Your Private Invitation To Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse Report News Conference

March 1st will be the most important day in the struggle to bring Obama to justice.

Sherriff Joe Arpaio will be the most important person in this crusade.

All we have sought from the beginning of our investigations is justice. All we have sought is for some court, judge, congressman, senator, or law enforcement official to judge Obama by the same standards we all face. We only want the rule of law. But what we have seen is nearly four years of Obama beinggiven special treatment because of his race. America’s system of law must be color blind and impartial.

Hundreds of officials to date have turned a blind eye to Obama’s obvious fraud. He hasn’t even
established yet if he is eligible to be President under the US Constitution.

Well, on March 1st we will finally get some justice. After reading reports of the fraud, Maricopa County’s long serving sheriff Joe Arpaio has empaneled a “Cold Case Posse” to get at the truth.

We invite you to watch his findings live on our website at Western In conjunction with, we will be live streaming this important event.

Please Click Here to Join the Event at 3:00PM (EST) on March 1st 2012. 

In addition, WesternJournalism and will make available to the public, the same day, the
official report distributed to media by Arpaio’s “Cold Case Posse.”

“When I took this mission on, I took it on to possibly be able to clear the president,” Arpaio said during a speech in Maricopa County. “I was doing him a favor. We’ll see what happens.”

Arpaio has kept the results of the investigation close to the vest, but suggested in a speech Tuesday that new information would be revealed.

“I don’t have press conferences just to get my name on television. When I have a press conference, I talk about something,” Arpaio said. “I had about 250 tea party people, to sign a petition . . . came to me and asked their sheriff to investigate Obama and the birth certificate. So what should I do? Throw it in the waste basket and forget it like everybody else has done?”

The comments drew applause from the crowd.

9 comments to Your Private Invitation To Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse Report News Conference

  • Bloodless Coup

    Part 1

    My prediction is Arpaio will either sucker punch us by stating that he found out that Obama is really eligible afterall, or he will reveal that there is probable cause to believe that Obama is not eligible.

    If Sheriff Joe announces that Obama is ineligible, or probably ineligible,I predict that the following things will happen…

    Obama will say…
    1. that Arpaio is crazy,
    2. that Arpaio is motivated by a political agenda,
    3. that this is all just pay back for the DOJ bringing the heat down on Sheriff Joe,
    4. that all the allegations are simply untrue,
    5. that the courts have already ruled in Obama's favor and therefore the case is already closed,
    6. that the dog ate Obama's homework and his original LFBC,

    • Raven Roulette

      *********Oba-mao is already outwardly illegal simply because his FATHER NEVER WAS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. The Natural Born Citizen issue was already put to rest back in the 1800's "Minor vs Happersett " LOOK IT UP.. OUR POTUS is a fraud and anyone who was involved in hiding his identity and helping him get on any ballot is a criminal

    • Everyone go to to print a copy for your very own copy of the Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate found by
      chance in February 2009 by Lucas Smith from America on a business trip in Africa. Be sure and read the detail he
      found by chance at the Province Coastal Hospital in Mombasa, Kenyan presented in his Affidavit Of Fact filed with
      the United States District Court Southern California along with a Certified Copy Stamped & Embossed By Seal of
      the Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate. He also went by the name of Barry Sotero at age 9 after his mother divorced
      his father and remarried changing the Obama name to her new husbands. Obama's grandmother also testified
      to being present at the birth of her grandson at the hospital in Mombasa because the hospital would not allow his
      mother, Stanley Ann Obama to leave the country so close to giving birth in August, 1961. The Hawaiian birth record
      is a fake without a baby foot print or proper language referring Negro as "BLACK". That did not happen in 1961. Barak Hussein Obama has created a fraud on the Presidency Of The United States and holds his Office Hostage to
      the facts & the law of the land. He should be immediately removed from office with criminal charges filed by the the
      United States Department of Justice.

  • Bloodless Coup

    Part 2
    7. that it’s all George Bush’s fault that some unknown person forged Obama's birth certificate,
    8. that Obama is being framed.
    9. that Obama truly believes that his birth certificate and ssn were valid and he is absolutely shocked to find out that they’re not real,
    10. that this is a racist conspiracy designed to get a black man out of office,
    11. that this is all the fault of the Democratic Party who should have vetted him more carefully,
    12. that no laws have really been broken afterall because this is all a big misunderstanding.
    ect, ect, ect.

    I also predict that the media will try their best to down play it, discredit it and/or ignore it completely.

  • bob68

    Hard to disagree with Bloodless Coup, but I do not think the Sheriff is going anywhere near saying Obama is eligible.

    As far as the Obamamedia throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the Sheriff, of course they will.

    Still, I'm tuning in and glad the Sheriff is doing this.

  • Bloodless Coup

    I wonder if Obama will try to hit the internet kill switch tommarro? Let hope Sheriff Joe has lots of body guards watching over him until the press conference.

    • Ryan Masters

      Shurf Joe will say whatever benefits Shurf Joe.

      • Steve Wilson

        As a Canadian neighbor, I really feel for you and what has become of your once great nation. Where have the true patriotic leaders all gone??? I truly pray for Americas' recovery. Good luck and Godspeed.

  • lictprocaner

    Love it.