Connecticut Congressman, Town told, “Impeach Obama”

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

On January 9, John Karlson wrote the following letter to the editor of The Newton Bee of Newton, Connecticut, demanding President Barack Obama be impeached. He doubled his letter’s impact by sending it first to his congressman, Rep. Chris Murphy, a Democrat:

To the Editor:

The following letter was sent to Congressman Murphy this date.

Dear Congressman Murphy:

I request you start impeachment hearings on the President of the United Sates, under Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution.

As you know, President Obama superseded the Constitution by appointing people without the approval of the Senate. Per the Senate, they were in session. This is the same Senate that was in session for the passage of the Payroll Extension Tax, passed during “informal” session.

Congressman, this is an illegal and impeachable offense.

You also took an oath to uphold the Constitution, and I ask you to uphold your oath of office by starting said impeachment hearings.

Thanking you in advance,

John Karlson

Mr. Karlson is in good company in his assessment that Obama’s “recess” appointments are illicit, illegal, indefensible, and an impeachable offense.

To defend himself, Obama’s political appointees at the Office of Legal Counsel’s rolled out a servile “legal defense” for the actions, which Todd Gaziano of the Heritage Foundation described as “at times, frankly, embarrassing.” Gaziano, a former counsel in OLC, wrote, “Most of the lengthy legal opinion is not on point, since it addresses the use of the recess appointment power when the Senate really is in recess for 21 days or so.”

In fact, this view is shared by the Obama administration itself — and sworn in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. In 2010, Obama’s Deputy Solicitor General Neal Katyal — the assistant to Elena Kagantold Chief Justice John Roberts, “The — the recess appointment power can work in — in a recess. I think our office has opined the recess has to be longer than 3 days. And — and so, it is potentially available to avert the future crisis that — that could — that could take place with respect to the board. If there are no other questions.”

The nomination process was no better than the nominees. Lachlan Markay writes in The Washington Examiner that one of the NLRB appointees, Richard Griffin, helped International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 150 hide its corruption and was associated with another IUOE chapter whose malfeasance may have added $100 million to Ground Zero costs.

This letter, and so many others like it, prove more Americans across the land believe this president must be stopped.

If you have written or spoken out for impeachment, tell me about it.

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