Obama Makes Fraudulent Affirmative Action Pick Head of Army Drill Sergeant School

Kevin “Coach” Collins, FloydReports.com

The Command Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army’s Drill Sergeant School (DSS) has been suspended from duty, and the Army is working overtime to smother the story.

An investigative report by militarycorruption.com (MCC) has uncovered the story Army brass would love to keep secret. According to MCC, which specializing in exposing stories about our military the mainstream media and official channels won’t talk about, the Command Sergeant Major of the Army’s Drill Sergeant’s School (DSS) Teresa King has been charged with a variety of violations of Army regulations.

Sergeant Major Teresa King is an African-American who will be 50 years old this year. She is divorced, has no children, and has been in the Army for 31 years. Upon taking command of the DSS on September 22, 2009, King became the first female ever to hold that position.

On paper, Sergeant Major King sounds like an ideal soldier and well qualified to be in such an important slot in the Army’s training structure. Nevertheless, once the “paper” is turned over, questions about why she was selected abound.

Reports from MCC’s on the ground correspondents say King’s suspension from duty was prompted by her heavy drinking, sexual relationship with a lower ranking enlisted soldier, and the fact that at least one of the college degree she listed on her resume is from a schools deemed to be diploma mill.

Almeda College where King lists as the school from which she was granted a Master’s degree in business management, has been closed by legal action in both Florida and Idaho because it was declared a fake institution.

Another embarrassing element of King’s persona – which she has built around a “sergeant no slack” façade — is the fact that in spite of her tough talk, she has never been in a combat zone, which makes gaining the respect of her battle-hardened veteran students difficult at best.

Given the facts of this case, it appears the Army looked before it leaped. It saw an opportunity for a Politically Correct, Affirmative Action “twofer” in this appointment. Top commanders were blinded by a chance to point to an African-American woman’s promotion and pat themselves on the back….

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4 comments to Obama Makes Fraudulent Affirmative Action Pick Head of Army Drill Sergeant School

  • Don39

    Based on my own military carreer , I can attest that this is nothing new. Infact I lost a position and ultimately a notch on a career much the same way in my Army career, due to being passed over for a less experinced and less qualified female with a lot of things hushed up issues. One example ,assume all other things equall, I had 2+ years in combat and was well decorated for valor and meritorious service, she was neither.

    The military is not having a recruitment crises only because the economy is in the toilet and there are no jobs, if and when that happens , our soldiers will leave in droves. And recruting will not keep pace, at least not quality recruiting.

  • carlos

    affirmative action blacks thugs that how they get ahead not fair to other races beat the thug obama in nov.

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  • Demetris

    Are you guys serious? I really refuse to believe that President Obama "hand-selected" her for that job, trust me it's beneath him. Affirmative Action started in the 1960's under the "Johnson Administation". That's was when Black and other minorities were drafted and couldn't even vote. How soon we forget? This is an internal problem that the Army need to investigate properly, thoroughly, and carefully. Most definately not a "Race Problem". I'm also a proud Republican and combat veteran. I'll stop supporting affirmative action, only once we have put an end to nepotism aka "Good Ole' Boy, hooking up the Wrong Ole' Fella…and in this case, Gal"! Affiirmative Action "was" created for a right to equal education to level the playing field and give everyone a fair chance. And only heavens know what three-ring circus we have turned it into now. I've learned one thing in my lifetime, sometimes "it best to open your mind, once you can can shut your mouth. May GOD bless America!