Israel Be Damned: Obama Wants Diplomacy

obama speech 7 SC Israel Be Damned: Obama Wants Diplomacy

Iran and Israel have been in the news quite a bit lately; most of the talk lately has been speculation about an Israeli strike of Iranian nuclear facilities and when that might happen. Israel is not taking Iran’s nuclear threat lightly because she understands she will most likely be the first target. The prevailing view of the bureaucrats is that Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapon yet, but may be very close. Recent analyses of satellite photos show the Iranians are hiding evidence of nuclear trigger testing.


In an attempt to get the Islamic Republic to halt its undisclosed nuclear weapons program, the United States and the European Union have imposed sanctions and froze the Iranian central bank’s assets. This has hurt the general population but has done very little to discourage the regime from its nuclear ambitions. Western governments are hoping the sanctions will create civil unrest similar to the Arab Spring  which will lead to inspections of the regime’s nuclear facilities.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s main responsibility is protecting the sovereignty and security of Israel. The Jewish state must consider all options to halt any hostile nation from wiping it out. Israel isn’t afraid to shut down any weapon program that would present a clear and dangerous threat; they destroyed the Iraqi’s Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981, thus snuffing out Saddam’s nuclear program before it started. Knowing the history of Israel, the Iranians know they cannot ignore the possibly of an airstrike. Despite the rhetoric of the Islamic nation, the Israelis know what the Iranian Air Force is capable of. The Obama administrations offered bunker busters and air refueling tankers if Israel would hold off strike plans until after the elections. Nevertheless, unless Netanyahu has been provided with some intelligence suggesting the Iranians are bluffing, it is highly doubtful that he would shelve a plan to insure the survival of the Jewish State.

United States

In an election year, the Obama Administration is placing politics before security. Obama is insisting on a diplomatic solution to enhance his foreign policy resume. Apologizing, proxy wars, and assassination isn’t much of a resume for a Nobel Prize winner. He wants a diplomatic solution before November, Israel be dammed.

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