Boehner Fast And Furious Sellout Controversy Builds

Eric Holder eyes Boehner Fast And Furious Sellout Controversy Builds

On February 7, 2012, we published a post entitled “John Boehner To Halt Fast And Furious Investigation, Sell Out To Holder And White House.” Congressman Darrell Issa’s office was quick to issue a denial of our story.

Letters to the editor on the post have also filled this editor’s inbox, including this note from Fritz Mehrtens:

Your article, “John Boehner To Halt Fast And Furious Investigation, Sell Out To Holder And White House” was denied by Congressman Issa’s office in conversation with a Tea Party member who I know to be trustworthy. I suggest you review the basis for this entire story and if it is incorrect or suspect replace the article with a correction. We cannot afford to have false reports bouncing around the internet.

Doug Book, author of the original post, is standing by his allegations, and he e-mailed us this response:

Thanks very much for sending this to me. I emailed Mr. Mehrtens and provided the info he requested. Numerous people have commented on various sites, stating they called Boehner’s office and were told the story is untrue. As I told Mr. Mehrtens, I TOO hope it’s untrue! But given Boehner’s history, we’ll have to wait and see.

It appears this story has made the rounds of the internet. It’s possible that Mike Vanderboegh is responsible for so much flack finding its way to John Boehner’s office; the Speaker might be forced to back off his betrayal!!!!!  Now that would REALLY be an example of what we’re all “in business for!”

Also, the post has received mixed reaction in the blogosphere. This post on by Dave Workman caught our attention this morning:

Allegations floating around the Internet that a “sell-out” on Operation Fast and Furious is being engineered were flatly denied Monday exclusively to this column by a spokesperson for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

The allegation, which appears to have been repeated by at least two different internet blogs, is that House Speaker John Boehner has hampered the congressional Fast and Furious probe, and that some kind of deal has been cut to derail or at least slow down the investigation.

Becca Watkins, press secretary to the House Committee, chaired by Congressman Darrell Issa, told this column via e-mail: The Republican leadership has been supportive of the Operation Fast and Furious investigation since its inception. There is no truth to these rumors that the speaker or anyone in leadership is hampering Oversight or (Sen. Charles) Grassley’s investigation.

Only time will tell us if the Republicans will sell out America by failing to bring the culprits to justice in this sordid story. Investigations are well and good, but once the lights dim and the camera’s go away, then we will see if someone is in jail. Only when government officials are held accountable for illegal acts will they become a cautionary tale for others considering similar schemes in the future.


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8 comments to Boehner Fast And Furious Sellout Controversy Builds

  • Bloodless Coup

    It seems that every time Darrell Issa draws a line in the sand Eric Holder steps over it.

    Instead of making good on his threats to hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress Issa simply backs off, and draws a new line in the sand.

    If you act like a cowardly punk, you will be treated like one.

    If you establish a boundery and that boundery is not respected to have to be prepared to go to war.

    Darell Issa isn't.

  • Dennis

    There is no news here. It should have been obvious to the most casual observing conservative a long time ago that "Boner" sold out, same as John McCain did (remember the debates, in which he said nothing at all?). The American way of life and the Constitution was sold out a long time ago. Some day all of these people will have to stand in front of Jesus. He will say to them "you had your reward" just before the Angels throw them into the Lake of Fire.

  • Jim E of Suagr Land

    Well I hope that this is true, and that Boner didn't sell out America… Mr Holder deserves what he has coming. And to think that nobody has enough nerve to approach Holder on his cover up of the OKC bombing, when he was Asst. Attorney General, he has been a crooked nail for a lot of years, and it's time to pull it out and recycle it, that nail is just to old, bent and rusty!!

  • thomas

    Boehner, this better not be true or your leadership of conservative Republicans is finished !!
    DON'T be a RINO !!

    • upaces88

      Pelosi was/is just as bad. However, I thought this Boehner had more guts than this!!! What a disappointment doesn't quite describe my thoughts about him, but I'll leave it at that. I don't want to be kicked off for speaking what I really think of what he is doing.

  • Carol

    What do expect from a cry baby that is what they do when they are cornered they cower so they won't get into trouble.

  • Sherm

    This should show us that John Boehner is the wrong man for the job, if fact the wrong man for office. He needs to be flushed out with the rest of the liberals. It's not the first time Boehner has sided with the liberal congress and gone against the will of the majority of conservitive voters. If he wants to be a liberal, lets dump him and he can run against a conservative.

  • Bloodless Coup

    A must read article from The Post & E-Mail

    Just Who are the Domestic Terrorists?