Judge Malihi Rules Obama Eligible To Be On Georgia Ballot

Barack Obama7317 Judge Malihi Rules Obama Eligible To Be On Georgia Ballot

An administrative law judge in Georgia today ruled that Barack Obama’s name can be on the state’s 2012 presidential election ballot because he was born in Hawaii, is “native born” and thus also is “natural born” as required by the Constitution.

He cited a little-known determination by an Indiana judge.

“The Indiana court determined that a person qualifies as a natural born citizen if he was born in the United States because he became a United States citizen at birth,” wrote Michael Malihi, an administrative law judge in Atlanta.

“For the purposes of this analysis, this court considered that President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Therefore, as discussed in Arkeny, he became a citizen at birth and is a natural born citizen.”

Read more at World Net Daily. By Bob Unruh.

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6 comments to Judge Malihi Rules Obama Eligible To Be On Georgia Ballot

  • Maureen

    I'm in shock and so disappointed that the United States of America has lost her CONSTITUTION and Rule of Law by the stroke of a signature. What in the world was he threatened with in his WRONG decision? My ancestors would be turning over in their graves to know that their fighting, giving us these rights, was in vain 256 years later. It is amazing how power and greed can bring down the once leading power in the World. God Help Us/In God We Trust

  • lethrneck

    Another judge bought by the cretins in the White House. No wonder our national debt keeps growing, paying all those 'on the hook' judges certainly can get expensive AND WE'RE PAYING IN OUT OF OUR TAX MONEY.
    My God, is there an honest person left in our government? No wonder Obama smiles all the time; he really has hit the jackpot of the U S Treasury all for himself.

  • You can belive that someone got to the judge. This happened several months ago there was a gentleman on Hannity that controlled the documents in Hawaii to be on the ballot, he moved here to be a Prof. in VA said that there was not a Birth Certificate for OBAMA on file. Now you don't hear anything from him this what I would call CHICAGO POLITICS.
    Theres a lot that points to the fact hes not a citizen.
    I ask you two things.
    One why would he retain a law firm before elected to advise him how to get around the Constitution??
    Two why would he spend a Million Dollars to block proveing that he is a citizen??


  • Derek D

    Since when is an "administrative law judge" the final authority on this type of ruling? Where is the Georgia Supreme Court and why weren't they involved in this. Obama's dad was never an American citizen, his mother wasn't at the time of his birth and oh yes, Barack was born in Mombasa, Kenya with his grandmother present in the delivery room. His alleged Hawaiian birth certificate is a layered forgery, dissimilar to all others of infants born in Hawaii at that time. When Obama was running for the Senate, he addressed a bunch of college kids in Illinois and admitted that he was not an American citizen, and didn't need to be to run for the Senate. Where is this video now? Covered up, like everything else. Barack's objective is to destroy our economy, our capitalistic system and facilitate an Islamic jihad, followed by an ultimate Muslim takeover of our country. He is now, and always has been a Muslim, lying about that like everything else. Whatta guy, only in America could the "Manchurian Candidate" come true.

  • Bloodless Coup

    DoD Sec. Panetta: American Citizens can be Executed without Due Process by Obama's Order Alone

  • vladdy

    I agree that there have to be mortal threats involved for something this easily provable and available to the masses to be admitted to, and then denied and covered up, by one authority after another.