PA Attorney Philip J. Berg Continues Fight On Obama Eligibility

birth certificate 300x207 PA Attorney Philip J. Berg Continues Fight On Obama Eligibility

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Barack Hussein Obama, using eight different names, has failed to meet eligibility requirements for the office of U.S. President according to a 19 point challenge alleging he was born in Kenya to a Kenyan citizen and a teenage mother not old enough to convey U.S. citizenship. Democrat Attorney Philip J. Berg, who filed his challenge to the nomination petition with the Pennsylvania Commonwealth on February 23, doubts in Argument 13 that “Obama ever held Natural Born Citizenship status.”

Centering on the NBC clause, Article II, Sect. 1, Clause 5, the eligibility challenge states that Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barack Hussein Soetoro, is “not a Natural Born Citizen as defined by the U.S, Constitution. Furthermore, Obama was “born in Kenya on August 4, 1961, (and) at the time of his birth his mother was only 18 years old and not old enough to confer U.S. NBC status to him.”

The native born PA attorney is bringing transparency to the Obama eligibility problem for which media pundits and liberal politicians have ridiculed birthers for even bringing up. Berg’s argumentation point 3 says (BHO) was “born at Coast Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya located in Coast Province,’ to a father who was a Kenyan citizen, and to a mother “not old enough and did not reside in the U.S. long enough to register the Candidate’s birth in Hawaii as a NBC. Berg cites five different case law applications here and further says the law applied to overseas births must be in effect at the time of the birth in question. He cites Marquez-Marques aka Moreno v. Gonzales. 455F.3rd 548 (5th Circuit 2006) and the Runnett v. Shultz 901 F.2d 782,783 (9th Cir. 1990) to further support his challenge.

The eight different names cited are Barack Hussein Obama; Barack Hussein Soetoro; Barack H. Obama; Barack Hussein Soetoro; Barry H. Obama; Barry H. Soetoro; Barry Hussein Obama; Barry Hussein Soetoro.

Now, nearly one half of the Obama candidacy challenge has to do with his adoption by Lolo Soetoro when his mother Stanley Ann Dunham Obama married and moved to the police state of Indonesia. When a male Indonesian citizen adopts or “acknowledges a child as his son,” that child is deemed to be Indonesian because the country does not allow dual citizenship status. The U.S. law neither allows dual citizenship nor intervention according to the l930 Hague Convention protocols. A main exhibit to the challenge presents school records of Obama-Soetoro who holds the burden of proof for being eligible to appear on the PA primary election ballot. Dramatic testimony of Obama’s Kenyan grandmother who stated in Swahili she was present at his birth also is entered into the challenge document and provides further cause. Berg’s official challenge is a project funded by the U.S. Justice Foundation whose executive director Gary Kreep is serving as co-counsel. The concluding analysis of this monumental legal keystone in the state whose very symbol is the crown arch can be found in the statement of Obama’s grandmother Sarah Obama who was “very adamant that Soetoro was born in Kenya!”

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