John Boehner To Halt Fast And Furious Investigation, Sell Out To Holder And White House

john boehner orange John Boehner To Halt Fast And Furious Investigation, Sell Out To Holder And White House

Yesterday, Coach is Right published facts concerning an avenue which honest and courageous congressional Republicans might follow in their efforts to bring to justice those responsible for the criminal misadventure of Operation Fast and Furious and its subsequent cover-up.  The following represents current news of a vastly different approach.


Congressman John Boehner, the House Speaker better known for displays of weeping than of courage, is reportedly cutting a deal with Eric Holder which would provide a “mutually satisfactory” outcome in Barack Obama’s criminal, gun running endeavor Operation Fast and Furious.

Months ago, Boehner prevented Darrell Issa filing a charge of perjury against Holder even after documents proved the Attorney General’s May 4th House testimony concerning the date of his first “acquaintance” with Fast and Furious to be an outright lie.  And now the weepy Speaker will OFFICIALLY let the most corrupt Department of Justice head in the nation’s history off the hook for complicity in the Regime’s murderous scheme to savage the 2nd Amendment rights of the American people.

The terms of the betrayal John Boehner is currently putting together:

The Committee will accept the scalps of [Lanny] Breuer and [Jason] Wienstein, DOJ will release enough of the (documents) to condemn them, claim cooperation (thus giving the appearance of recognizing congress’s oversight authority), and Holder will survive – looking like a “leader” for offering them up (along with a few lower level ATF and DOJ folk). The Committee will chalk one in the “Win” column for oversight and holding people accountable. DOJ will have the same for cooperating and accountability.

Lovely, isn’t it!  Hundreds are dead, including two American agents.  One of those dead, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was literally set up for murder by an FBI INFORMANT who, on December 14th of 2010, accompanied and LED the drug cartel rip gang responsible for Terry’s death. The other victim, ICE Agent Jaime Zapata was NOT PERMITTED by LAW to even possess a weapon with which he might have defended himself from his killers!

Yet John Boehner will be pleased to sell them out in order to lay claim to the pathetically comic mantle of a tough-minded Republican leader who brought down 2 Obama Regime, Department of Justice higher-ups. That is, with the approval of the White House, of course.

But in point of fact Boehner will, as usual, simply be doing do what is politically safe and expedient rather than what is RIGHT. He will continue his customary role of bowing and scraping before leftist media and political types who allow useful idiots like himself to remain in positions of strictly limited authority only on condition they make no waves and create no embarrassment for the real ruling class in the nation’s capital.

Are the House committee sources of Mike Vanderboegh–the citizen journalist responsible for so much of what we know of the Fast and Furious scheme and its DOJ sponsored cover-up–right about the looming betrayal to be perpetrated by the Speaker?

We will know by the actions of House leadership and the designated sacrificial lambs in this little exercise of DC collusion.  If Republican leadership demand NO prison time for any of the lambs, the fix is in. If any of those being sold down the river in return for the Regime’s continued ability to escape responsibility actually ARE on the way to jail, yet somehow unable to trade extremely damaging evidence against the DOJ or White House for protected status, we’ll ALSO know the fix is in.

Either way, allowing Eric Holder to stroll scot-free over the graves of Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata would place John Boehner among the most disgraceful and despicable traitors to the American public in our nation’s history. But don’t expect him to shed any tears over such a trifle. Little Johnny isn’t THAT sensitive.

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14 comments to John Boehner To Halt Fast And Furious Investigation, Sell Out To Holder And White House

  • Juanita Rice

    Why is is selling out? I was under the impression that big bucks changed hands over the judge in Atlanta selling out, but Boehner? What can they do to him?

  • stevor

    Boehner is a CRYBABY Boner. Besides, the GOP is just another branch of the Elite's two-party system, which is hardly different from the old Russian system where there's only one choice.

    All of Washington is totally pathetic. There's so much evidence (which is called "conspiracy") exposing what the Elite have done for DECADES and none of our "leaders" will risk going out on a limb to do anything.

    Totally PATHETIC!

    • Mountain Man

      I just sent boehner an e-mail asking/telling/begging him not to do this, but rather to encourage issa to bring charges of Contempt of Congress against holder. I think most us us could be charged with 'contempt' FOR congress'

    • SUSANM


  • Sunny97478

    We have to vote this WUSS OUT in November! We need a Speaker who has the gonads to take on these corrupt Thugs in the Obozo administration! Boehner clearly is a weak sister and a sniveling crybaby!

  • dpugsr

    Only a fool is surprised that Boehner sold out, yet again. He is a RINO from stsrt to finish, I said it when he was running for the leadership and ihav not and will not stop saying it, and I will support anyone that runs to unseat him in the primaries. Make me put my money where my mouth is!!

  • Carol

    Why doesn't not surprise me everyone seems to be in Obama's bed or maybe his name is Barry Soetoro bed or maybe his name is Harrison J Bounel (042-68-4425) of which is a fraud so I guess everyone is a fraud.

  • Thomas

    I forget, which party elected Speaker John Pelsoi?

  • ItsJo

    If this Wimp, Boehner is selling out America on this, then he needs to RESIGN ASAP. We need a speaker who has the balls to end this Corruption, not brush it under the Obama Carpet. If this crybaby can't stand the heat, then why the hell did he want the position? Pelosi in her term showed MORE guts and chutzpa than this guy. If if folds, then he will be ousted. There is NO room for bowing to these crooked people any more. We want Holder OUT, and if they throw the others under the bus, to keep Holder, then Boehner is JUST AS GUILTY, AS THAT LIAR HOLDER AND OBAMA. These Wimps in Congress are NOT looking out for Americans, ONLY THEMSELVES. ISSA SHOULD NOT BE HAMPERED IN THIS INVESTIGATION AND HE SHOULD SUPBOENA ANY ONE HE NEEDS TO HAND DOWN CONVICTIONS.

  • Bloodless Coup

    Only a complete sell out and traitor would do this.

  • Bloodless Coup

    Several States Now Actively Resisting The Indefinite Detention US Citizens

  • Bloodless Coup


    According To A New DHS Report

    If You Love “Individual Liberty” Of If You “Believe In Conspiracy Theories” You Are A Potential Terrorist

  • We need to impeach this pumpkin faced RINO.