Thanks A Lot Georgia, For Shredding Our Constitution

O eligibility Thanks A Lot Georgia, For Shredding Our Constitution

On Friday, February 3, 2012 the death knell of America the Beautiful tolled across the fifty states and around the world. An administrative judge in the state of Georgia rewrote the Constitution and ruled in favor of putative president Barack Hussein Obama declaring him a Natural Born Citizen and eligible to be on their state ballot.

Our rule of law is no more. Our Constitution is no more. Obama, Soros, state media, activist judges and all the ‘powers that be’ of a New World Order sealed our fate. The United States is a land of liberty no more.
When Georgia State Judge Michael M. Malihi released his shocking ruling we were stunned. This couldn’t possibly be true. On the eve of the hearing Obama’s lawyers had written a thinly- veiled threat letter to Brian Kemp, GA Secretary of State, demanding that Kemp stop Judge Malahi from moving forward with the three lawsuits challenging Obama’s eligibility to be on the state ballot. This letter followed another sent days earlier by Obama’s Atlanta attorney Michael Jablonski to Judge Malihi demanding he stop the January 26th hearing and advised the GA judge that Obama would not be attending anyway citing it would interfere with the president’s duties. Malihi replied quickly to the first letter: the hearing would go on. SOS Kemp responded within 2 hours of receiving his letter stating, “…if you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the OSAH proceedings, please understand that you do so at your own peril.”
At the very least when Obama or his lawyers failed to show up in court a default judgement, earlier considered by the judge, should have denied Obama’s placement on the ballot. Not only did Malihi rule in favor of Obama he completely destroyed the credibility of the plaintiffs, their lawyers, witnesses and evidence that the judge found “unpersuasive.”
Shortly after the devastating ruling, Constitutional Attorney Mario Apuzzo, wrote an editorial entitled, “All That Is Wrong with Georgia State Judge Michael M. Malihi’s Decision.” http:// 2 reads, “The Court held: “For purposes of this analysis, this Court considered that President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Therefore, as discussed in Arkeny [sic meant Ankeny], he became a citizen at birth and is a natural born citizen.”
Paragraph 4: The court did not engage in its own thoughtful and reasoned analysis of the meaning of an Article II “natural born Citizen,” but rather relied only upon Ankeny v. Governor of the State of Indiana, 916 N.E.2d 678 (Ind. Ct.App. 2009), transfer denied, 929 N.E.2d 789 (2010), a state-court decision which erred in how it defined a “natural born Citizen.”
This little known ruling that was undoubtably proffered up by Obama’s dream team of lawyers piqued my curiosity. Why Indiana? Isn’t that the state where they found dozens if not hundredsof faked signatures used to place Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the state’s Democratic primary ballot?
Excerpted from “Several pages from petitions used to qualify Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the state’s Democratic primary contain names and signatures that appear to have been copied by hand from a petition for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jim Schellinger. The petitions were filed with the Indiana Election Division after the St. Joseph County Voter Registration Office verified individuals’ information on the documents.”
The state media will not report on “birther’ issues but I scoured the headlines looking for coverage anyway and my heart leaped when I saw on Yahoo! News an AP headline that read, “Indiana election chief found guilty of voter fraud, other charges; faces removal from office” As I read my heart sank lower and lower. This had nothing to do with democrat voter fraud and everything to do with getting rid of a republican election official. No doubt with trumped-up charges. The transparency was so obvious and the statement at the end of the article clinched it. Indiana was setting up a fail-safe system to steal the election for Obama: “A Marion County judge has ruled that White should be replaced by Democrat Vop Osili, the man he defeated by about 300,000 votes in the November 2010 election, but that ruling is on hold pending an appeal. Attorney Karen Celestino-Horseman, who watched the trial and spoke on behalf of Indiana Democrats following the verdict, said the party believes White’s conviction further affirms that Osili should be secretary of state. “(White) has been convicted, but the judge has left it open for misdemeanor sentencing. That’s something that’s going to have to be examined,” she said. During his closing arguments, assistant special prosecutor Dan Sigler Jr. argued that White knew that he was committing voter fraud but did it anyway for political power. “If we aren’t going to enforce election law against the secretary of state of Indiana, who are we going to enforce it against?” Sigler said.”
In the Epilogue of my book, Memoirs of a Community Organizer from Hawai’i http:// is another damning implication for Indiana: “Through private investigators and skip-tracers associated with birthersummit.org we learned that Obama’s Kenyan family members’ Social Security numbers were issued around the same time as his. When Obama’s long-lost “Uncle Omar” was arrested for drunk driving, he was exposed as an illegal alien but has a valid Social Security number. Digging deeper they found it was assigned in the late 1970’s as was a Social Security number for Obama’s half-aunt, Zeituni Onyango, who had also been issued a deportation order but was allowed to stay when she surfaced in government-subsidized housing collecting welfare in Boston, MA. Zeituni’s Social Security number begins with a prefix reserved for residents of Indiana, but there is no evidence she ever lived in or even visited the state.”


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29 comments to Thanks A Lot Georgia, For Shredding Our Constitution

  • Alexandra Mark

    I don't believe there is a judge in this country with the courage to rule against Obama's eligibility, no matter how he personally felt. He would value his life and liberty too much to go up against the Obama machine. Considering Obama's lack of respect for our Constitution, is anyone really surprised? What's surprising is that the issue got this far. It's going to feel like a long time until 2013 and the end of the reign of King Obama. Actually he lives like a king but rules like a dictator.
    There's a lesson in this whole thing, and I think a lot of people have missed it: You can't have Utopia here on earth; ask Mark Levin.

    • ccfonten

      I fear you are exactly correct. I shudder to think what will happen if (1) odumbo gets a second term…watch all our freedoms and rights go down the drain; or (2) he gets voted out and the riots begin.
      Either way, some very, very rough times are coming for our beloved country.

  • Nancy

    I have no hope for this country. The Chicago thugs and mafia are running it and will bribe or threaten anyone standing in their way. What a pity for the millions of Americans who are patriots and love this country and believe in our Constitution!

    • Carol

      Nancy I have never ever been scared to live in this wonderful country but I am now for the first time in my life.

      • dbkaczor

        what kind of country will this be after obamacare is made law of the land? we will see our educated people moving to other countries to take jobs there. that will happen. the u.s. will turn into a cesspool. if obama has another 4 years, i will consider this country lawless and every man for himself.

    • TRS

      Actually Nancy –theres alot of dirty cops tasing citizens for no good reason–the mob is the mob—the guys in the white hats shouldnt be ruining struggling middle class citizens with trumped up,money generating charges–take it from experience–family man here with a wife and 6 year old son.

  • Carol

    I guess Georgia is one yellow state and didn't or couldn't stand up to this horrible horrible man if it were anyone else who tried this trick they would be in prison.

    I guess this drug dealer and druggy put the presure on Georgia and the entire state blinked he must be very proud of themselves.

    • Old Army 67

      Most Georgia citizens are armed and ready. Save your Confederate Money…it is worth more than that which is currently being printed and the SOUTH Shall rise again..think Ron Paul of TEXAS!

  • edodaniel

    Hopefully this will lead to an immediate appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court. A reversal there would be good news and much more likely to encourage other States to remove Obama/Soetoro from the ballots and might even allow some light to be shed on things such as Indonesian citizenship, Scholarship to Oxidental granted to an Indonesian citizen, Social security numbers for him and his illegal alien relatives here in the states being from states they have never been in, etc.

  • Rocky

    Don't blame Georgia for this, THEY didn't do it., It was a liberal Obama Judge !

    The queastion now is, what are WE going to do about it ?

  • Chris

    Yeah there is Judge Napolitano. Wish he were still practicing

  • Just when you think that there was finally a judge with guts, Adolf Obama proves us wrong. I know that our founders of this great nation are spinning in their graves. What is it going to take for us to get back to the country we had when Reagan we our leader?

  • Thomas

    Oh yes your Honor, Barack Husseign Obamadinejad is Supernatural, I swear it.

    Yes, that's right , – he WAS virgin born.

    Thank you your Honor.

  • Guest

    I can't tell you how much pleasure it gives me to watch every conservative idiot here eat his ration of pure shit.

    • JEC

      Let me tell you something Sir. You are protected by The Constitution also and should be very concerned by these troubling events! If this is allowed to continue I swear that the day will come that you too will curse the name Barak Obama!

    • ccfonten

      You have no business posting your vileness ….the right to free speech…..but not the right to throw your sick vulgarity around. You are not welcome here.

    • dbkaczor

      this one sentence shows us the ugliness of your soul. you are the type of person that should have been aborted under the new obamacare.

  • Wheather you like this or not this is still unbelievable.

  • JIM

    when the C/W starts people like this judge and the cowards who refuse to uphold the constitution should be the first ones weeded out

  • Bloodless Coup

    DoD Sec. Panetta: American Citizens can be Executed without Due Process by Obama's Order Alone

  • watching and waiting

    We are finding that Malihi's heritage is Iranian.

    And Georgia will be receiving the "gift" of
    two nuclear plants.

    When they begin to execute patriots,
    that is when the revolution (think French Revolution)
    will begin in earnest.

    There are millions and millions of us who are
    true Americans… compared to oh.. maybe a million or two
    of the infiltrated illegals, muslims, and communists,
    as well as the ignorant so-called "Americans," such
    as the poster on this board, "GUEST"
    (who should really find another country for his residence)

    I truly don't believe that Yankee Americans are going
    to stand by and let Obama's regime fulfill all of its
    plans, including the latest on imprisonment
    and execution without due process of law,
    which is so flagrantly
    anti-Constitutional that most likely it is
    going to cause an uprising and be overturned.

    • ccfonten

      I have looked all over the web for any bio information on this judge. There is practically none. What I fear is what you are saying that he is buds with odumbo from school days and his possible muslim faith may have colored his decision making is most troubling. Would like more information on this judge.

      • dbkaczor

        is he a muslim? then that would explain everything.

        • Bloodless Coup

          There is a strong possibility that Judge Malihi is a Muslim, but there is also a slim chance he could be jewish, Christain, Buddhist or Atheist. No one seems to know for sure. One thing is for certain we know very little about him other than the fact that he is a cowardly traitor.

  • dbkaczor

    i guess 2012 will be the year of the patriot "spring" in america.

  • It's a dirty same there are very few good men left. You know, the ones with principles and the testicular fortitude to stand up for them . . . one day we will wake up and wonder where are freedoms went.

  • Jimmy Dean/TX

    I thought we fiunally found a Judge with BALLS to stand up to OBUMMER, but I guess they must of blackmailed him, because all of a sudden he changed his mind based on what another state court in Indiana had to say!.! WTF!! He's just another wimpy judge AFRAID of the OBAMA Cartel in OFFICE in the USA White House. Kick all of these crooks out of office – we need to IMPEACH – BUT if not come NOV 2012 – We will have REPUBLICANS in ALL THREE Branches, then it will be our turn to fix all of HIS broken agenda that he has implemented!! THEN our country will be the LAND of the FREE and the HOME of the BRAVE once again. AND NOT THE LAND of CROOKED DEMOCRATS – like right now!! OBUMMER your day is coming , you no good for nothing S.O.B. – so be ready, and when they vote you out of office, you better find your REAL birth certificate – or you and your crooked Uncle will be processed and deported back to your home – KENYA!! Presidential IMPERSONATOR!!

  • Wally

    Enough money can buy you anything you want. ANYTHING ! ! !

    This judge was about ready to go down in history as a man who challenged the most corrupt administration in Americas history. No, he will not be remembered even as a footnote in history—at least not fondly. Clearly this judge does not understand his responsibilities or the Constitution as it is written.

    The tenth amendment says a natural born citizen is a child who was born of natural born or legalized parents. By his own admission he was not born of 2 qualified parents, therefore he doesn't meet the qualifications for being president. What is so hard to understand here.????

    The issue in question here was not WHERE obama was born but (— IF IF IF—) he was born a person who qualified as a person eligible for office according to Constitutional Law.

    obama, his own self, said he doesn't qualify to hold office by Americas laws, written more than 200 years ago. He admitted his father did not qualify both in writing and orally, numerous times. Therefore, he admitted he lacked the proper qualifications.

    No matter what side you are on—-the law is easy to understand, But enough money or suggestions of bodily harm tends to make a person more thoughtful. Please enlighten me If I Interpreted Americas Constitutional laws improperly.

    Sorry America
    An embarrassed Georgia boy.