Citizen Activist Brings Impeachment Message to Ohio

by Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

Calls for Barack Obama’s impeachment are not just for Texas Congressmen and Republican presidential candidates. A growing number of citizen patriots are taking the Impeach Obama Campaign to their fellow voters in battleground states across the country. The latest example was a letter to the editor published in the Mansfield News Journal on August 9 entitled, “Obama Should be Impeached for Ignoring the Constitution”:

“Excellent speech is not becoming to a fool, much less lying lips to a prince.” (Proverbs 17:7) Our president prefers to give speeches while being a fool and purposely lead us into Marxist socialism with his policies. But, we are also fools to allow him do it.

Our tea party patriots must keep up the pressure on Congress to immediately cut taxes, which will create many millions of jobs. They must also insist on capping the spending and stopping the automatic spending increases year after year in our government. Finally, the budget has to be balanced as is done in our states.

We must also understand we have the indigenous power given by our Creator to decide for ourselves how to handle the important issues that we face. Any surrogate power (legislator or president) that we elect must understand that they represent us the people.

The British Parliamentary form of government allows for a “Vote of Confidence” to remove a leader at any time and to appoint a replacement. It would have been great if our founders had put that provision in our Constitution.

America has a slower impeachment process. But, it should be invoked because of the many unconstitutional acts that Obama has already committed: the secret appointment of czars not confirmed by the Senate, the bribing of senators to pass ObamaCare, the rejection of a judge’s order to lift the ban on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and the deliberate destruction of our economy with his many liberal policies.

Don’t ever forget about the millions of American veterans dead and alive who gave their lives for our liberty and freedom in all past wars. Please God, save and bless your America.

James Roehrborn
Alexandria, Minn.

The News Journal is a Gannett newspaper that serves Mansfield, Ohio, a quintessential American town of 50,000 people located between Cleveland and Columbus. Ohio, which determined the outcome of the 2004 presidential election, is the model bellwether state in presidential politics. Articles such as Mr. Roehrborn’s put the state’s leaders on notice that the American people will not tolerate the Democratic President’s wasteful, free-spending policies — nor the Republicans who give him cover.

Letters demanding Obama’s impeachment have been printed in newspapers in California, Florida, Illinois, Virginia, Colorado, and Kansas. If you have had an impeachment letter published in the media, send me a copy.

For more information on how you can spread the word, see our post, Impeaching Obama: What You Can Do.

Click here to learn more about the Impeach Obama Campaign. Click here to sign the Impeach Obama petition.

7 comments to Citizen Activist Brings Impeachment Message to Ohio

  • Patriot Diva

    It is important that we make the case for the impeachment of Barack Obama for his many transgressions against this country. However, even if we impeach him, it does not mean that America is home free. There are numerous forces working to undermine America, her people, our sovreignty as a nation, and the constitution.
    The Tea Party members must be fully aware of what and who these forces are. Groups like the Bilderbergs, the Tri-Lateral Commission, Coucil on Foreign Relations, Bohemian Grove, and Skull and Bones are playing a major role in the destruction of America as it was founded. We must be prepared to fight these forces as well. Obama is only their puppet.

    • Templer

      What cases would you care to broach first? There are so many cases to impeach this Traitor pig from pergery to incompetence. From Obstruction of Justice with the "Fast and Furious" gun running. If you impeach Obama then so goes Eric Holder and others. Pelosi as well for her part in the corruption. Impeaching Obama is a start. It also sends a message we will NOT tolerate corrupt behavior, lying or less than honorable men and women in government. A higher standard is required and ZERO tolerence for inappropriate behavior. If he is impeached then hopefully all his BS executive orders are reduced to nothing more than a piece of paper. His muslim contacts as well as Hilary's Mutlim aid has revealed her ties to the muslim brotherhood whose ties to radial Islamic terrorism. Cleaning house starts at the top. Forgery, Identity theft is only a tip of the perverbal ice berg. There's enough reason to impeach but there is more hair on a peach then on so called "Men" in the WH to enact. Obama is a communist and a GD muslim and if you look deep enough you'll find he too has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and radical islam.

  • Anna Salerno

    What is wrong with congress that they don't start impeachment proceedings or arrest this egotiscical imposter for what he has done to our country?? What is wrong with them?? Are they really afraid of a black backlash in congress?? the United is in serious trouble and is bleeding from this clowns policies.


    Obama is a communist and a GD muslim and if you look deep enough you'll find he too has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and radical islam.

  • jondar2

    "The US is about to ask Assad to step down". A much more welcome headline would be "the US citizens ask Oblamer to turn in his and Joe Biden's resignations" and step down and out of government altogether. Might take maniac Al G–D— climate Gore with them.

    • richard

      My fondest dream is to watch him do the "perp walk" handcuffed behind the back with a towel over his face, out of the White House. In a moment of compassion, I belive his wife should be allowed sufficient time to find placement for the two kids before SHE is arrested.

      • BOE

        Her mother already lives like royality in OUR White House. Travels on our tax dollars and most likely is paid as a baby sitter too. Don`t that just beat all. I bet if we really look The SOB probably has every room filled with bros.