Judge Rules Obama Must Prove Presidential Eligibility In Georgia Courtroom

Doug Book, CoachIsRight.com

barack obama slide8372 Judge Rules Obama Must Prove Presidential Eligibility In Georgia Courtroom On Thursday

For those who have waited 3 years for a judge to finally rule that Barack Hussein Obama must prove that he is legally and Constitutionally qualified to run for or serve as President of the United States, the day may have come at last.

For on Friday, Georgia State Office of Administrative Hearings Judge Michael Malihi ruled that subpoenas demanding the presence of Barack Obama in his Georgia courtroom on January 26th along with the original form of his Hawaii birth certificate and information on his myriad Social Security numbers will remain in force.

Obama ‘s attorney Michael Jablonski had filed a motion to quash those subpoenas, arguing if Obama were made to answer questions before the court it would “…[require] him to interrupt duties as President of the United States…”  (1)

It was also Obama’s claim that “presidential electors and Congress, not the State of Georgia, hold the Constitutional responsibility for determining the qualifications of presidential candidates.” (1)

Well Judge Malihi did not agree with Obama’s arguments that the laws of the State of Georgia were somehow irrelevant to the process, or that

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3 comments to Judge Rules Obama Must Prove Presidential Eligibility In Georgia Courtroom

  • Don

    Since Obama probably won't show up to court tomorrow, the judge should put out a arrest warrant for the President if he ever steps into Georgia. He show also order the Secretary of State of Georgia to take Obama off the ballot in that state since by the very fact that Obama won't defend himself he must be guilty.

    • ITSJO

      Good idea Don. This fraud, needs to be called out, but as usual, he is stonewalling with his 'team of attorneys that have quashed many cases filed against Obama". There are people who say, well, he's our POTUS, so what? So what? So if he is NOT qualified he has comitted many acts against our Republic, which is trouble Big Time. He needs to PROVE who he is, and where he came from-No more dancing around these issues and continuation of his "Hidden Past"

  • Bloodless Coup

    OBAMA ELIGIBILITY HEARING TO BE BROADCAST LIVE ‘Complicit media ignoring all calls for honest reporting on the issue’