ABC Looks To Radical Southern Poverty Law Center As Expert On Anti-Government Militias!

Morris Dees ABC looks to Radical Southern Poverty Law Center As Expert On Anti Government Militias!

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Last week, ABC’s Diane Sawyer hosted dire warnings about the rising number of government-hating militias and the danger they presumably pose to the American public.

And to whom did Sawyer and ABC correspondent Dan Harris turn for evidence that new,  active militia groups are sprouting up all over the nation? Why to the Southern Poverty Law Center, of course.

The SPLC was founded in 1971 by far-left money and notoriety huckster Morris Dees, a man who has spent years collecting vast sums via civil lawsuits and spending vast sums in donation raising schemes. His antipathy for the right is legendary.

In 1995, Dees placed an SPLC informant in Elohim City, Oklahoma, using him to spy on members of the Aryan Republican Army, an organization of white supremacists whose members were involved in the Oklahoma City bombing. Former FBI head Louis Freeh mentioned Dees and his SPLC informant in confidential, interoffice Bureau memos, and some have since wondered whether Dees and the SPLC might have played a role in advancing the plot of the bombers by purposely keeping details and information from the government.

Did Dees and the far left SPLC allow the deaths of 168 people to take place knowing that militia groups, guilty or not, would universally suffer the blame? To this day, Dees refuses to discuss what his informant might have seen or done.

And this is the non-biased, non-agenda driven group to which non-biased, non-agenda driven Diane Sawyer turns for the inside scoop on America’s law-flouting “hate groups.”

In fact, in ABC’s report, correspondent Dan Harris singled out the “Sovereign Citizens” as one of those dangerous hate groups, identifying as one of its members, “Terry Nichols, co-plotter of the Oklahoma City bombing—a “sovereign citizen…”

Unfortunately for fear mongering ABC, the Media Research Center points out that upon entering “sovereign citizen” in SPLC’s own search engine, “…the earliest mention was an article about a white nationalist group in Montana written about three years AFTER the Oklahoma City bombing.”  But then Nichols is always an easy target for any left wing group promoting the dangers of home grown, potential “domestic terrorists.”

And indeed, last year on CNN’s “Newsroom,” SPLC spokesman Mark Potok, an “expert on terrorism,” excoriated Congressman Peter King for holding hearings on radical Islam, stating that “…the biggest domestic terror threat…clearly comes from the radical right in this country.”

Now that Obama’s poll numbers are officially at their lowest level since the Marxist’s 2009 ascent to the throne, he will be depending upon his media allies to redirect public focus from his own failings and agenda of deliberate destruction to the REAL dangers threatening the lives and fortunes of the American people–anyone who disagrees with Barack.

For 3 years, Obama minions from Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano to Diane Sawyer have demonized the “militia movement,” making of it the great Satan in Barack’s developing new world order.

As the One will need all the help he can get going into November, don’t expect his right hand—the American media—to falter in their work of diverting public attention from the “shortcomings” of the Manchurian Candidate.

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    • ItsJo

      Joining Diana Sawyer, Obama, is Ayres who stated today that there needs to be riots against White Supremacy. He is looking forward to having riots, IMO, as he, Obama, Soros, WANT this OWS to turn into rioting again, so they can have Obama declare 'martial law' and suspend the upcoming elections-keeping Obama and his Corrupt Regime in power. These are the "Community Agitators, looking for rioting in our streets and it would be Ayres(the Terrorist) And his brother, who are Teaching the OWS people HOW to operate and cause chaos. Ayres, etal are the ones who should be jailed, but of course Obama's A.G.Holder, will not do that, as it would interfere with their sick plans for America.

  • Dark_Archer

    government hating ? NO NO NO !!!!! …COMMUNIST HATING , but not govt hating , we only hate what the corrupt communists democrats are doing to our nation our constitution and our courts our laws and our govt , we love our country we dont trust this govt because it has been hyjacked by the communist democrat party


  • These people are racists…HELLO!!!