Videos: Eric Holder Knows Nothing, Nothing, About Fast and Furious

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

The congressmen who asked Eric Holder to testify on Capitol Hill today should cite the Justice Department for contempt. They expected to cross-examine General Holder and they got Sergeant Schultz.

Holder said he was just as upset as everyone else, and shocked — shocked! — that guns were being trafficked to Mexican drug cartels by his agency. He wanted to get to the bottom of this nefarious activity himself. “Like each of you, I want to know why and how firearms that should have been under surveillance could wind up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels,” he said.

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But since Holder heads the department under which Fast and Furious took place, shouldn’t he have been familiar with the operation in the first place? Holder argued, in effect, that he could not be expected to do his job, because it is hard. Holder said “I cannot be expected to know” what happens within the Justice Department nor to be familiar with the contents of memos that are addressed to him or that bear his name. After all, the DoJ employs 117,000 people. (Note to budget cutters: Please lighten Eric Holder’s oversight load, beginning with the EEOC.) That many employees generate a hefty volume of memos that Holder cannot be bothered to read. Besides, this was merely a “local, Arizona-based operation”.

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However, when Congressional Republicans showed any interest in helping Holder get to the bottom of this dark mystery, Holder has accused them of playing “gotcha games” and engaging in “cynical political point scoring.” Instead, he said today he wants Republicans to engage in a “responsible dialogue” — the kind that does not lead to his being ejected from the federal government or possibly facing criminal charges for such crimes as perjury.

On May 3, Holder replied he had learned about Fast and Furious “over the last few weeks.” Yet Sen. Chuck Grassley and Congressman Darrell Issa have uncovered no fewer than five memos briefing Holder about Operation Fast and Furious since July 2010. When Cornyn pressed how this squared with his previous statements, Holder replied, “I’m not sure I understand the question.”

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Incredibly, Holder used his appearance to push for renewed gun control measures. He said….

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16 comments to Videos: Eric Holder Knows Nothing, Nothing, About Fast and Furious

  • Bloodless Coup

    Are they really going to let him get away with this?

  • Sonja

    I can't believe this creep!
    What is he still doing in the political field?
    He pulled this same stuff when Clinton was president.
    He needs to be gotten rid of.

    • Upaces

      That is his job to know. IF he doesn't know, …..nah, that's not even possible.
      Relieve him of duty due to nervous breakdown of a sociopathic liar.

  • Jon Enigma

    Liar, liar…… pant's on fire !

  • Lucy Guzman

    He is obviously clueless and ignorant of what his job entails. He needs to be fired and stripped of any further compensations or positions within any government or public office. He is a disgrace to the office he holds and to our men and women in law enforcement.

  • ItsJo

    All of a sudden, Holder has gone "deaf, dumb AND blind"-just as he lied about only knowing about all this a few weeks ago, now the Liar, says he mistook the question, and it was several months ago. This CORRUPT REGIME is just really testing American's patience with their lies, lies and More lies. He is a known liar when with the Clinton Administration and he is Obama's Liar in the DOJ-they both have a different agenda for America, and it's NOT GOOD. We need rid of This liar, then Obama, etal next. They have sidestepped our Congress, Constitution and like the dictators they emulate-they have NO PLACE IN OUR WHITEHOUSE.
    We have had Enough of this Corrupt Regime.

    • ItsJo

      BTW: We cannot have those who are to investigate Holder, go limp on us. Issa needs to hang tough with this guy, and NOT FOLD as they try to wiggle their way
      out of this fiasco. They are used to getting away with whatever they want, and it needs to be stopped, before they cost us our Republic.

  • michaelaxel

    What a liar. He confuses arrogance with having to tell the truth. How can his employees prosecute anyone when this filthy liar can't even keep track of his own staff, supposedly. Sad to see the supreme lawmaker in America act in such a criminal manner. I can't wait to see the White House deny they knew anything about Solyndra.

  • Anna Salerno

    OMG this is unbeliable, then again, he is barry hussein odumo's hand picked Attorney General… This man needs to be prosecuted for his lies and cover up of this murder of two American citizens because of this gun running operation!!!! How much are the American people willing to let the lawless government get away with before something is done about it??

  • Sam Jones

    Eric Holder is a Lying Sack of Shit !!!!! Just like Obama.

  • Edward

    Yeah we believe you! You look good in orange Eric.

  • I don't believe that Holder knew nothing about Fast and Furious. He is as much a
    "control freak" as Obama. I'm reading the book, INJUSTICE, by a former Justice Dept. employee. He says Holder has radicalized that department!!
    Holder should be charged with being an accessory to MURDER.

  • Bloodless Coup

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  • Bloodless Coup

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  • Bloodless Coup

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