Liberal Mayor Overrules Voters, Threatens Opponents With Jail

El Paso Flag SC Liberal Mayor Overrules Voters, Threatens Opponents With Jail

In a display of the arrogance of power for which the left have become so well known, Democrat El Paso Mayor John Cook decided not only to overrule the results of a 2010 ballot decision, he is hoping to jail those who dared circulate a recall petition in response to his contempt for the will of the voters.

In 2009, Mayor Cook and a majority of the El Paso city council decided that health insurance benefits should be provided for unmarried and homosexual “partners” of city employees, at taxpayer expense of course.  Church groups and others opposed to the decision gathered the necessary petition signatures to put the issue on the 2010 ballot.

By a 55-45 margin, El Paso voters passed the ballot proposition which stated: “The city of El Paso endorses traditional family values by making health benefits available only to city employees and their legal spouse and dependent children.”

The left have often evinced a glaring lack of concern for the will of American voters, and Mayor Cook carried on this tradition by ignoring the ballot results and choosing to provide the health benefits anyway.

As a result, Tom Brown Ministries, the Word of Life Church, and other groups and individuals circulated recall petitions for Cook and the city council members who chose to impose their own views rather than bow to the legal, expressed wishes of El Paso voters.

And the people’s recall initiative succeeded as, with the required number of signatures and necessary approval of Governor Rick Perry, a new election was scheduled for April of this year.

Naturally, Mayor Cook went to court, filing suit against Brown and those who worked on the recall petitions. After all, should the wishes of simpleton voters actually begin to take precedence over the will of those who know what is best—that is, Democrat politicians– the ramifications for the agenda of the left would be disastrous!

But Judge Javier Alvarez ruled in favor of Brown and the people of El Paso, stating that he did not believe it proper for a judge to overrule the expressed will of the people at the ballot box.

Still claiming the utmost respect for the wishes of El Paso voters, Cook filed restraining orders against Brown. He turned Tom Brown Ministries over to the IRS, claiming that the church had violated the law concerning its status as a non-taxable organization.

And finally, a Texas court of Appeals took up the Mayor’s cause, finding in favor of Cook, throwing out the recall notice, and cancelling the recall election. And the reason given by the court—“laws regulating political-action committees and corporate political activities had been broken.”   Apparently, a website, though not owned by Brown Ministries, had somehow improperly assisted in gathering supporters of the recall effort.

So there will be no recall election. Mayor Cook will probably get by with ignoring El Paso voters and the will of the constituents he was elected to serve.

And incredibly, a Texas prosecutor has now decided to pursue church members and others who helped in the recall petition drive. The Alliance Defense Fund, which has filed a petition with the Texas Supreme Court on their behalf, states that hundreds of Christians and other El Paso citizens “are facing jail time for exercising their constitutionally protected right to speak out against Mayor John Cook’s policies.”

The left must, after all, make examples of those who would dare take a stand against them. Having served the 2 term limit as El Paso Mayor, Cook will be forced to leave office at the end of the year. It will be interesting to see if he decides to stay on and imprison anyone who doesn’t like it!

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19 comments to Liberal Mayor Overrules Voters, Threatens Opponents With Jail

  • If that happened here in my town I can imagine a lot of people in city hall causing a stink. Sadly the police would side with city officials and start arresting people that were trying to uphold the will of the people.

    • Guest

      You conservatives keep finding new and better ways to lose.

      • JDJ

        That's right, who cares what rights are trampled, what innocent law-abiding citizens are jailed or that the Constitution is once again defecated upon by yet another scum-bag liberal as long as a conservative "loses" another one!?!

    • guest

      Time to move then. Vote with your feet and your dollars as well as the ballot box.

      • Robb W.

        The time for a revolution is upon us. When the political hacks ignore the will of the people, as this mayor and the man in the white house, who is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, have done. The people need to rise up and remove them from office. Voting with your feet is not an option, as this is our home. The ballot box is only one alternative, flood city hall every day, every meeting, with an endless line of people. Conservative's need to take a page from the liberal's on this one, disrupt every meeting held by them. Just remember, HELL NO WE WON'T GO!!!!!

  • Marianne_Lee

    This controversy should be fixed immediately so as to prevent more serious problems in the future. VZ 58

  • Bloodless Coup


    Donald Trump: Say it is so, Sheriff Joe

    Billionaire back into eligibility, encourages Arpaio probe

  • MnNice (USAF/ret)

    I think it's time we start imprisoning political leaders who abuse their position of authority instead of the community members who are just trying to endorse and follow a moral lifestyle for the community in which they live. What the mayor is doing is nothing short of thuggery and abuse of power as well as throwing his vow to uphold the constitution "under the bus" to further his own self-interests at the cost of the majority's wishes. I say throw his kiester in jail instead. Along with all of his cronies who are in bed with him.

    • Watching and Waiting

      I thought that mayors who are voted into office, can be voted out just as quickly.

      They don't have to go full term to be ousted by the town's residents.

      Maybe I am mistaken?

      • Mike

        The story stated that a court of appeals threw out the recall notice and cancelled the recall vote. That is why he is still in power.

  • Blair Franconia, NH

    This is typical of the Socialist/Communist Left. Constitution? What Constitution? WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' CONSTITUTION!

  • guest

    I think El Paso needs to be reminded of the Battle of Athens.

  • John Detwiler

    I wish I were a citizen of El Paso, not having any religious affiliations, and having no desire to have a mayor and council members who dispute the will of the people. I would immeadately file another recall patition against this corrupt mayor and the equally corrupt council members. Then let them try and get it dismissed.

  • SageMagos

    People on the left are convinced people in the center and on the right are pushovers who cannot or will not fight back!

  • grannylake

    This has to stop. The blind obedience to political leaders that line the pockets of special interest groups with money and favors are in for a big surprised in November.
    They never learned Jefferson's lesson that any country big enough to give everything to the people are big enough to take it away. And that's what's going to happen because the "takers" have taken all of the money while the government has used regulation after regulation to keep the "makers" from earning an honest dollar for honest work.
    If the "taker" don't go to work with the"makers", they're going to get very hungry.
    That's a good thing. Hungry people are inclinded to work.

  • Leonard W.

    Unbelievable. He must be a freak himself. There is more than one way to skin a cat folk.

  • Tom

    I do believe we were founded on the basis of "We the People" not we the mayor, or even the court.

  • I thought El Paso was still in the United States of America. Apparently it has been spirited away to some third world psychotic dictator-ruled country. I feel for the people of El Paso who were taken against their will. Unbelievable!

  • SageMagos

    The Citizens of El Paso need to watch the video and read the story about the action the people of Athens, Tennessee took when nearly exactly the same thing happened to them. The people won!