Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse Uncovers “Systematic Effort To Obscure The Truth”


531 l1 1024x682 Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse uncovers “Systematic effort to obscure the truth”

To watch full video of the conference, go here: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference

Since first announcing the formation of a “cold case posse” to investigate the legitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama’s claim to Constitutional occupation of the White House, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been at once the object of  legacy media smears and new media encouragement. And although the information gathered in the 6 month effort will probably not change the minds of many dedicated Obamabots, it has provided stark and irrefutable evidence that “person or persons unknown” worked long and hard in a systematic effort to obscure the truth about Barack Obama’s birth, heritage, and qualifications to serve as President of the United States.

Consisting of law enforcement officials and attorneys with law enforcement experience, Joe Arpaio’s Posse has turned up the following information:

1.) The purported “long form birth certificate” published on the White House website last year is a computer generated forgery consisting of at least 9 layers of selected information and photo shopped into one “document.” It is NOT a scan or copy of a single, genuine document. A portion of the evidence supporting this claim includes the fact that name and date stamps of the Hawaii Department of Health Registrar were “computer generated images imported into an electronic document, as opposed to actual rubber stamp imprints inked by hand or machine onto a paper document.”

Mike Zullo, retired New Jersey police detective and lead Posse investigator, says the team believes “…the Hawaii Department of Health has engaged in a systematic effort to hide from public inspection any original 1961 birth records it may have in its possession.”

2.) The date stamp used on Obama’s Selective Service Card was not one used at the time (1980). Obama’s card shows a #2 (2 digit) pica stamp, but all others used by the post office at which he turned in his card were stamped with a #4 (4 digit).

3.) Perhaps the most interesting finding of the team and arguably one of the most damning concerned records of airline flights to the United States in 1961, the year in which Obama was born. As the file distributed at the press conference states:

“Records of Immigration and Naturalization Service cards filled out by airplane passengers arriving on international flights originating outside the United States in the month of August 1961, examined at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., are missing records for the week of President Obama’s birth, including the dates Aug. 1, 1961 through Aug. 7, 1961.”

As Zullo stated, thousands of records on microfilm were turned over for use by the Cold Case Posse, yet only those during the week of Obama’s birth went somehow missing! A truly remarkable coincidence.

Sheriff Arpaio made it clear that he was not accusing Barack Obama of any crime, but considers it imperative that the What, Who, When and Why of the fraudulent documents be discovered and that the guilty parties brought to justice.

According to the Sheriff, the most important question may be where to go from here. “This investigation is not over,” said Arpaio, very forcefully. And who will continue it is the matter uppermost in the minds of the investigators. They express no confidence in  Hawaiian officials. And who in their position would turn things over to the Department of Justice? Arpaio favors a Congressional investigation. But the political intrigues inherent in such a proposal are staggering, especially in an election year.

The Posse has numerous sworn affidavits from individuals all over the world. These are people willing to come forth and tell their stories. In fact, just prior to the end of the press conference, Zullo told the story of a now retired government employee who was introduced to Barack Obama at the home of Bill Ayers! He states that he was told Obama was a foreign student, studying in the US! This was about the same time that the Selective Service card would have been mismarked!

Take Joe Arpaio’s word. This investigation is NOT over.


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14 comments to Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse Uncovers “Systematic Effort To Obscure The Truth”

  • Bloodless Coup

    People Are Beggining To Wonder Was Breitbart Assassinated?

    See this article on the Gulag Bound Website

    IMMEDIATE QUESTIONS Arise on Breitbart Death, Chemically Induced Heart Attacks Possible

    This article includes a video tape that decribes a dart gun that was developed by the CIA which shoots poison darts which dissolve and can cause the target to have a heart attack without leaving any evidence behind.

  • Carol

    This has been going on ever since he was a Senator and it continued right into White House so I am not surprised not in the least.

    • Don

      What makes Obama so special that all of these fraudulent documents were created before he was elected? This crimes, I feel, will never be solved because there is no will amongst Democrats and Republicans to have the question answered. If Obama is a fraud, it will be the end of the Democratic Party.

      • Guest

        Wild guess, Don. The documents aren't fraudulent in the first place. God in heaven, how stupid does a person have to be to believe this garbage?

        • Sam Sewell

          NEW YORK – A top Democrat, apparently operating with the full approval and cooperation of the president, has been directing a team of up to 100 who are paid to publish disinformation on a wide variety of websites to discredit "birthers," according to anti-Obama researchers. The radical supporters of the president, known as Obama robots, or "OBOTs" for short, have confirmed their White House-appointed ring leader is Democratic Party operative James A. Johnson, the former chairman of Fannie Mae
          Obama will be exposed –Don’t get caught on the wrong side of this issue.

        • Sam Sewell

          How stupid do you need to be to not believe it. I belong to MENSA, how about you?

        • sherm

          Not as stupid as the person who will disregard all the evidence presented. If any of this information could be dis-proven the obama administration would have done so long ago.

      • Capt. Dave

        muslim brotherhood plant……….

  • Guest

    You idiots exceed yourselves every damn day.

  • Do you really think AKA Obama would have won the election if all the things he is hiding were made known?

    Do you really think AKA Obama will be able to finish his first term if all the things he is hiding are made known?

    If you are not suspicious of a man who hides his history I have a bridge in the desert I want to sell you.

    If you are unwilling to call for an investigation of a man who attempts to sell you a bridge in the desert I have some beach front property in Florida at the intersection of I75 and Florida # 29 that I want you to buy.

    If you place a down payment on a contract for the bridge in the desert and the beach front property in the swamp I would conclude that you voted for Obama.

    PS I also have some Greek bonds for sale.

  • I just couldn’t go away your web site before suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the standard info an individual supply to your visitors? Is gonna be back often to check up on new posts

  • glenbo

    Watch your back, Sheriff Joe. They'll be coming for you in every way they can think of.

  • Louisiana Lady

    The report is a disappointment. Nothing that hasn't been suspected or aired before. Preliminary reports on this operation said the findings would be "shocking", but it is the same humbug. I am firmly convinced that Obama is a fraud, a non-natural citizen, a Muslim and a Marxist/Communist whose goal is to destroy this country. Yet the Republicans appear to be oblivious and refuse to take action despite many petitions and letters (like mine). The Republican primaries are a sad joke with the candidates tearing each other apart and a poor field. If the Republicans had really wanted to defeat Obama, they would have picked someone 3 years ago and gotten behind him with everything they had. They are either pathetically inept or complicit. Or they already know the answers and are keeping very quiet. A sad day for our country. I wish Sheriff Joe well, but suspect that this investigation will go nowhere, like all the lawsuits that have been dismissed by our biased courts.__