Video: Sheriff Joe: We Have Tons Of Information; Media Silent

We are very much looking forward to Sheriff Joe releasing more info he has about Obama. However, we aren’t necessarily looking forward to the deafening silence of the mainstream media.

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  • Bloodless Coup

    Breitbart Editor Ben Shapiro: We're Going to Vet Obama Except His Forged Selective Service

  • a challenge to my "liberal" fbf's,Chas took your challenge, clicked on to see your link, got zer0, (not braggin, i couldn't get far enough to get one to look yet alone "actually see" (btw i may have done so already, aka successfully allowed you to link OR NOT ( i am a self pro/confessed computer f'n dummy). if my theory is correct, when you click "to link" "MY SIDE" WILL ALLOW you to view the video that i'm refering you to

    btw ALL that shit still doesn't address why I (and the supremes, re 1875) consider the "won" (and done) NOT a NATURAL BORN citizen, he is probably elgible for citizenship (though there is, can you believe it once again no F'N record any record of same)

    gotta change positions for awhile my neck has really been kickin my ass for the last few weeks (aka 2200+ unlooked at emails)

  • Bloodless Coup

    Oba-Mao Makes His Move

    Signs Executive Order The Gives Him Control Over All Vital Resources.

    Here is a summary of how I read this executive order.

    This executive order gives the Manichurian President Barack Obama the authority to seize control of and prioritize 'the general distribution of virtually all goods and (applicable) services in the civilian market' under the pre-text of insuring our National Defence.

    Specifically, this executive order allows Obama to seize control over our food supply, our water supply, our health resources, all applicable commerce, social services, and all defense contracts and all military resources.

    In addition, it grants Oba-Mao the authority to hire, train and activate a National Defense Reserve Force aka a bunch of Brown Shirts to help implement and enforce these directives.

    What could possibly go wrong?