A Message To Timothey Geithner

geithner12 300x199 A Message To Timothey Geithner

Is being an American citizen a privilege? At least, that is the view of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner who last week stated that the top earners in this country should be taxed more for “the privilege of being American.”  It goes to show you how far left this administration really is, with Mr. Geithner’s statements on how the president and his cronies think that our rights were created and bestowed. The whole narrative of our founding, being that we were endowed with certain rights that preceded government, is unacceptable to the left. It’s an emancipatory  element that is contradictory to their dependency mentality they are trying to infest the rest of the nation with that started with Obamacare.  Now comes the battle to pay for it and the other entitlement programs.

It is interesting how the Obama administration thinks it can use the same “government bestowing everything” argument when it comes to taxation. Especially when it is used to justify a tax increase, despite evidence that nearly half of the nation doesn’t honor their “privilege clause” in their Form 1040.  Lawrence Lindsey penned a great column in The Wall Street Journal that stated “according to the Census Bureau, the share of income received by the top 5% of American households is now 21.5%, up from 21.4% in the 1990s. Their share of income taxes has risen to 59% under President Obama from 52% under President Clinton. This despite the fact that the top tax rate was five points higher in the Clinton years.” Since the top earners pay for nearly 60% of everything in this country, I’m assuming thats why an overwhelming majority of Americans feel they pay their fair share in taxes.

The left-wing wants to maintain its commitments to the welfare state, with no ramifications for solvency, and keep soaking the rich to pay for the predictable shortfall in revenue to the demographic shift we are about to experience. However, this logic is, in the words of George Will, as flawed as “trying to leap a chasm in two bounds.  It simply doesn’t work.”  To counter this, the left seems to be trying to make envy acceptable in a liberal democracy. Again, changing the narrative of the American socio-economic structure in which envy was never interwoven into the fabric.  It’s the reason, as Mr. Will has stated in past columns, why we are the only industrialized nation that never had a large successful socialist redistributionist party in the political scene.  Well, the Democrats are certainly becoming such a creature.  William J. H. Boetcker once said, “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.” (This is a quote which is often misattributed to Abraham Lincoln.)

Mr. Geithner, our rights as citizens are not privileges that your government can exploit to create a narrative to increase taxes.  The rich and middle class pay their fair share, and I suggest you take your liberal sensibilities and apply them to figuring out a way to tax the free-loaders who are receiving a buffet of benefits at the taxpayers expense. You cannot tax rights, Mr. Secretary, and if you think you can, liberalism has become more of a cancer to American politics than ever before.  You and the rest of the administration complain incessantly about the partisanship and gridlock in Washington, and I hope you can see why. It’s because you are a threat to this republic. It is because you think government is the creator of rights. It is because you think American citizenship is a privilege. Being able to use my father’s credit card, upon approval, is a privilege, Mr. Secretary, and it’s a rare occurrence.


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