Has The House Government Oversight Committee Thrown In The Towel On Holder?

eric holder ap1 300x225 Has The House Government Oversight Committee thrown in the towel on Holder?After reading the most recent report on Fast and Furious below, I began to wonder if Congressman Issa’s Committee on Oversight and Government Reform was going to let Eric Holder do the walking and evade charges of perjury altogether.

This prompted a call to the Congressman’s office to determine what was going on.  I was advised by his aide that this is an ongoing investigation and that the information below was in no way a reflection of a lack of interest in Eric Holder.  She then advised me, to the contrary, that the Congressman had just been on Fox News and that justice would not be denied. She directed me to the interview on Fox News. 

Justice is supposed to be blind in our judicial system, not completely corrupt. As it will be show here, Attorney General Eric Holder brings the word “corruption” to incredibly new heights (or should I say lows).  There was a time when an individual was innocent until proven guilty under our justice system.  Attorney General Holder changed that. He is perhaps the most corrupt Attorney General in U.S. History. Why not? His boss, Barack Hussein Obama, will be in the same history book with him.

Not only did Holder overturn the guilty verdict in the New Black Panther Voter Intimidation case, but documents now reveal that Holder’s Justice Department was in a well- coordinated relationship with an ACORN affiliate on Project Vote to influence the outcome of the 2012 elections.  A thorough documentation of  the Justice Department, more aptly called the Injustice Department, uncovered by Judicial Watch can be found here.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m J.C., and I approve this message.

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6 comments to Has The House Government Oversight Committee Thrown In The Towel On Holder?

  • Jim E of Sugar Land

    Hang him high, he dug his GRAVE, now he needs to lay down and die in it. How crooked can you get, when you constantly lie about this and the OKC,OK bombing cover up, as the Asst Dept of Justice, way back wehn, and they let this slithering wortm stay on the U S payroll, what a crook and liar!! And his BOSS OBAMA, is no different, but Sheriff Joe will expose him tomorrow, another day and another story!!! Mr Obummer days are numbered – the crumb, who has less worth than a piece of dog poop!!

  • Carol

    This is has been a total waste of money and it has been from the very start we really don't have enough money as it is as long Obama is there all of this will never be done so I hate to say this back off.

  • Bloodless Coup


  • onthedot

    The whole of Washington is so corrupt, they probably all have enough dirt on each other that nothing can happen.

  • Raven Roulette

    In my humble opinion My gut tells me that our LAW MAKERS are afraid to stand up to "THE FORCES OF EVIL" who are pulling the Obama strings .. George Soros has made threats to people already.. This is a Coup of mass proportions bigger then we can imagine .. L&L and stand strong with our US CONSTITUTION IN HAND and constant prayer in our hearts .. PUSH BACK AND TAKE IT BACK AND DO NOT BACK DOWN