Everything You Need to Know About the Debt Deal

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

GOP 2012 Contenders (Except Huntsman) Oppose Debt Deal, Blame Obama – CBS News.

Michele Bachmann: If We Pass Debt Deal, “We Embrace Being Greece” — CNSNews.com.

Ron Paul “Strongly Against” Debt Deal – The Daily Caller.

Tim Pawlenty: Debt Deal “Nothing to Celebrate” – Politico.

Mitt Romney Rejects Debt Deal, Says It Could Lead to Higher Taxes – The Huffington Post.

Rick Perry Opposes the Deal – Politico

Gary Johnson, Deal Just “Kicking the Can Down the Road”.

Rick Santorum Opposes Deal, Says Obama “Never Led” – WQAD.com.

Newt Gingrich (Votes Present But) Says Debt Deal “Is Not a Solution” – The Daily Caller.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz a No Vote on Debt Deal; Sen. Mike Lee likely no – The Daily Herald.

Rep. Justin Amash Likely to Vote No – The Grand Rapids Press.

Debt Ceiling Deal Guts Defense Spending to Pay for Politics – Kim Holmes, Heritage Foundation.

President’s Debt Ceiling Agreement A Raw Deal for National Security – James J. Carafano, Heritage Foundation.

Even the Fakery is Fake: Joint Committee is Not Required to Recommend $1.5 Trillion in Deficit Reduction – David S. Addington, Heritage Foundation.

Budget Deal Doesn’t Cut Spending – Chris Edwards, Cato Institute.

Yes, There’s a Real Threat of Higher Taxes – Daniel Mitchell, Cato Institute.

Oh yeah, The Progressive Caucus and Black Caucus Oppose the Deal, Too – Raw Story.

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