The Two Things That Will Keep Obama From Being Re-Elected

barack obama9483 The Two Things That Will Keep Obama From Being Re Elected

“Obama’s approval numbers are up.” “The unemployment rate is going down.” “Consumer confidence is up.” Blah blah blah.

Then there is “Obama leading (fill in the GOP nominee) by (pick a number it doesn’t matter.)” more blah blah blah.  Barack Obama has two intractable problems: the rising gas prices and his major mistake in handling the contraceptive mandate to faith based institutions, particularly the Catholic Church.

Yes, Rush, it was a mistake.  You Obama and his media may think he has some “super-secret decoder ring” plan for reelection, but that’s just talk. It will turn to ashes as we get closer to Election Day.

It’s just mid-February, and we have already seen national gas prices  spike above $3.50 -the earliest in a calendar year this has happened since 1981. In the all-important State of Florida, gas is averaging $3.68 with many stations in South Florida where Obama’s base is supposed to be, a bit higher.

GM aka Government Motors’ sales dropped 6.1% in January, and 2011 was  the worst year for new home sales in history – yes in history. Can we please see those rosy poll numbers for Obama again?

Those who are skeptical that these damagingly high gas prices will linger until November ought to take note of the reasons for these price rises. They are twofold and NEITHER one can be overcome by Comrade Obama’s dictatorial fiat.

Europe has clamped down on buying crude from Iran as a way too late reaction to her nuclear weapons program. Nothing Obama does will change that, and as a result, the Muslim Brotherhood (which now controls Egypt and much of the oil producing North African Muslim countries) will extort higher oil prices from the feckless Europeans  who will look to us for cheaper gasoline.

Because of this for the first time EVER America is the LEADING EXPORTER of gasoline! This has happened because the Europeans know they can get it cheaper from us and neither they nor Obama care that it drives up prices here on Main Street.

Obama’s rejection of the Keystone pipeline will make this problem still worse.

A new Rasmussen poll shows “Catholics” disapprove of Obama’s job performance at a 59% rate. This number is deceptive. It makes no distinction between real Catholics who make up about 1/3 of the 70 million Catholics in America and the Catholics in name only (CINOs) who are 2/3 of the total. Nevertheless, if 59% overall disapprove of Obama the percentage of real Catholics who voted 54/44 for Republicans in 2010 probably swells to 70% resulting in more than enough votes to offset Obama’s minority support which is sagging as it is.

So give Obama his “edge” in February polls, the one that counts in November will send him packing.

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6 comments to The Two Things That Will Keep Obama From Being Re-Elected

  • Mark Hart

    The Obamanation of this country is plain to see. Even Democrats are completely disillusioned.

  • Carol

    The main stream media lie about him everyday and the idiots believe everything instead of getting the truth from the internet that never lies because they are not afraid of telling the truth as the media appears to be.

  • outspoken

    Watch out posters, there must be a fox in our hen house. Not all items are getting posted, especially if they show how wrong the numbers game is….they have can canceled my post 6 times now

  • TaterSalad

    The Barack Obama regime is not telling America the truth on actual, factual and authentic employment in the U.S. Here are the statistics on the figures which are being manipulated on T.V. by the liberal media:



    3. The actual labor employment rate in the U.S. from 2009 to 2012:

  • Jeff McDonald

    It is all part of the plan to give our Constitution to the shredder so that we will be just another failed state of the UN. The UN was set up to make the world one political entity. Even if the economy takes off and we hit 0% unemployment, we will NEVER be able to ge rid of the debt we now have, much less the debt we will have after another four years of Obama (just like his birth certificate, also fake….real name is Barak Mounir Ubayd). After another 4 of this idiot, we will have no choice but to become a part of the UN, as the interest on the debt will engulf even an economy running at the idealistic 0 % unemployment as the enterest of the massive debt we will have will make us just another country that had to get welfare from the UN. So, hopefully the Military will stop King Obama before he can bankrupt us, allow our elections to go on as planned, and drag this felonious charlatan and all his czars out of the White House in leg irons and let us return to the greatness we had. My prayers are for the arrest of Obama and his merry men to go on without a shot being fired. Now isn't it funny that our "Christian" president has started the Middle East "Muslim Spring" without saying a word to Iran and its satellite Syria about becoming Democratic states?

  • Bloodless Coup

    There are only two things that Barack Obama needs to learn about GOD.

    1. There is one

    2. He is NOT it

    "Virginia House Passes NDAA Nullification 96-4"

    Praise The Lord!