Obama Legalizes Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption

by Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

On the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday, Barack Obama broke a campaign pledge and signed a bill legalizing the slaughter of American horses for human consumption.

Congress banned the slaughter of horses in 2006 by withholding funding for inspectors. A handful of Congressmen removed the amendment from a mandatory spending bill that arrived on the president’s desk just before Thanksgiving.

Obama quietly signed the bill on November 18, despite having promised to maintain the ban at all costs during the 2008 campaign. Asked in a questionnaire, “Will you support legislation…to institute a permanent ban on horse slaughter and exports of horses for human consumption,” Obama simply responded, “Yes.”

Horse slaughter plants are now planned in at least eight states, including Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Missouri, Nebraska, and Georgia.

Already more than 100,000 American horses are slaughtered each year,
including 10,000 Thoroughbreds.

Horses are regularly administered drugs that are unsafe for human consumption. For example, equine pain is often treated with Phenylbutazone (or “bute”), a carcinogen the FDA banned for human use after observing regular “toxic reactions,” such as “blood dyscrasias, including aplastic anemia, leukopenia, agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia, and deaths.”

Nonetheless, horse meat is considered a delicacy in France, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Vickery Eckhoff of Forbes documented the suffering horses endure during the transportation process alone….

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35 comments to Obama Legalizes Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption

  • This is a good thing. Too many horses are being mistreated after they can’t be used anymore. People need to realize that just like cattle, horses are animals and a food source. Because of drought conditions and poor economic times many horse owners are not able to feed and pay veterinary bills for their horses and therefore the horse is left to forage for it’s own food and ends up emaciated and starved in a pasture. This isn’t fair treatment of animals, and it’s definitely nor humane. Also, think of the jobs that will be created by opening these plants. As long as these plants aren’t government owned, I must admit that this will create jobs and in a small way stimulate the economy.

    • Sara

      I agree that horse slaughter is good. There are far too many unwanted horses that are starving, wandering, and reproducing poor quality offspring. The close of the slaughter houses wreaked havoc on the equine industry. Good horses wouldn't sell for dirt cheap prices because there were so many people giving away free horses. I have to say that legalizing slaughter FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION is way too far. O'Bama has really gone off the deep end with this one.

      • Nicole

        First of all- In regards to the reproducing poor quality offspring- there is problem number 1. It us as people who should not breed horses if they are not wanted!! There wouldn't be poor quality offspring if people didn't breed every back yard stud and then "not be able" to care for the offspring and dump them at auctions!!! The bottom line is horse slaugher is in-humane and we as Americans do NOT eat their meat! If more people would take the responsibility for their animals then we would not have this problem to begin with!

    • Christy

      With your logic then I suppose we should also kill and eat all the humans that are homeless, starving, mistreated and left emaciated…..So your only answer to the problem is to kill and eat them? You really have a small mind…..

    • Terre

      Horse slaughter in any sense is NOT GOOD. Horses are not meant for human consumption. Today's horses are pets they have feelings and a purpose. Yes I said PETS….They are also given medicines, 6 month inoculations, wormers, bute, banimine etc. This is good for human consumption……If you cannot care for your horse the right thing to do is euthinize don't send them to a horrible death. There are several organizations out there who will help you find homes for your horses. I agree it is better then what they have endured going to Canada and Mexico it is inhumane of what these poor animals have been subjected too. There are several other food sources HORSE in NOT one. Wake up America.

    • nancy

      Did you not read the article? Horses bred in the US are not fir for human consumption. How are they a food source if we cant eat them?

  • I hate Obama, but to me, the government has no business telling us which animals we can and can't eat. So, count this as the second action, ever, that I approve that Obama's done, the first one being the order to kill those three Somali pirates when they had an American hostage.

  • Carol

    Is this man so totally insane we have this problem in Miami and it is horrible to see these horses killed illegally but now he legalized it there will more of this and what happened to a promise is a promise.

  • Amber

    why the hell would anyone want to eat a horse?! people are just sick!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rooster

    I'm Libertarian on this issue. I do not think it's the governments business to tell us what we can or cannot eat. I would not recommend eating anything that's treated with dangerous chemicals or drugs, but "slaughter" is a vegan argument. If it's not okay to "slaughter" horses (except for the harmful drug issue), then how is it okay to "slaughter" cows, chickens, turkeys, sheep, etc.? Since I'm an omnivore, I eat meat. How would a horse burger differ from a buffalo burger? It doesn't. What makes this wrong is that Congress and the Traitor-in-Chief are telling us what we can or cannot eat.

  • You’ve probably ate horsemeat before and just didn’t know it. Why should we care if the liar in cheif breaks his promise. He hasn’t ever told the truth. You can make good glue and sell the Frenchies all the horsemeat they can eat. Hayburners are expensive and aggravating.

  • A shallow and ill researched screed worthy of PETA.

    The only real story here is Obama trying to jump in and take credit for congress repealing a mess they had ill advisedly made.

  • Vivi Andersen

    This man is a disgrace for America !!

    Sorry, Good Friends !

  • Ken Dick

    Great, that’s what we need. More cancer in the food chain. What’s next fool , dogs??

  • Rocky

    Have to keep the foreign culture living in America well fed. No inspection here, just win, place and show. This old cowboy will never eat horsemeat !

  • Linda

    What's next cats and dog????????????????????Grandma????????????

  • Bill

    Why not list the congress members that supported this instead of just Obama? He didn't introduce it, just signed it hidden within other spending allocation.

  • Alex

    To anyone in support of this, are you crazy? Do you know the torture they put horses through when they slaughter them? It is truly sick. These people make it so the horse's last moments are filled with agony. These animals have done nothing but be faithful to us! What right do we have to do this? And to eat a horse, disgusting. These animals are treasures to some people (like me) I don't know how I would cope with my dad's recent death without them. (keep in mind, I'm only a teen) My horse gives me something to look forward to every day. Some people may not understand it, but horses mean THE WORLD to me. This is wrong. And if a horse ends up "emaciated and starved in a pasture," the right thing is not to kill him the way these people do, because they kill them as if they are objects with nothing to sense pain and fear, but to humanely put them down. That way they don't suffer. I can't even think of a word that could describe how terrible I would feel if it was MY horse being slaughtered like this. I'm crying just thinking about it. And to think, this torture is now legal? That appals me.

  • Sean

    Hold on, how is this Obama's fault, exactly? Did he write the bill? No. Did both the House of Representatives AND the Senate pass the bill by a huge majority of both republicans and democrats? I'm not sure the people at exposeobama.com actually know how a bill becomes a law in this country…

    • watching/ waiting

      I never thought that America would come to this
      inhumanity to animals.

      This is truly the bottom of the pit of hell.

      Lord, take us out of this wretched world.

  • horses123

    Come on!! this is just a bad choice!!!!!!!!!!! I mean horses have a life and yes there are many places you could send your horse and find a home for it, instead of sending it to a slaughter house. just sayin'.

  • Just another example of a Camel Jockey trying to bring his childhood meals to America. How did this undocumented alien every become our President? I guess the absentee ballots from his overseas friends turned the tide. Now you would expect to run for the president of the United States you would need a verified birth certificate and be able to produce the Passport you used to travel as a youth to get your Muslin training, but I guess not. No photos of him in school when he was a kid in Hawaii and no one has come forward that remembers him as a classmate. Where is the FBI background check or do they only do that to the regular citizens who post on these blogs?

  • umi moriko

    horses are not meant to be eaten. the were meant to live freely in the wild but us humans think we can take them and force them to do all the work we want done then the people think we can just kill them after we use them just like a peace of trash. if people dont want them we should get a big peace of land that includes mountains rivers and grass and let them run free like they should be doing anyway.

  • Andrea

    Seriously to all you people supporting this…I think your disgusting….we kill enough animals already for meat consumption…we need to add horses..watch of video of how horses are slaughtered…it is the true meaning of torture…they are not killed in a quick and humane way..horses are beautiful animals…so majestic…Why don't you look into a mirror and find your soul….and as far as Obama…he made a campain promise to ban horse slaughter permanently….it doesnt matter who introduced the bill…he should of kept his promise and NOT signed it….but…he is a FRAUD after all!~

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  • Kayla

    This is just disguesting. Horses aren't for eating, and everyone needs to open their eyes and see that.

  • julie landmichael

    i am from belguim, and i eat horses meat,,it was just a other meat ,,till i grow up and realized how cruel it is is they way they killed animals heinous act ,,they are barbaric way in mexico ,canada usa, belguim why make the animals suffer ,, is all about Moneyall the killing now for 55 years i did not eathorses meat,,anymore ,, and know i stop eating meat all togheter we are going to pay for the killing, torturing animals ,, did you see a article some men rent a farm and have sex with animals kill most of them but one try to have sex with a horse and he got killed i thinks the horses sit on him good for hime sick mind cretins,sick bastard unleashing their paranoia on defendless animals,,,i am glad the babarc monster died one less abuseron this earth

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  • tomenttatet

    ha. not bad )

  • The European Union Report in Mexico for 2011 shows us that because of slaughter there are slaughter rejects. Horses that get to travel all the way across the country to the Mexican Border or to any slaughter house and be rejected for human consumption because the horses get sick en-route or have the wrong paper work because they were stolen or drug tainted, many many reasons. What do you think a kill buyer does with horses he/she can't sell? Dump! That's right dump. Governor Martinez of NM knows it, now you know it. Google up the EU Report in Mexico for 2011. Of the 58,000 horses sent, 19,000 were rejected. hey are dumped along the border, at ranches, on tribal lands, most everyone pushing for slaughter knows it. But Gov Martinez and her pro-slaughter troops are blaming this phenomenon onto who? Poor people, yep, the 47% !! Poor people and Indians. It's all their fault! Like heck it is. It is because of Proximity to slaughter. Gov Martinez wants to Blame the Slaughter House on the Poor New Mexicans and Indians. This Blame Game and the Slaughter of horses is despicable and she will not get elected for President because if she does not ban slaughter, we will not have her for President. Period.

  • nancy

    Horse slaughter is inhumane. The issue of irresponsible horse ownership is a completely separate issue. While it needs to be addressed, we cannot confuse the two. How could anybody think it's reasonable to make taxpayers fund the USDA's involvement in horse slaughter, when 80% of Americans oppose it? It's insane. Our horses in the US are not able to be consumed because of the drugs they take thoughout their lives, so what horse meat does Obama think is edible. Does this mean that we will be raising horses as a food source now? Who's going to eat it? Horses are part of the fabric of America. they helped us pioneer the wild west, plowed our farms, won our hearts winning or losing the greatest horse races in the world, and have been loyal and true companions. To think that they will be sent to slaughter, the most cruel and inhumane death imaginable, only means that we have gone backwards in our evolution. Obama should hold his head in shame for bringing this issue back from the dead. We've fought and won this battle before. We'll do it again. I dont know how he sleeps at night, knowing that he flat out lied about supporting this ban. Shame, shame, shame.

  • julie landmichael

    no Obama, not the horses,but yet, driving them to mexico,is worst because they killed them horrible way ,,do as canada why not giving themthe pills or spay them in the wild, instead of kill everything human race is mostly a disgraceso please do something to stop the holocaust of animals,