Politico: Yes, Obama Hates America

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

Barack Obama’s hatred of his own country has become so palpable that even the most milquetoast moderate media outlets can no longer ignore it. Keith Koffler, a former reporter for Roll Call who currently runs the White House Dossier website, wrote an op-ed in yesterday’s edition of Politico entitled, “Obama’s Dark Vision of America.” The piece blasts the president’s “relentless reelection focus on America’s demons.”

“Obama’s vision reflects the worldview of a former community organizer, whose long focus has been on the disadvantaged,” Koffler wrote. “But this seems to have spurred him to see injustice around every corner.”

While Koffler wrote that, while “Americans want to be told the truth,” they cannot swallow Obama’s “message that there is something fundamentally wrong with the nation that Obama, like some prophet preaching through Gomorrah, was sent to fix.”

Koffler contends that previous candidates seeking re-election highlighted challenges Americans must overcome together, but Obama is stumping with the message that the problem is America itself:

Obama is trying out a reelection model that posits a broken country which needs him to “finish the job” he started.

America, in Obama’s view, is an unfair place, where “our school system” is working “for just some children;” where immigrants live “in second-class status”…

For too many, Obama suggests, the American Dream is dead or dying…The avenues to success are not passable for everyone, and only Obama can reopen them.

The article’s significance is less what it says — this author made the same argument more than three years ago — than where it appears. Politico is a dependably left-leaning website whose snarky bits of Beltway gossip regularly favor the president and demean his opponents. The website has a hefty presence on MSNBC, with its reporters or editors making at least 24 appearances on the channel last week alone. If Politico cannot hide a problem, it is a major problem indeed.

Obama has been anything but bashful about his disdain for his country. On the campaign trail in 2008, he drew attention to America’s “tragic history.” “There’s no doubt that when it comes to our treatment of Native Americans as well as other persons of color in this country, we’ve got some very sad and difficult things to account for,” he said. “I personally would want to see our tragic history, or the tragic elements of our history, acknowledged.”

At the same time, Michelle Obama — she who had not been proud of her country during her entire adult lifetime until her husband stood poised to run it — told a campaign crowd in North Carolina:

We’re still living in a nation and in a time where the bar is set – I talk about this all the time – they set the bar…and then you work and you struggle, you do everything that they say, and you think you’re getting close to the bar, and you’re working hard, and you’re sacrificing. And then you get to the bar. You’re right there. You’re reaching out for the bar. You think you have it. And then what happens? They move the bar. They raise it up…it’s always just quite out of reach…The sad irony is that’s exactly what’s happening to most Americans in this country. (Emphasis added.)

Nonetheless, Obama carried North Carolina in 2012.

Just before the election, Americans heard the audio of a 2001 Chicago public radio interview, in which Obama said the Constitution “reflected the fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day.”

Since becoming president, he has kept up the assault. In a budget speech earlier this year, he said the United States….

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  • thomas

    Obama is NOT an American !! He is a total FRAUD !!!

    • ItsJo

      Exactly. So wonder when the LapDog Media FOR Obama is going to "look into HIS past, as they done to Palin, Cain, Newt, etal. They ONLY investigate to try to
      get the "dirt" on GOP people or Tea Party people, but, they DON'T apply those same investigative abilities to Obama OR Democrats. It's time for some REAL investigations into the REAL Obama. This man actually Does Hate America, and says so each and every time he is 'out of the country'….along with his deliberately 'trying to bring about America's Demise"….(it's working w/Him in office and this, is why he needs to be ousted)

    • Oldtimer

      Odumba appears to be a shill that says and does everything his jew puppetmasters tell him.

      • Alan

        YOU sound like a shill that repeats everything you hear on FOX. Nit-wit.

      • Smolska

        Obama is anti-Israel & pro-Muslim brotherhood..He does not have jewish puppetmasters. Stop rattling off that old , ignorant , Nazi propaganda. The puppet-masters are atheists and Islam, both want to see one world governments. Yes , there are self-hating jews that support Obama, that are being deceived & used ….remember, Jesus, the Son of God , the Word made flesh, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,the Savior, the Only Way to God the Father, Jesus himself was a Jew. It is of the spirit of the anti-christ to hate the jews.

    • christopher

      your right!

  • susanm


    • clennis05

      Susanm. Let me enlighten you and these other racists. This country was stolen from the Indians. As for you Thomas, Your mother and father were fraudulent. And so are you. To post that you both need to be taught some manners and history is, not worth it. I will say you both are just another couple of warts on society. Dumbass couple of warts. I've got something you can rest your chins on, but it's not a fraud.

  • Plt Sergeant Chee

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    Or, is Obama an unhappy Haffreekun.

  • Plt Sergeant Chee

    Is haffreekun a bad word?

  • Questionman

    You are all disgusting racist a s s e s! “(Yes, the right-wing is comprised of hate-filled racist misogynists, and) homophobic liars!

    President Obama’s accomplishments include: graduating from Columbia University, Harvard Law School, President of Harvard Law Review, US Senate, US President, Nobel Prize winner, etc., all of which you could only dream of. Many people in the world, except perhaps in your racists infested country, respect this guy.

    Good Lord, what a hate-filled, pompous, self-loathing ass. So afraid of strong, intelligent black men and women like the Obamas. He has to tear them down in order to feel superior. What a little twit.

    This editorial is a joke. Mr Obama has the "audacity" to tell the American people the truth. We need to fix a badly broken political-economic system that caters to those with financial clout. Instead of sugar-coating a "Morning in America" "greed is GOOD" fantasy/disaster that LEAD to this crisis, he is actually trying to SOLVE problems. That is considered being negative in some quarters



    • Artie

      Couldn't agree more. The hatred is said. Like it or not, I'd rather hear Barack sing than Mitt.

    • lmfao financial grad

      nice grammar. next time a 23 yr student says your a nut job, maybe you will listen…oh and Obama's accomplishments ..lmfao,…really, sorry, thank god I am leaving America for the next 3 years,…I'll see what year 4 could pronounce,

  • cj mazza

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    • Alan

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  • forest for the trees

    You all sound like you hate America. And you are because you are hating each other. Both sides drank the cool aid of the media! What does hating America mean anyway? I hate root canals and nuts on my ice cream, but HOW does one HATE America???!!! It just seems like a weird descriptor. Oh well – we’ll beat all of this evil with unity. As Americans.

  • christopher

    now that time has passed since your post do you still feel the same?