Obama Wants to Move the ‘Hood into Your Neighborhood

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

As part of its endless quest to fundamentally transform the United States, the Obama administration is laying the intellectual groundwork for a massive new government program: moving crime-prone tenants of public housing into middle- and upper middle-class neighborhoods in the name of improving their health.

Last Thursday, the New England Journal of Medicine published a multi-year study conducted on behalf of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) researching the impact of “housing mobility” on the health of those in public housing. The project, which tracked 4,500 “very low-income” families, found that allowing the poor to move from the projects to “low-poverty neighborhoods” decreased the incidence of both disorders and improved the families’ overall health.

Upon hearing the results, HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan lamented, “Far too often we can predict a family’s overall health, even their life expectancy, by knowing their zip code.” Secretary Kathleen Sebelius of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) chimed in, “where you live can be critical to your health.”

For an administration obsessed with Nanny State health initiatives, increased welfare spending, and waging war on the affluent, the next step is not hard to anticipate. President Obama has already requested $28.6 billion for Section 8 housing vouchers in Fiscal Year 2012, fully 60 percent of HUD’s budget. Rather than spend $400 million combating inner-city “food deserts” (areas in which the average resident must drive 4.5 minutes longer to get to a supermarket than the average American), why not just move the welfare-dependent Uptown? Such a policy would achieve the dual left-wing aims of redistributing wealth from the productive to the indolent (core Republican and Democratic constituencies, respectively) and forcefully integrating well-to-do neighborhoods.

It would also expand crime, bring gangland violence into peacefully under-policed suburbs, deteriorate public safety, and increase the resentment of those whose taxes make these destructive moves possible.

Taxpayers are understandably outraged when they see welfare recipients living well on the public dime as stagnant wages trap them in underwater mortgages. As long ago as 1980, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) wrote, “The high rents and quality of [Section 8] housing invite resentment on the part of the taxpaying public who see their subsidized neighbors living in better accommodations than they themselves can afford.” The Palm Beach Post reports, “The monthly rent subsidy for local [Florida] homes is as high as $2,109 for a five-bedroom, three-bathroom home in a suburban Lake Worth gated community.” One such recipient on the opposite coast, a “Judy Doe,” confessed she rode her rental voucher out of….

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10 comments to Obama Wants to Move the ‘Hood into Your Neighborhood

  • That'll save travelling time for the burglars and muggers, I guess.

  • Bloodless Coup

    There goes the neihborhood.

  • Name one town in US that has been improved by blacks.
    When blacks move in the town declines due to economic blight, crime, and drugs. As a white person I want absolutely nothing to do with blacks. Blacks do to a town what locust do to a corn field. Again, give me one example anywhere were a town in decline was taking over by blacks and improved – it doesn't exist. Call me racist or prejudice but what I really am is experienced. Black population in a town is directly proportional to crime and lower property value. But of course, even though its is the obvious truth, you can't say that in US without being called a racist.

  • karen

    obama and his communist need to leave America and NOW!!!

  • karen

    I live in NC and the idiots in charge here have been trying for the past couple of years to force this program. THE RESIDENTS of all areas will not have it. In fact the nanny state government here, the dems, they have suggested classes to teach them how to live in our neighborhoods. I was trying to figure out what they would teach and here is what I came up with: do not park your car on the front lawn, do not yell out the windows to your friends down the street, do not play your music so loud that it breaks the sound barriers. Wear your pants where they belong, do not leave your furniture on the front lawn with the car of course. So seriously, these socialist have to be run out of America. Many years ago people had to sign an affadavit that they were not part of the communist party. Time to do this again. I am mortified that all of the world can see the young american communist party. Really??? If only they knew what they are inviting and if only they would stop long enough to see that those that they worship are CAPITALIST!!!!!! I just never understand this,,,

  • Mitch

    Great idea, Obama. Just wonderful.

  • Patriot Diva

    The government has no business interfering with where a person chooses to live. This is simply payback to stick it to those "racist white people" Obama thinks has stolen everything they have from the hardworking black community. I mean, none of us really deserve anything we have according to the communist in thief!

  • Bloodless Coup