Video: Ayers, Yeah I Totally Held Fundraiser for Obama

13 comments to Video: Ayers, Yeah I Totally Held Fundraiser for Obama

  • Ewright

    The way you can tell if this administration is lying is if their lips are moving. I believe they are incapable of telling the truth about ANYTHING !

    • Carol

      I think you are so right but what makes me ill they just keep on lying with a straight face and the worse part they truely think we are stupid to believe them.

  • Carol

    I just wish with all of heart that these liars would read one book and book alone and they wouldn't start lying because of what this book says:

    Read this today: Oh, Bother! SOMEONE'S FIBBING! Story by Betty Birney Illustrated by Sue DiCicco

    This book is important to ALL children no matter the age and adults that seem to forget what happens when you lie.

  • Mark

    Typical Liberal/Democrat diatribe. There is no truth, no honesty, no character in these people. Unfortunately, that also includes a large portion of Republicans – RINOS, Neos, Progressives…
    Please God, let a solid LEADER show up soon?!?!?

  • ItsJo

    Obama, along with his "hidden past", along with his Terrorist friends-Ayres and wife, along with his corrupt Chicago pals(mostly leftover 60's radical hippies, along
    with his accepting campaign funds from other countries, and his 'mouthpieces'-is
    with Soros pulling his puppet strings as the puppet master, has, is, and will ALWAYS be just a con man, who pulled off the biggest con in American history, by
    being foisted onto our Republic, with ALL the crooked people who backed this liar,
    and worse, people like Matthews and the rest of the LapDog Media, who helped hide Obama's questionable past, are ALL COMPLICIT IN AMERICA'S DEMISE BY THIS FRAUD. THANKS MATTHEWS, ETAL. – GREAT JOB AS YOU DUMMIES GOT CONNED BY THE BIGGEST LIAR OF ALL- OBAMA, THE MESSIAH.

  • TaterSalad

    I'm also thinking that Ayers, Bernadine, Obama, along with Michelle had a Choomgang party while they were fundraising.

  • Rooster

    Robert Gibbs is, like the Obamanation, a lying, stuttering idiot—with no intention to insult people who stutter—just these two idiots.

    I saw a 2O12 (not 2012) sticker on a car window today. It had the little Obama "O"—which I believe is code for "this is your brain on drugs." What other reason could anyone have at this point in time—knowing what we all now know—to vote for this traitor?

  • karen

    Worst President EVER, Most Corrupt Administration EVER, THROW "EM ALL OUT!!! Everytime I watch or hear any of these Damn Dems I feel like I have to get de-loused. DIRTY DIRTY POLITICS. Both parties have sold us out. I'm for GOVT REFORM!!!

  • Sunny97478

    Counting the days until this corrupt, lying LOSER is finished. November 6, 2012!

    It can't come soon enough!

  • Larry

    this is just another example of how many Marksist Socialist in power who are covering for him. and even better reason we need to have a good house cleaning and get rid of all of them in all forms and levels of government. they have all exposed them selfs to who they are and what they intend. Like the clening of the communist in Hollywood by the government during the big war. We need to round all of these idiots up and ship them out to a country they are inclined to be like. Hay europe got room for some more commrades? America is tired of them you can send part to Russia, France, or any other Socialist country just get them out of ours.

  • lmfao. look at a country that has smoked blunt for 50 yrs and it is easy to see how a moonbat thinks. OMG, it was so easy for the commies to weazle in. Send all our good american geneology into war to lessen reproduction of the smart and brave so that tards like harriest reid can be a senate butt plug. That is what congress is , ask bwarney frank. lmao. How bout that Hank Paulsen slipping the 411 to wall st and congress buying on the legislature being decided. How Sweet It Is. Makes a poor worker want to get out the vote for the most popular politician again. right. I am so ashamed to be part of The Republican party GOP for abandoning Herman Cain, but I dont want the marxist again.

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