Ideas Worth Pondering As Obama’s Ratings Continue To Plummet

We seem to be receiving numbers that indicate our economic situation is beginning to edge toward a positive direction for the U.S. Forget about them; for the most part, they are unsubstantiated or intentional misrepresentations. Readers must not lose sight that it is the media’s purpose when Democrats are involved, especially “Team Obama,” to use its proven brain washing techniques.

16 Ideas worth pondering as Obama’s ratings continue to plummet

“The Sputnik Moment:” courtesy of Poet

Take for example Obama’s most recent disingenuous claim that “Under my administration, America is producing more oil today that at any time in the last eight years.  See Greta Van Sustren’s interview with Jonathon Strong on Fox News last night, “Obama Drilling Fact vs. Fiction.  Obama went on to say, “That’s a fact. That’s a fact. We’ve quadrupled the number of operating oil rigs to a record high. So do not tell me that we’re not drilling. We’re drilling all over this country.”

Forget about the polls; forget about the numbers.  Let’s get a grip on reality.  This is why the Obama administration will go down like villages in Thailand hit by a tsunami.

1. Before Obama was elected, there was no Tea Party.

2. Few political blog sites were in existence.

3. We saw the criminal manner in which the most transparent administration in history bribed members of congress with jobs and special perks for their states to vote for Obamacare.

4. Americans, given a choice, will reject socialism every time.  We love our freedom, and that is exactly how voters viewed the woefully flawed socialist grab of Hillarycare. They rightfully perceived her plan as a direct attack upon their freedom and liberty.

5. Americans have become tired of the politics of division, the class warfare, and the continuous playing of the race card.

6. There are countless more reasons why true patriotic Americans will show up in droves to throw Obama out. I’ll leave you with a final thought on the issue. President Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder has rightfully earned the title as “One of the most corrupt AG in history.”

If he isn’t reversing a guilty decision based on race as he did in the case of The New Black Panther Party, he is filing lawsuits against sovereign states. He has filed suit against states that have created laws to require voter identity. Holder’s suit against the State of Arizona for trying to protect it’s citizens when the federal government failed to do so from drug smugglers and illegal aliens can only be topped by his role as perjurer in Operation Fast and Furious.

Sleep well; the self-destruction of the Obama administration is well on its way. Nothing will deter America’s patriots and the silent majority from taking back their great Republic.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it; I’m J.C., and I approve this message.

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