to stop him. Foriegn Policy, however , is another story…………!

  • Bob Roberts

    I appreciate efforts to cut spending to cap spending and to balance the budget. We need each of these things to become reality. Sadly my read of the current "Cut, Cap and Balance" effort is that it is politics, not serious. I still hope it passes but I think we all know it will either fail in the Senate or will be subject to a veto if, by some miracle, it does not. Try breaking the effort up into clean bills as follows: A clean single bill that puts forward a balanced budget amendment for consideration by the states. A clean single bill that reasonably cuts spending to reasonable levels. A clean single bill that caps spending based on simple calculations (the problem here is this: Just as they did under Clinton when the claimed a "surplus", politicians will play games with math to get around any effort you make in this regard).

    • George

      Yes it's always nice to see our tax dollars wasted by politicians making political statements while knowing full well it is a waste of time. Way to go GOP!

  • Sallie Eastman

    How refreshing that we, the people, have honorable people working for America. I have been watching, and listening, and this sell out from the senate is sickening. Please, continue helping us, and keep us from this tyrranical president, that is only trying to take America down, along with being determined to treat us as idiots, and tax us for everything we have. I am thrilled there are so many good people in congress defending our nation, and we, the people. Please, know that I am going to be your biggest supporter, and appreciate your open spoken, opinions.

  • We are the stupid ones!

    We are letting Congress a pass on doing something about Obama!!

    As far as I am concerned Congress is COMPLICIT with Obama!!!!!!!!!

  • charles helms

    Problem with Libya from the beginning is that no one seems to know what group the rebels represent. I would suggest that it very well may be the muslim brotherhood.

  • jiminIdaho

    Liberal, progressives are morons. They will never learn. They are like lemmings. And, like the lemmings, they will go extinct from their own stupidity.

  • sleepergirl

    Congressman West brings so much intelligence to the House. He's a breath of fresh air. When we take back the WH in 2012, I hope to see him in the administration in a high position. I liike his moxy in taking on DWS.

  • I am upset that I have an "enter security code" when I went to share this.

  • unclebarry

    I know that one day Allen West WILL BE POTUS. That's when we can all relax and know that our Republic is in the right hands. I hope I'm around when he makes it.

  • Joanie

    God Bless you Rep. West for speaking the truth. It is so refreshing.I also commend
    you for not backing down to Rep.Wasserman-Schultz.

  • dasaardvark

    Right on Allen. It is way past time to stop infusing the gene pool of the United States of America with Jackass blood. The Jackass blood already infused into the American gene pool has lowered the 'national mentality" so far that the composite electorate is the stupidest in the history of humanity. And these abominations are so PROUD of themselves and their blind devotion to Satan. Screw PC; let's have some rick-solid truth for a change—no matter whose poor wittle sensitivities it smashes into the cesspools of their own realities.

  • Bev

    The people of Florida are the luckiest ever, to have the gift of Allen West as their rep. I adore Allen West and pray that he will be our next president. He is an outstanding and knowledgeable leader. A proven leader by his vast and brave military service! Please Rep. West, please run for POTUS in 2012. Your country needs your leadership and honest and good judgement. An envious Oregonian.

  • Karen

    I love Allen West! If not for 2012, then I hope he runs sometime in the future for president.

  • Anne

    Col. Allen West for President!! You have my vote and many others! Please be our George Washington in these dark times. West-Rubio 2012!

  • kid777

    Only those with a pro-Nazi agenda would ever want no-bama in office ever again.
    Obama and his ilk have an agenda, and they unfortunately are presently achieving it, and that is to crush this country under a mountain of debt and force ever closer a one-world order of a socialized world.
    Nazi Hitler and socialist obama have much in common. First and foremost, they both are WRONG and EVIL. Too bad the German people did not see it until far too late! We have a chance at recognizing it early.
    Your choice America! Wake up now or forever fall asleep in hell…

  • I so wish Rep. West would run for President! We need him desperately.

  • kim

    West is the man! Put him up against crybaby Obama and see what happens. I like people who stand up for themselves. Obama seeks revenge on people. Say what you mean and mean what you say. West had every right to tell it like it is. I don't think he was harsh enough for other Forida Female, which she is no lady. She is another Pelosi. Vile, liars, stupid, demented,obnoxious,self deserving, etc,, etc……Vote her out next chance you can. In the mean time, shut her up!

  • Robert

    Taxing the rich and large corporation's is not the answer as they say in the army
    crap runs down hill. Like insurance fraud and shoplifting they pass the cost on to the consumer. It's that simple!!

  • Mel Hirtzel

    You people have hit the nail square on the head…

  • warren filkins

    (Rep) Congressman Allen West
    A Rising Star for the Republican Party

  • janet Mac Gregor

    I like the "way you think & talk. i WOULD VOTE YOU FOR pRESIDENT!

  • The Duck

    Impeach Obummer NOW!!!