Justice Dept. Backs Down Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Dr. Jerome Corsi, WND.com

In its developing battle with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio over alleged violations of the civil rights of Hispanics, the Justice Department appears to have blinked, backing away from an earlier threat to take the Arizona lawman to federal court immediately.

Now, the DOJ suddenly wants to talk.

Still, the Civil Rights Division under the direction of Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez has made it clear that the DOJ has no intent of proving its charges, as Arpaio has demanded.

In an email sent to WND on Jan. 5, the DOJ stated, “If MCSO wants to debate the facts instead of fixing the problems stated in our findings, we will do so by way of litigation.”

Yet, in a six-page letter delivered to Arpaio’s office Wednesday, Perez appeared to have softened his position by offering to talk, rather than going to court immediately.

“We stand ready to meet, answer questions and discuss a resolution with you and your client immediately.” Perez wrote to the sheriff’s office’s outside counsel, Joseph J. Popolizio.

In the proposed meetings, nevertheless, Perez made it clear the DOJ has no intent of showing or debating any of its alleged evidence.

“The nature and extent of the document request suggests that your real goal is not ‘transparency’ and ‘cooperation,’ but rather further delay,” Perez wrote.

Arpaio was not amused.

“I’ll be happy to meet with DOJ anytime,” Arpaio told WND. “But I believe we have a right to see the evidence DOJ says they have against us and to defend ourselves against the charges.”

Arpaio bristled that Perez presumed the charges were valid, simply because the DOJ investigated his office.

“What about our right to see the evidence and confront our accusers?” Arpaio asked.

As WND reported, some Arpaio supporters point to evidence that the Obama DOJ has launched a political campaign against the sheriff in retaliation for his decision to constitute a Cold Case Posse to investigate Obama eligibility for the Arizona ballot this fall.

Before assuming his current position with the DOJ, Perez was a board director for Casa de Maryland, a Hispanic advocacy group affiliated with the radical national organization La Raza.

In 2007, as Maryland’s labor secretary, Perez joined students to urge the Maryland legislature to approve a bill granting in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens, according to the Washington Post.

La Raza even today holds the extreme view that the United States should, as a minimum, concede back to Hispanic rule major portions of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

WND has also reported that the DOJ appears to be coordinating its actions with Randy Parraz, a California-born activist/attorney who has relocated in Arizona with the announced goal of masterminding a Saul Alinsky series of 1960-styled political protests designed to force the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to ask for Arpaio’s resignation.

“I have no intention of resigning,” Arpaio affirmed to WND.

Arpaio has announced his attention to seek a sixth term as Maricopa County sheriff in the upcoming November elections…..

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  • Bloodless Coup

    No surprize, they didn't have anything of substance to charge him with to start with.

  • Bloodless Coup

    I sure hope Sheriff Joe didn't cut a quid pro quo deal with the DOJ viz a viz Obama's eligibility investigation.

  • stevor

    Holder and Obama ought to be thrown in jail. Let's help get them there first by getting rid of Barry.
    Get people to look at the FAKE birth certificate that Barry has online. Use this link. Zoom in as much as possible and look at the "1" on the end of the serial number being different/pasted in. Look at the "signature" at the bottom where there's a "nose", "eye" and "laughing mouth" on the "A" of "Alvin", the mouth LAUGHING at all the folks who think Barry is for real:

    It will take less than a minute to confirm what I say. He's already off the Georgia ballot for not going to court there. Get him off the rest of the states!

  • Bloodless Coup

    An Article Worth Reading

    Dishonest Republicans, Gutless Conservative Media & the Collapse of a Corrupt Political System – PE

  • JIM


    • ItsJo

      EXACTLY. We stand behind you Sheriff Joe, as the ONLY one who Obama and the Crooked Holder have NOT been able to "silence or intimidate". Stand strong, watch your back, and we all pray for you Sheriff Joe. This crooked, fraudulent regime needs to be exposed and YOU, are the one to do it. Too bad, we have wimps in Congress that don't stand behind your findings and start impeachment proceedings. Only Issa stands up against these frauds.